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Beeman R7.

Half 1

This report covers:

  • Similar as an HW 30S?
  • Historical past of this rifle
  • Velocity
  • RWS Interest
  • JSB Precise Specific
  • H&N Baracuda
  • Dialogue
  • Cocking effort
  • Set off pull
  • Abstract

Bear in mind the Beeman R7 I confirmed you again in August? At the moment we take a look at the rate and discover out what she’ll do.

Similar as an HW 30S?

Is the R7 the identical as an HW 30S? Sure and no. Sure the barreled actions are the identical and no, the shares are totally different. Actually when the customized inventory Steve Corcoran made for my HW 30S arrived, I thought of placing it on this rifle as a substitute of the 30S. However this rifle has a historical past that I assumed was value preserving.

I’ve learn feedback the place some folks assume the R7 is a extra highly effective model of the HW 30. I strongly doubt that. There simply isn’t any motive to make it extra highly effective after which not make that declare in promoting. And, to my data, that was by no means performed.

Historical past of this rifle

This R7 was made in 2002, so it’s not one which Doc Beeman offered. Actually, it was offered about halfway by means of the Marksman possession of the Beeman firm. The story I used to be advised is that it was owned by Brad Troyer who had it tuned by Paul Watts. I bought it from reader Frank Ballestreri who bought it from Troyer.

I can inform you that it seems like a tuned rifle. Cocking is clean and the firing cycle is fast and free from vibration. If I didn’t personal my tuned HW 30S this could be the smoothest springer I personal.


At the moment I’ll take a look at velocity solely. I’ll report muzzle vitality so we will evaluate to different R7s and HW 30s however since this one’s been tuned we will by no means make a direct comparability..

RWS Interest

This R7 launched RWS Interest wadcutters out the spout at a median 642 f.p.s. The low was 634 and the excessive was 647 f.p.s. That’s a 13 f.p.s. distinction. On the common velocity the 7-grain Interest produces 6.41 foot kilos of vitality on the muzzle. 

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JSB Precise Specific

Subsequent to be examined was the 7.87-grain JSB Precise Specific pellet. Ten of them averaged 626 f.p.s. with a low of 622 and a excessive of 630 — a distinction of 8 f.p.s. On the common velocity this pellet develops 6.85 foot kilos of muzzle vitality.

H&N Baracuda

The final pellet I examined was the ten.65-grain H&N Baracuda. Ten of them averaged 487 f.p.s. The low was 482 and the excessive was 508 f.p.s. That’s an expansion of 26 f.p.s. On the common velocity this pellet generates 5.61 foot kilos of vitality.


The ability of this tuned Beeman R7 ranges between 5.6 and 6.9 foot-pounds. The ability of the manufacturing facility HW 30S ranged between 5.9 and 6.4 foot-pounds. The identical rifle tuned with the PG3 SHO Vortek package produced from 7.2 to 7.8 foot-pounds of vitality. So it’s only a bit extra highly effective than the manufacturing facility rifle and in addition than this tuned R7. If we tried to match these air rifles at any stage of tune we might be evaluating apples to cottage cheese. Each rifles have now been modified, and you may see they’re each in the identical ballpark, power-wise, which is nice to know.

Is a manufacturing facility Beeman R7 somewhat extra highly effective than a manufacturing facility HW 30 as I’ve heard some say? I don’t assume it’s. I feel the barreled actions are equivalent which makes the efficiency equivalent.

Cocking effort

This R7 cocks with 20 kilos of effort, as measured by my toilet scale. That compares to the HW 30S that cocks at 23 kilos with the Vortek PG3 SHO tune package that I put in.

Set off pull

The R7’s two-stage Rekord set off is ready to six.6 ounces on stage one and 12.8 ounces on stage two. That compares to six ounces for stage one and 12 ounces for stage two on the HW 30S Rekord set off. The triggers are the identical, solely the changes make them totally different.


This R7 is one other nice breakbarrel springer, just like the HW 30S, with which we’ve spent a lot time. It’s a blast from the previous that got here with a traditional inventory moderately than the inventory that comes on the present HW 30S. I feel it’s an iconic air rifle. What do you assume?

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