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  • Blythe Danner is an actress known for her roles in Meet the ParentsMeet the Fockers, and more.
  • The starlet was diagnosed with oral cancer over five years ago.
  • Blythe was diagnosed with the same cancer that killed her late husband, Bruce Paltrow, in 2002.

Blythe Danner, 80, is a world-famous actress known for her hit roles in Meet the ParentsMeet the Fockers, Little Fockers, and more. Over her decades-long career, the starlet has gone on to win two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe nomination. More so, Blythe is also known for being the A-lister momma to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, and Jake Paltrow, 47.

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Blythe Danner & her late husband, Bruce Paltrow, both have had the same oral cancer. (Charles Sykes/Shutterstock)

Most recently, in Nov. 2022, the 80-year-old opened up to PEOPLE about her longtime battle with oral cancer. Sadly, Blythe lost her late husband, Bruce Paltrow, to the same cancer in 2002. Keep reading to learn more about her health and how Blythe is doing today.

Blythe Danner Diagnosed With Oral Cancer

The mother-of-two was first diagnosed with oral cancer in Mar. 2018, years prior to telling Gwyneth and Jake. “I kept it from my kids for a long time,” she told PEOPLE in the fall of 2022. “I wanted to forge ahead as a mother, and I didn’t want them to worry.” When the Goop founder found out about her mom’s cancer battle, she was understandably taken aback. “I was obviously very shocked,” Gwyneth said at the time. “It was scary. And it felt really eerie because it was so similar [to my dad’s].”

As previously mentioned, Blythe’s late husband, Bruce, also had oral cancer and when she was diagnosed over five years ago, she couldn’t help but think of him. “Everyone is touched by cancer in some way, but it’s unusual for a couple to have the same cancer,” the Philadelphia native said. “I remember I looked up at heaven and said to Bruce, ‘Are you lonely up there?’” Over a decade ago, Blythe became an advocate for raising awareness about oral cancer and appeared in a campaign for the Oral Cancer Foundation (watch video above).

What Is Oral Cancer?

Blythe Danner kids
Blythe Danner with her kids, Jake and Gwyneth Paltrow. (Alex Berliner/BEI/Shutterstock)

The exact oral cancer that Blythe was diagnosed with was Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC), which is a rare form of cancer that typically develops in the mouth. This type of cancer most often affects the salivary glands, however, it can affect other parts of the body including the throat, and one’s tear and sweat glands, per the Cleveland Clinic. ACC is considered to be a “slow-growing” cancer and has a “high five-year survival rate,” however, that number drops around the 10-year mark per the same health clinic.

ACC can also develop in the skin, breast tissue, cervix or prostate gland. The Cleveland Clinic’s site also states that tumors associated with ACC can be “solid, round and hollow or they may have holes in them.” Most people who suffer from ACC are between the ages of 40 and 60 and is about 20% more likely in women than in men. Each year, about 500,000 people are diagnosed with cancer and of those 500K, only about 1,200 of them have ACC.

How Long Has Blythe Danner Been Sick?

As previously mentioned, Blythe was diagnosed with oral cancer in Mar. 2018, just over five years ago. At the time, she was around 75 years old. When she realized that something was going on with her health, Blythe was working in London. “I started feeling very woozy and I was forgetting everything,” she told PEOPLE. “And then I felt a lump in my neck, right next to where Bruce had found his.” Her children’s father found a similar lump in 1999, about three years before his death.

How Is Blythe Danner Doing Today?

The Will and Grace alum confirmed that her cancer is in remission as of the end of 2022. Blythe underwent three surgeries and explored “alternative treatments” before she was able to have Dr. Mark DeLacure remove the cancer in 2020. “She went through it with so much grace,” her 50-year-old daughter gushed. “I was amazed at how strong she was able to be.” Blythe later told PEOPLE that the disease is a “sneaky” one. “It’s a sneaky disease. But I’m fine and dandy now. And I’m lucky to be alive,” she quipped at the time.

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