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CSPX vs VUSA vs IUSA – My Ideas – MonkWealth Receive US

A US ETF is often the core of most traders’ portfolios. For Europeans, the questions of CSPX vs VUSA or VUSA vs IUSA typically pop up.

On this publish, I’ll do my finest to reply the trilemma and provides my suggestion.


Ticker symbols: CSPX, SXR8, CSP1; ISIN: IE00B5BMR087

CSPX (iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF (Acc.)) is an ETF monitoring the S&P 500 – an index composed of the biggest US corporations weighted by market-cap.

It has a TER of 0.07% and it’s an accumulating fund (it reinvests the dividends as a substitute of distributing them to traders).

Presently, the fund manages $55b price of belongings.

CSPX is among the go-to choices for the US allocation of many traders.


Ticker symbols: IUSA, IDUS; ISIN: IE0031442068

IUSA (iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF) can be an ETF monitoring the S&P 500 provided by iShares.

It’s the distributing equal of CSPX. They’re each provided by iShares, having all the identical traits, with the one distinction being that IUSA pays dividends to shareholders.

Identical as CSPX, its TER is 0.07%.

The funds at present holds $12b price of belongings and it’s additionally one of many ETFs that’s generally held by European traders.


Ticker symbols: VUSA, VUSD; ISIN: IE00B3XXRP09

VUSA (Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF) is nearly the identical as IUSA, however this ETF is obtainable by Vanguard.

They’ve precisely the identical traits: each observe the S&P 500, have 0.07% expense ratio, and pay out dividends.

The one variations are that VUSA is a bigger fund (manages $27b price of belongings) and does full replication of the S&P 500. IUSA does optimized sampling of the index, which implies that the efficiency of VUSA is nearer to that of the S&P 500. It is a minor distinction so please don’t really feel such as you’ve made a “mistake” should you already maintain IUSA.

As may be seen by the overall belongings, VUSA is the popular possibility for a lot of traders.


All three ETFs are similar to one another. So there’s no shock why many traders are uncertain which one to select.

The primary distinction between them is their distribution coverage:

  • CSPX reinvests the dividend earnings within the fund
  • VUSA and IUSA are paying out the dividends to shareholders

Which means that the quantity of bills you’d have will depend on the dividend tax remedy in your nation. Nevertheless, relatively than leaving it at “it relies upon”, I’d like to offer an precise reply.

I even have a robust choice for one in every of these ETFs earlier than the others, even when we assume that dividends aren’t taxed in any respect.

MonkWealth’s Alternative: CSPX

Why do I select CSPX, though these ETFs have the identical expense ratio and we assume there aren’t any further prices?

It’s easy: I want accumulating to distributing ETFs.

In fact, it boils right down to choice, however my opinion is that each investor ought to want accumulating funds to distributing funds.

Let me clarify why it’s best to as properly.


Because you’re evaluating CSPX vs VUSA, you’re in all probability nonetheless within the “accumulation part” (you’re investing, relatively than dwelling off of your investments). Additionally, you’re analyzing S&P 500 funds, which implies you’re into index investing.

These statements deliver us to the conclusion that you simply’re searching for a long-term car to park your extra cash.

On condition that assumption, why would you just like the fund to take out part of its worth in an effort to offer you additional cash each quarter?

Money is what you’re making an attempt to do away with within the first place – that’s why you’re changing into an investor.

There are solely two issues that you would do with some extra cash each quarter:

  1. Purchase one thing (doesn’t make sense – you have already got surplus cash)
  2. Reinvest it (or you possibly can simply let the fund do it for you within the first place)

Keep in mind, dividends don’t materialize into traders’ accounts. These quantities are taken from what might have been the worth of your funding.

Take a look at this publish to know how a lot distinction a 1% underperformance could make in the long term.

Hopefully all of it is smart.

The Verdict: CSPX Wins

CSPX is the very best ETF for European traders.

Ensure that to take a look at Find out how to Begin Investing – a free collection protecting structured data on constructing a strong long-term portfolio.


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