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Cult Epics: Damaged Mirrors (1984) – Reviewed | Get hold of US

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Dutch protégé of Chantal Akerman and writer-director Marleen
Gorris, now in her seventies, burst onto the Netherlands movie scene in 1982
along with her crime drama A Query of Silence as a brand new distinctive,
provocative and daring voice in feminist cinema rising within the nation on the
time.  The story of three girls who
arbitrarily homicide a person for being male, it each ignited controversy in addition to
received the Golden Calf on the Netherlands’ Movie Competition and cemented Gorris’
standing as a brand new form of feminist provocateur. 
Very similar to her mentor Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce,
1080 Bruxelles
, the voice behind the digital camera is a rebellious outcry towards brutal
routines usually endured by girls behind closed doorways and sought to focus on
and maybe change the path of such hidden injustices.  

Cult Epics: Damaged Mirrors (1984) - Reviewed | Get hold of US Obtain US


Simply two years later, she unveiled her second characteristic Damaged
, an much more provocative pot stirrer that highlighted the inside
workings of a sleazy Amsterdam brothel along with the unpunished crimes
that happen on their grounds.  Regardless of
happening to win the 1985 Viewers Award on the Netherlands Movie Competition, the
movie took a backseat to her debut critically with many feeling it to be a paler
imitation of its predecessor.  Because of
a brand new 4K restoration of the unique digital camera detrimental by boutique label Cult
Epics, greatest recognized for releasing Gerald Kargl’s Angst and the Nekromantik
films, fashionable moviegoers in addition to English talking viewers now have a
likelihood to reassess Gorris’ second characteristic with a contemporary pair of eyes and ears.


Launched in Holland as Gebroken Spiegels and divided
into two parallel plotlines, Damaged Mirrors zeroes in on a murky
Amsterdam brothel generally known as the Membership Blissful Home and a gaggle of unlucky
girls who’ve been kidnapped and compelled into lives of sexual slavery by a
domineering pimp and madam.  Amid the
ensemble two prostitutes, Diane (Lineke Rijxman) and Dora (Henriëtte Tol) begin
speaking increasingly more about rebelling towards their captors and escaping to a
higher, freer life.  In the meantime a younger
housewife Bea (Edda Barends) is kidnapped by one of many brothel’s common
shoppers who proceeds to starve the lady to demise whereas taking pictures of
her and plastering them on the wall charting her demise.  Taking part in out concurrently, the 2 disparate
timelines involving the kidnapper and the rebellious escorts will invariably
conflict in surprising methods.


Choosing up the place A Query of Silence left off with
all of the male characters within the movie being both rapists or murderers, Damaged
in different palms might’ve simply been one other grindhouse hunk of
exploitation smut reveling in filth and vermin. 
However with Gorris’ nuanced and startlingly delicate dealing with of such grisly
fare, the movie turns into way more partaking and informative than merely
repellent.  Whereas removed from romanticizing
this ugly world, you come to look after these characters surviving inside it and
their plight turns into our plight. 
Furthermore, if you’ve been relentlessly overwhelmed and pummeled into the
floor, what else are you able to do however ultimately strike again?  Drawing a pointy parallel between the
exploitation of ladies bodily in addition to visually, juxtaposing the actions inside
the brothel with that of the captor, Damaged Mirrors turns into harrowing
and confrontational, culminating in an explosive climax that feels in some way
liberating for the characters and for these of us watching.

Cult Epics: Damaged Mirrors (1984) - Reviewed | Get hold of US Obtain US


Visually talking the 1.66:1 framed cinematography by Frans
Bromet captures this broad daylight netherworld of intercourse and homicide with documentary
degree of grittiness, brilliantly represented within the new 4K restoration.  Contrasting the intense and colourful neon-soaked
interiors of the brothel with the colorless and dour partitions of the makeshift
jail cell, the appears to be like of each worlds and plotlines are differentiated simply
sufficient that we will observe the simultaneous tales as they play out
onscreen.  Equally placing is Lodewijk
De Boer’s mournful extremely minimalist digital rating which frankly seems like
a handheld Casio being randomly strummed at. 
Intentionally small and meek sounding, the rating softly chirps and beeps
because the occasions described unfold, making a soundscape that may make Richie
Hawtin blush.


It goes with out saying the ensemble forged predominantly comprised
of actresses give their all to create an ensemble netherworld with its personal
subset of guidelines and rules, with all of the male actors tasked with taking part in
lecherous creeps.  Linek Rijxman as an
strange lady violently thrust into this Hellhole towards her will who finds
the power and braveness to bark and chunk again turns into the feminine heroine
audiences of each genders will rally behind with Henriëtte Tol taking part in an
glorious companion of types who befriends the unwilling new recruit who
ultimately stands in solidarity along with her towards their mutual abusers.

Cult Epics: Damaged Mirrors (1984) - Reviewed | Get hold of US Obtain US


Launched in 1984, the movie sadly was not met with
the identical measure of important adulation as her debut with some critics testifying
it lacked the ferocity of A Query of Silence whereas others felt its
message of feminine solidarity bought misplaced in translation.  On account of the lower than stellar
reception, Marleen Gorris didn’t make one other movie for six years till the
1990 movie The Final Island, simply 5 years earlier than she would make her
most profitable movie of her profession Antonia’s Line.  On account of this, Damaged Mirrors bought misplaced
within the shuffle someplace through the years, a mistaken which has fortunately been
righted by Cult Epics.  Whereas nonetheless
maybe not as profitable or polarizing as its predecessor, Damaged Mirrors nonetheless
nonetheless packs a punch with a message each tragic and well timed in a movie made by the
understudy of maybe the best feminist director who ever lived.

–Andrew Kotwicki

Cult Epics: Damaged Mirrors (1984) - Reviewed | Get hold of US Obtain US

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