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A Diamond Cousin? Looking by Deal with, Steve Morse, and Extra. Acquire US

Diamant/Diamond is a quite common identify.  Most Diamonds (and variants) should not associated to me, as many distinct households took the identical surname.  However I’m at all times on the hunt for Diamonds who’re associated.

Schloma Diment Manifest; June 5, 1911


A Diamond Cousin? Looking by Deal with, Steve Morse, and Extra. Acquire US Obtain US
Outcomes from’s Gold Kind

Just lately I did a search utilizing Steve Morse’s Gold Form to have a look at Diamants (and variants) that arrived in Ellis Island, and I sorted the outcomes by city.  One of many outcomes seemed intriguing.

Schloma Diment was from “Torezin, Russia.”  Torchin (and numerous spellings) is a bigger city close to the villages the place my Dimant household lived.  Whereas that didn’t undoubtedly imply that Schloma is a relative, it was price investigating additional. 

A Diamond Cousin? Looking by Deal with, Steve Morse, and Extra. Acquire US Obtain US
Schloma Diment Manifest; June 5, 1911–Who’s He Becoming a member of in America?

Schloma’s manifest lists him as a 26-year-old single joiner.  He left behind Josip Diment (sadly no relationship given) in Torezin, and he was becoming a member of a brother-in-law at 36 Graham Avenue in Brooklyn.  So I began to analyze the brother-in-law.  It seemed like his identify was Moische Schwar, so I began searching for Max and Morris Schwar and Schwartz in Brooklyn.  However I didn’t discover them.  Since Schloma was coming to hitch Moische in 1911, I made a decision to have a look at who was dwelling at 36 Graham Avenue within the 1910 census.  I used Steve Morse’s tools to determine the enumeration district, and I rapidly discovered 36 Graham Avenue—and I gasped out loud.

A Diamond Cousin? Looking by Deal with, Steve Morse, and Extra. Acquire US Obtain US
Residents of 36 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn.  1910 US Census

I’d seen this exact census web page earlier than, and I even blogged about it right here.  Samuel Halper was the relative that my grandfather’s Uncle Leibish was becoming a member of when he had emigrated to America 6 years earlier; I nonetheless haven’t found out exactly how we’re associated.  However here’s a Diment from the identical geographic neighborhood going to a relative on the identical tackle.  However that (Schwar?) relative wasn’t dwelling at 36 Graham (but) in 1910.  So who’s he?

Since New York State had a census in 1915, I needed to see who was dwelling at 36 Graham Avenue at that time limit.  Ancestry hasn’t listed road names for the 1915 census, and I used to be having points connecting to Steve Morse’s website then (now fastened, and I may have additionally used his website to seek out the entry I needed).  So I checked out different households dwelling in/close to 36 Graham Avenue and looked for them within the 1915 NYS Census, hoping they hadn’t moved throughout that 5-year hole.  I selected to search for Louis and Ray Saltzman, who have been the entry proper earlier than the Halper household in 1910.  And there they have been in 1915—in the identical location!  And some entries above the Saltzmans in 1915 was 36 Graham Avenue, inhabited by a household headed by Milton Gewertz!  Moische grew to become Milton, and what I believed mentioned Schwar on the manifest really mentioned Gehwar.

A Diamond Cousin? Looking by Deal with, Steve Morse, and Extra. Acquire US Obtain US
Residents of 36 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn; 1915 New York State Census

Okay, so Moische/Milton was supposedly Schloma’s brother-in-law (Milton’s grave confirms his Hebrew identify was Moshe).  Maybe if I hint Milton’s household (and his spouse Sarah’s) I can uncover the connection.

After some trial and error (because of some very artistic spellings of names), I discovered the wedding certificates for (all spellings as on the certificates) Moris Gewertz and Serra Salowoon (Social Safety information for his or her kids have Sarah’s maiden identify as Salovin).  So it appears that is Milton and Sarah.

A Diamond Cousin? Looking by Deal with, Steve Morse, and Extra. Acquire US Obtain US
Marriage of Moris Gewertz and Serra Salowoon; Brooklyn; 1907

Each Morris/Milton/Moische and Sarah had immigrated as kids with their households,
and I used to be capable of finding the Gewertz and Salawin (sic) households within the
1900 and 1905 censuses.  Sarah’s brother Morris’s WWII Draft
Registration Card says that he’s from Bialystok, Poland, so doubtless the connection wasn’t from time collectively in Europe.  However have a look
at Sarah’s brother’s Morris’ Brooklyn marriage certificates:

A Diamond Cousin? Looking by Deal with, Steve Morse, and Extra. Acquire US Obtain US
Marriage of Morris Salovin (brother of Sarah Salovin Gewertz) and Lillie Diamond; Brooklyn; 1911

That bought me excited.  Besides
that Lillian Diamond Salovin constantly states that she’s from
Austria on this report in addition to subsequent censuses—in contrast to Schloma Diment, who was from Russia.  So this may occasionally simply be
a perform of how I began this weblog—“Diamant/Diamond is a quite common

Milton’s father, Namon Gewertz naturalized in 1890, and on that paperwork he mentioned that he was from the very-generic “Kiev, Russia.”  My household was from nowhere close to Kyiv, however Kiev was additionally typically used as a generic place for Jews who lived in elements of the Russian Empire now in Ukraine.  However then I found a web page on JewishGen that talked about that Namon was very involved in Brooklyn’s First Pogrebisht Benevolent Society—and in reality, JewishGen has many Gewertzes listed information from the society’s related city of Pohrebyshche—which is greater than 200 miles from the place my Diamants lived.  So there’s doubtless no European connection between the Gewertz household and my Diamond household.

So it appears that evidently any brother-in-law relationship needed to have occurred within the US, given the geographic distance that Torchin was from both of the Salovin/Gewertz households’ origins.  However apart from Morris and Lillie, I am unable to discover one other Gewertz or Salovin sibling who married a Diamond, not less than in New York Metropolis.  (I nonetheless haven’t discovered marriages for Gussie–an unsourced tree has her marrying a Miller–or Samuel Gewertz.)  I would love to seek out out who Schloma’s dad and mom have been to see if I can work out how (or if) he is associated to me.  And I am unable to discover a Diamond who seems to be like he may be Schloma to assist me discover a marriage &/or demise certificates to attempt to study his dad and mom’ names as nicely.  If there weren’t that Halper 36 Grant Avenue hyperlink, I would even have questioned if this was all only a useless finish in any case.

I’ve adopted a bunch of trails on this one, however I’ve (to this point) come up empty.  I would love any options from readers as nicely!  And hopefully the methods I took to get this far will assist some readers with their very own analysis.

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