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Know-how Recap:


  • Core builders started a working group across the cluster mempool proposal. This proposal goals to make it simpler to function on the mempool whereas respecting the required ordering of transactions. On this design, clusters of a number of associated transactions may be cut up into fee-rate sorted chunks. Any chunk can thus be included in a block so long as all earlier greater fee-rate unconfirmed chunks are included earlier in the identical block. 

  • David Perkins of Ren Protocol publishes an article on A Framework for Utility-Particular Bitcoin Bridges


  • Vitalik Buterin shares an article on tips on how to Make Ethereum Cypherpunk Again.

  • On December thirtieth, 2023, Vitalik shared an up to date roadmap for Ethereum. 

  • Ethereum researchers publish an article on the trail in the direction of scaling the Ethereum Information Availability layer put up EIP-4844. With this, they envision scaling to 32/64 blobs which is 10x EIP-4844. 

  • Christine Kim of Galaxy provides insights into the final All Core Devs Execution Name of 2023 with concentrate on: Dencun updates for testnets, precompile tackle ranges, and the Prague/Electra improve slated earlier than the tip of 2024. 

Different Chains: 

  • Parallel Community is introduced! Parallel is the primary omni-chain layer-2 powered by Arbitrum. This platform unifies liquidity from any chain right into a single account. 

  • Haptic Finance, a trustless protocol for choices on Optimism, is now available for early entry. The protocol combines automated liquidity administration (ALM) vaults with always-on choice markets. 

  • ERC-7412 is introduced which permits good contract engineers to include off-chain information by calling features on oracle contracts. The performance makes use of Synthetix Multicall3 implementation that acts as a forwarder by way of ERC-2771

  • Mantle provides insights into how liquid staked tokens (LSTs) have created a brand new sector of DeFi which individuals are actually naming LSDFi.

  • Helius shares insights into transitioning Solidity programming from Ethereum to Solana. 

  • Amongst the 70+ chains within the Cosmos ecosystem, Sommelier has emerged as the most important gainer when it comes to YoY share TVL development. They’ve soared from $1M to ~$61M as of December twenty seventh, 2023. 

  • GrowThePie shares that there have been ~900M transactions on layer-2 networks in 2023. 274M on Arbitrum, 218M on zkSync, 127M on Optimism, and 93M on Immutable. 

  • StarkWare shares a Yr-in-Evaluation with concentrate on their layer-2 community and open-sourced components reminiscent of Stone Prover, Starknet Sequencer, and Papyrus full nodes. 

Hacks | Vulnerabilities | Exploits:

  • On December twentieth, 2023, Transit Finance was exploited for ~$110K on BSC as a consequence of a operate vulnerability which passed defective enter validation. 

  • On December twenty second, 2023, Pine Protocol was exploited for ~$90K on Ethereum as a consequence of having each the outdated model and new model of their good contracts sharing the identical tackle. This shared pool tackle between the 2 contracts resulted within the execution of fund transfers originating from the identical tackle for various swimming pools. 

  • On December thirty first, 2023, Orbit Chain was exploited for ~$81.6M on Ethereum as a consequence of inadequate entry rights and the misuse of legitimate signatures. The tackle drained Orbit’s vaults of Ether, USDT, USDC, DAI, and WBTC. 

Mainstream Recap:

  • There are 11 spot Bitcoin ETF filers (Grayscale, ARK, iShares, Bitwise, VanEck, WisdomTree, Invesco Galaxy, Smart Origin, Valkyrie, Hashdex, and Franklin) which can be being watched carefully that are aiming for a possible approval between January eighth and tenth, 2024. 

  • CoinCenter shares that there are new crypto tax reporting obligations that took impact on January 1st, 2024 for individuals who obtain $10K or extra in crypto. 

  • Alex Pruden, the CEO of Aleo Methods Inc., has stepped down from his place and transitioned into the position of Government Director of the Aleo Basis. 

  • Jesse Pollak of Coinbase’s Base community shares thoughts on how there’s perception that almost all new customers within the area will merely on-board straight by way of layer-2 networks. 

This Week’s Cup of Espresso:

This week, we’re headed to San Francisco, CA for a cup of Ethiopian – Gubata Farmers Group from Sightglass Espresso. This Ethiopian roast yields gentle flavors of strawberry and stone fruit with refined undertones of cocoa and caramel. I’d recommend brewing this one by way of pour-over for the highest quality! Sip up and luxuriate in!! 

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