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17 HMR vs 22 LR – Rimfire Spherical-Up Get hold of US

22 LR is a terrific cartridge. It’s comparatively cheap, produces minimal recoil, has sufficient punch for paper targets and small sport, and suits a tremendous number of firearms. Because the begin of my taking pictures days, I’ve fired extra 22LR than all different calibers mixed. In its match type, it may be remarkably correct regardless of using a heeled bullet. As with the unique Minié ball of the 1850s, gasoline stress pushes the underside of the bullet outward. So, the projectile adopts the standard cylindro-spherical type by the point it leaves the barrel. With 22 LR being so superb, what’s with all these different rimfire calibers in the marketplace? Okay, 22 WMR type of is smart, being an extended and punchier 22LR with jacketed bullets. However what about 17 HMR? That cartridge has been round 20 years and instructions a strong area of interest in varmint looking, however what’s so particular about it?

Evaluating 17 HMR vs 22 LR

17 HMR ammunition staggered with 22 LR rounds.

22 lengthy rifle is a bigger cartridge that’s sometimes loaded with heavier bullets. In consequence, 17 HMR bullets fly quicker from the muzzle and quicker downrange – delivering extra power to the goal. 17 HMR can also be a flatter taking pictures spherical – that means it doesn’t drop over distance as a lot as comparable 22 lengthy rifle bullets.

Each rounds provide gentle recoil and shooters generally use them to hunt small sport and varmint.

17 HMR vs 22 LR – Cartridge Specs

17 HMR22 LR
Mother or father Case.22 WMR22 Lengthy
Bullet Diameter.172″.2255″
Neck Diameter.19″
Base Diameter.238″.226″
Case Size1.058″.613″
General Size1.35″1″
Most Strain26,107 psi24,000 psi

As you may see, the cartridges are completely different sizes and due to this fact, you may’t interchange the 2. In different phrases, you may’t fireplace 22 LR in a 17 HMR chambered rifle.

Assessing 22LR’s Ballistic Capabilities

The most effective and most correct 22 LR masses begin out as customary velocity or subsonic cartridges. A few of them, like Federal plated subsonic, weigh 45 grain. The marginally heavier bullet delivers higher penetration. Right here’s the place nature and physics get annoying: all these amazingly correct masses one way or the other fail to carry out within the area. The difficulty isn’t ammunition — it reliably delivers MOA dispersion — however the limitations of the flight time stemming from the low preliminary velocity and reasonable ballistic coefficient.

Take, for instance, a pleasant 1,150 toes per second goal load fired with a 50 yard zero towards a 100 yard goal: the bullet drop is critical 6.5″. It’s important relative to the seemingly rodent or chicken goal, however drop is at the very least predictable. Make a 10-yard vary estimation error, and the drop is both 2 inches much less or 2.5″ extra.

Problems of Windage

Wind drift is much less predictable; at 100 yards, even a slight 10 mph aspect wind causes a 6 inch windage error. Take into account that windage is counted from the muzzle place, not from the zero distance, since zeroing was accomplished with no regard for wind. The difficulty with windage correction is that the identical bullet shall be an inch nearer to the purpose of intention simply ten yards nearer, and over an inch additional simply ten yards additional. For a prairie canine standing upright, an inch of deflection may be the distinction between a headshot and a haircut. What if the wind is at 30 levels moderately than 90, what whether it is gusting moderately than regular? Is it time to convey hypervelocity 30-grain varmint masses out? That cuts our bullet drop to mere 3.5 inches, and the wind drift truly will increase to 7″. Additional, the lighter bullet that goes by a destabilizing trasonic transition will get moderately much less correct, so dispersion will increase.

Some varmint bullets, like CCI Stinger, don’t even match match 22 LR chambers. Briefly, 22 LR works fairly properly for exact hits at quick vary. When you attain out to 100 yards and additional, even very correct launch platforms run into the restrictions imposed by exterior ballistics.

17 HMR Ballistics

17 HMR rifle with ammunition at the shooting range

17 HMR ammo is a necked-down 22 WMR, with greater chamber stress and correspondingly excessive muzzle velocity imparted to small, streamlined bullets. Though 17 HMR projectiles vary from 17 to twenty grains, they’ve ballistic coefficients just like a lot heavier 22 LR and 22 WMR bullets. With launch velocity of 2500-2600 toes per second (17gr) and 2300fps (20gr) respectively, 17 HMR works fairly properly at 100 yards.

Bullet Drop

17 HMR’s drop from 50 to 100 is 0.75″, an additional ten yards causes solely 0.5″ drop in comparison with 2.5″ with 22 LR.

17 HMR’s Wind drift is sort of half of the worth for 22LR varmint spherical too. In real-world situations with unsure wind stream at varied distances, and rodents popping up briefly at distances that may’t be lasered rapidly sufficient, flatter trajectory and lowered wind drift imply extra hits and, finally, much less ammunition expenditure than attempting to convey a hail of slower projectiles onto a briefly seen goal. For longer-distance varminting, 17 HMR stays supersonic previous 250 yards, holding accuracy constant to the top of its viable vary.

Influence on Your Goal

Terminal ballistic effect of 17 HMR on a target

You may cycle a Henry Varmint Categorical lever motion rifle rapidly, however a varmint is unlikely to offer you a second strive in case of a close to miss. That’s why I used to be happy to find that it approached MOA accuracy in 17 HMR. We witnessed solely a minor variation between the a number of kinds of ammunition.

As a substitute of gelatine, I used extremely seen oranges as targets for testing bullets. 22 LR bullets of varied varieties bunched clear holes by the fruit. Pre-fragmented CCI bullets made three pretty skinny channels. 17 HMR ballistic ideas simply exploded the the fruit, leaving not more than 20% of it remaining in place. Having projectiles well-matched to the speed is the opposite benefit of this caliber: just about all of the power is used up deforming the bullet and the varmint moderately than the backstop.

17 HMR vs 22 LR Pricing

22 LR ammo cartridges stood upright in front of 17 HMR ammo catridges17 HMR’s worth is half-way between bulk 22 LR ammo and cheaper centerfire cartridges like 223 Remington. Nonetheless, evaluating oranges to oranges, we get a unique image: match grade and specialised varmint 22 LR is just barely inexpensive than 17 HMR. The associated fee improve of 25% or so is greater than compensated by the lowered spherical depend required to get the job accomplished. That was evident within the zeroing course of: I needed to fireplace solely two photographs, one to get on paper, one other to regulate from the primary hit. Correct rifles with good optics — in my case Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40mm with Useless-Maintain MOA reticle in 3/8″ Warne Maxima 1″ medium-height rings — make zeroing fast and straightforward. Simply depend the grid squares and click on within the corrections. With minimal dispersion at 25 yards, I used to be accomplished in a minute. I rechecked the outcomes at 50 and 100 yards. 2-inch inexperienced walnut husks remained simple prey all the way in which out to the 110-yard backstop of my house vary.

Henry makes a number of 17 HMR lever weapons, Savage and Ruger make bolt actions. Makes an attempt at making a dependable semi-auto 17HMR have various in success, with some fashions being fairly good. For paper punching and short-range speed-shooting video games, 22 LR wins palms down. It’s versatile, comparatively cheap, and dependable in a wide range of actions. If self-improvement is the purpose of marksmanship apply, 22 lengthy rifle provides comparable challenges at 200 yards that 308 Winchester provides at 600. If the purpose is to hit fleeting creatures previous 50 yards, 17 HMR is a particular winner of that bid. Give it a strive.

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