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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Origins Acquire US

theme for Week 2 is “Origins.” Genealogists typically get the query,
“The place is your loved ones from?” With this week’s theme, you possibly can discover
an immigrant ancestor, however you possibly can additionally take into consideration the origin of
different elements of your loved ones. Who was the primary particular person in your loved ones to
settle in a selected city? In case you have an extended line of individuals with the
similar occupation, expertise, and so forth, who was the primary particular person you recognize who did
it? If you wish to be a part of the problem, enroll here.

Right here is my newest ethnicity estimate from Ancestry which, in case you have taken a check with Ancesry, you’ll find underneath the DNA tab, sub-heading Origins.

This has modified over time and there are causes for that however I do not declare to be a DNA skilled so you’ll have to look elsewhere for a solution.  Suffice it to say that my Irish proportion has elevated considerably.  And in my youth I did have lots of people inform me that I seemed very Irish.  I’m intrigued by the supposed Sweden & Denmark connections, to not point out the Aegean Islands.  Will I ever have a solution to these two locations earlier than I go this mortal coil?  I worry not.  

However sure, persons are eager to know your origin as a result of it offers some context for the particular person that you’re.  I’ve advanced origins.  I used to be born in Sydney however spent my early years in Edinburgh, Scotland and most of my youth in Canberra within the Australian Capital Territory.  I’ve sadly by no means been to Eire nor Wales and would like to go to each.  

Origins are all about the place.  Surnames can typically give a touch of that. Generally they level to different issues like commerce or occupation.  FamilySearch has a Surname Origin search bar which is enjoyable to play with here.

CONNER, my maiden title, is outlined by FamilySearch as follows:

English: occupational title for an examiner or inspector, particularly of ale, from Center English connere, cunnere ‘inspector’, an agent by-product of cun(nen) ‘to look at’. 

I have never discovered any inspectors in my Conners but, though after all I like to think about myself as a detective of types with my pastime.

My paternal grandmother was satisfied her maiden title CARRETT was French.  We’ve not been capable of finding any proof of that but.  FamilySearch says the next: see Carrott.  Ethel can be mortified!  Apparently FamilySearch says there are just a few Carretts on the Isle of Man. 

I’ve boring names in my household tree like TAYLOR, JONES, COOK and CASE and ELLIS.

However there are fascinating ones too like FOYNE.  FamilySearch has this to say about Foyne:

English: variant of Fane, a nickname from Center English fein, fayn, fane ‘glad, nicely disposed’ (Outdated English fægen). The phrase appears additionally to have been often used as a private title within the Center Ages, from which the surname could derive in some situations.

I additionally like FORFAR.  It is fairly apparent the place that comes from – Scotland!

I like HOLLINGHAM and PASBY is fairly distinctive too I believe. And what about MUZZELWHITE and SWEENEY.

One of many concepts I have been flirting with for some time is beginning a One Title or One Place Research.  By focussing on a selected surname or place you construct up an in depth image which could assist if you come to that dreaded brickwall.

I shall, for the second, like a squirrel hold gathering nuts, within the hope of rising a fantastic tree with a number of branches at some point.

PS In superb information, I had a mooch about on FamilySearch and found that they’ve the Portsmouth Lunatic Asylum data from 1873-1925.  I’ve simply obtained to get right into a FamilySearch affiliate library to see them.  Guess what? QFHS is a FamilySearch affiliate library and it opens subsequent Tuesday – yeeha!


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