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Fille du Roi as Occupation? Receive US


If in case you have roots in 1600s Quebec, you doubtless have a couple of Filles du
Roi or Filles a Marier in your tree. 


did the family tree of the household of a good friend they usually had many Filles a marier
and Filles du Roi on their tree. I needed to focus on them in my
family tree report. I discovered that the simplest technique to preserve monitor of them and make a
record was to place Fille du Roi or Fille a Marier as an Occupation truth
for that particular person. 

am an enormous fan of the free program FT Analyzer for it is nice options. I
downloaded the gedcom for the above tree and uploaded it to FT Analyzer, then
clicked on 

Fille du Roi as Occupation? Receive US Obtain US

You’ll be able to see that on this tree there are 10
Filles a Marier and eight Filles du Roi. Clicking on the the occupation will give a
record of individuals with that occupation. This one is for the Filles a marier.

Fille du Roi as Occupation? Receive US Obtain US

Though I’ve no Filles du Roi, I discover it useful when
trying on my tree for my ancestors that had a sure occupation.

The trick is to be according to the way you write the occupation.
You’ll be able to see within the pattern above I wrote the occupation mason 3 ways…
maçon, maitre maçon, whereas I used to be extra according to the troopers, beginning
occupation with Soldat.

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