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Evangeline Lilly Accidentally Told Married Michael Douglas She’d ‘Like To F**k Him’! – Perez Hilton | Obtain US

Evangeline Lilly really put her foot in her mouth again!

The LOST alum stopped by The Jonathan Ross Show to promote the latest entry in the MCUAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, when she shared a super inappropriate anecdote about co-star Michael Douglas! The episode doesn’t air until Saturday night, but got the advance scoop on the hilarious story!

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Evangeline revealed she was filming with the Basic Instinct star and Michelle Pfeiffer, who play her parents in the film series, when she commented at what “GILFs” they both are. Unfortunately it was not a good time… She recounted:

“There was this day on set, we were doing a scene in a restaurant and we were in a waiting room, so they filmed the waiting room with extras and there were children.”

She completely forgot about all the kids around them as she stared at her movie star parents though:

“I turned to Michael and Michelle and I said, “You know, you guys are real GILFs.”

Unfortunately that comment only led to saying more — much too much in fact, considering the company!

“Michael had no idea. He said, ‘What’s a GILF?’ Instead of being cool about it, in front of a room full of children I went, ‘It’s a grandpa I’d like to f**k.’”

We mean, she’s not wrong… But maybe she’ll think twice next time before just blurting that out because…

“And then immediately realized I’d told Michael Douglas I’d like to f**k him, which is not what you should say in front of a bunch of kids, oops!”

Not to mention to a married man! She’s lucky Catherine Zeta-Jones doesn’t have super powers — beyond the whole not-aging-thing, just like Paul Rudd!

What’s the worst thing YOU ever accidentally said to a coworker? Or in a room full of kids? Or to a married man??

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