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Church File Sunday: Almina Belair’s 1902 Baptism File Receive US

Almina Belair (1902-1997) was the youngest sister of my paternal grandfather, Fred Belair.

She was really his half-sister, being the daughter of Fred’s father Pierre Janvry dit Belair by his second spouse, Mathilde Cloutier. For an inventory of Pierre’s kids by his first two wives, see Sibling Saturday: The Youngsters of Pierre Janvry dit Belair (1851-1941).

Almina was born on 8 July 1902 in Ste-Cécile-de-Masham (now La Pêche), Quebec, about half an hour northwest of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Almina obtained the names Elizabeth Elmina two days later at her baptism in Ste-Cécile parish church. [1] Her godparents have been her 22-year outdated half-brother Pierre and her half-sister Délia, 17 years outdated. Though his aunt seems as Elmina in her baptism file, my father Maurice remembered his aunt as Almina.

Almina Belair baptism file (Ancestry)

My transcription of Almina’s baptism file (unique lineation indicated by / ):

Ce dix juillet mil neuf cent deux, Nous prêtre / curé soussigné, avons baptisé Elizabeth-Elmina / fille née avant-hier du légitime mariage / de Pierre Bélaire et Domitille Cloutier de / cette paroisse. Les parrains ont été Pierre / Bélaire et Délia Bélaire aussi de cette paroisse / qui, ainsi que le père n’ont pas signé avec Nous. / Lecture faite.

[signé] P. Garon, Ptre Curé

My English translation of the file (unique lineation indicated by / ):

This tenth July one thousand 100 two, We parish / priest undersigned, have baptised Elizabeth-Elmina / daughter born earlier than yesterday of the reliable marriage / of Pierre Bélaire and Domitille Cloutier of / this parish. The godparents have been Pierre / Bélaire and Délia Bélaire additionally of this parish / who, together with the daddy haven’t signed [their names] with Us. / Studying completed.

[signed] P. Garon, [Parish Priest]


1. Ste-Cécile (Ste-Cécile-de-Masham, Quebec), parish register, 1899-1908, p. 147 (stamped), entry no. B.44 (1902), Elizabeth Elmina Belaire [sic] baptism, 10 July 1902; Ste-Cécile parish; digital photos, “Quebec, Canada, Important and Church Data (Drouin Assortment), 1621-1968”, Ancestry ( : accessed 7 July 2018).

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