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A take a look at of FFP versus SFP scopes: Half Three | Pyramyd Air Weblog Acquire US

BB’s Goldie is a golden Cerakoted Avenger. It’s one in every of my most correct air rifles, so I selected it for this take a look at.

Half 1
Half 2

This report covers:

  • The outcomes up to now
  • Issues carried out fallacious
  • Mounted the scope
  • The take a look at
  • 10 pictures 6X
  • 10 pictures 12X
  • The decision
  • Abstract

Okay, guys — this one has been a very long time coming. We’re testing whether or not there’s any fact in what some folks consider — that the purpose of affect shifts when the magnification of a variable second focal aircraft (SFP) scope is modified, whereas it stays the identical when the magnification of a variable first focal aircraft (FFP) scope is modified.

As we speak we are going to mount the Meopta 3-15X50 RD MeoSport second focal aircraft (SFP) scope on BB’s Goldie to run the low-power and high-power take a look at once more, to see whether or not the purpose of affect modifications as the facility modifications. We’re doing that as a result of within the earlier take a look at of the SFP scope some errors have been made.

The outcomes up to now

To date the FFP scope grouped in two totally different places. That’s what  everybody stated the SFP scopes would do. The SFP scope additionally grouped in two places however I wish to rerun the SFP take a look at due to a number of issues I did fallacious within the first take a look at.

Issues carried out fallacious

The very first thing I did fallacious was modify the facility of the scope for each shot. As you recall I ran the scope at 6 energy and at 12 energy so each the Meopta SFP and the Integrix FFP may very well be examined equally. Reader pacoinohio, who prompt this take a look at, had prompt working the scopes at 2 energy and 12 energy, however the reticle within the FFP scope was too small to see at 2 energy. So I ran each scopes at 6X and 12X. Nevertheless adjusting the scope with each shot was pointless and a waste of time. So this time I’ll shoot all 10 pictures at 6X and all 10 at 12X. 

The middle of the group shot at 6 energy was increased than the middle of the group shot on the 12 energy. The quantity of separation for each the FFP and the SFP scopes was nearly precisely the identical, with the FFP scope separating very barely extra. That consequence was the alternative of what folks stated to anticipate.

The second factor I did fallacious was PROBABLY capturing the take a look at with the Meopta scope with the fallacious pellet. I used to be supposed to make use of JSB Jumbo Monster Redesigned pellets, however the ones I discovered on my desk after the primary take a look at have been JSB Jumbo Monsters. I don’t know for sure that I used these pellets within the take a look at, however there’s a good likelihood I used them and never those I used for the Integrix take a look at.

The third factor I did fallacious was the location of the scope on the rifle. Each the Meopta and Integrix scopes are EXTREMELY explicit how far the eyepiece is away from the shooter’s eye. Too removed from the attention and also you get a darkish ring across the goal. I acquired that with the Meopta, so I used to be extra cautious once I mounted the Integrix to get it proper. I additionally put a folded material on Goldie’s raised cheekpiece once I shot with the Integrix, only for higher eye positioning, and I wish to do this for the Meopta, as properly.

Mounted the scope

I took the Integrix scope off Goldie and mounted the Meopta scope, and this time the attention reduction was proper. The set up was easy and no issues have been encountered. Then I sighted within the new scope. It took 4 pictures to get on course at 25 yards and I shot three extra pellets to verify the rifle was grouping.

The take a look at

The take a look at was shot off a sandbag relaxation at 25 yards. I illuminated the reticle which is only a heart dot. I shot one group of 10 pellets at every energy setting of the scope. The purpose of the take a look at is to see whether or not there’s a distinction within the level of affect of teams fired at totally different energy ranges.

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10 pictures 6X

After sight-in I shot 10 pictures at 6 energy. They made a 25-yard group that measures 0.46-inches between facilities. It’s bigger than I want to see, but it surely’s not unhealthy for 25 yards.

6-power group
With the Meopta scope set on 6 energy Goldie put 10 JSB Monster Redesigned pellets into this 0.46-inch group at 25 yards.

10 pictures 12X

Now I elevated the magnification to 12 energy and shot a second group of 10. This group measures 0.382-inches between the facilities of the 2 pictures farthest aside. It’s 0.078-inches smaller than the primary group. It will even be smaller if the final shot had not strayed to the correct.

12-power group
When the magnification was set to 12 energy Goldie put 10 JSB Monster Redesigned pellets into 0.382-inches at 25 yards.

I feel it was simply simpler to see the goal at 12 energy, which is why the group shot with the upper magnification is smaller. However are the teams in the identical place?

The decision

With the scope arrange accurately there isn’t a lot distinction in the place the facilities of the 2 teams are. I measure the middle of the 12-power group at 0.121-inches (3.07mm) decrease than the middle of the 6-power group. However that’s simply my finest guess the place the facilities of the 2 teams are.

group centers
My finest guess reveals the 12-power group on the correct 0.121-inches beneath the 6-power group.

It was attention-grabbing that in all exams the 12-power teams have been at all times smaller than the 6-power teams.


From the little testing I’ve carried out evidently the distinction in level of affect when variable powers are modified is simply an city legend. If there’s any fact to this, my testing indicated the teams shift the least with second focal aircraft scopes. However as I stated, I don’t assume there’s actually a lot of a distinction.

My guess is that those that consider there’s a distinction will need extra testing carried out at longer distances. As for me, I want to shoot a second focal aircraft scope as a result of the reticle stays the identical dimension in any respect magnifications.

If these outcomes will not be passable, I counsel that anybody who needs extra proof conduct exams on their very own and report the outcomes to us in a visitor weblog.

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