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Finish Your Health Plateau with Progressive Overload!

Written By Megan Brandt • 3 min learn

Are you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired along with your present train routine within the health club? Pissed off along with your health club routine not yielding desired outcomes? This occurs to a whole lot of us. The excellent news: There’s an answer to your drawback—Progressive Overload.  

What’s Progressive Overload?

Progressive Overloading follows the scientific Precept of Development. This rule states that with a view to facilitate variations in your muscle mass, whereas minimizing the chance of damage, it is best to enhance your routine’s elevated weight, repetitions, depth, length or tempo of an train steadily. Your physique will then adapt to the stress and develop stronger. It’s necessary to notice that this stress needs to be in small increments from 5% to 10% to stop accidents. That is adequate and beneficial. With this gradual overloading of your muscle mass, you’ll be able to lastly plow via that plateau!

Why is it necessary?

As you’re employed arduous to push your physique to its limits along with your present resistance coaching program, you’ll quickly discover that the identical units and reps that used to depart you exhausted have gotten simpler and simpler. Finally, you notice that you just’ve arrived at a plateau—a state of little or no change. At this level, in case you fail to extend your load, you’ll be able to start to expertise muscle atrophy—a lack of hard-earned skeletal muscle mass and energy!

How does it work, virtually?

No two paths to progress are the identical – whether or not you’re a newbie or superior lifter, there may be at all times a solution to progress. Take squats as an illustration: a newbie may go on slowly decreasing the depth of their squat every week, whereas a sophisticated lifter would possibly add 5-10% extra weight or reps per week. No matter your stage, by progressing and ranging your exercises, your muscle mass will likely be pushed to the restrict. Which is essential in attaining the outcomes you need. 

Examples of progressive overload coaching. 

1. Improve resistance:

Including extra resistance to your muscle mass permits them to interrupt down and rebuild stronger. One solution to obtain resistance is to extend the burden you’re lifting. Keep in mind to not sacrifice correct kind and enhance to a weight that permits you to really feel 80% max effort in your muscle on the final couple reps of every set.


  • Week 1—Carry out 2-3 units of 10-12 reps bicep curls with 10 pound weights
  • Week 3—Carry out 2-3 units of 10-12 reps bicep curls with 12 pound weights
  • Week 5—Carry out 2-3 units of 10-12 reps bicep curls with 15 pound weights 

2. Improve repetitions:

With the intention to enhance endurance in a muscle you may be performing extra reps at decrease weight. You should utilize weight or not so long as you might be attending to the 80% max effort in your previous couple of reps.

Instance of will increase in muscular endurance:

  • Week 1—Carry out 3 units of 10–12 squats 
  • Week 3—Carry out 3 units of 12–15 squats 
  • Week 5—Carry out 3 units of 15 squats 

3. Improve length:

Progressive overload coaching can be utilized for cardio coaching as effectively. You need to slowly enhance the length of every exercise and what number of days every week.

Instance of enhance mileage in operating 

  • Week 1—Run 20 minutes at a reasonable tempo, 2 days per week
  • Week 3—Run half-hour at a reasonable tempo, 2 days per week
  • Week 5—Run 30–40 minutes at a reasonable tempo, 3 days per week

4. Change the tempo:

Altering the tempo of your exercises may also help you get stronger and fitter. You possibly can change the tempo by working at a faster charge throughout your exercise, reducing relaxation time or by altering up the tempo within the train.

Instance of fixing the tempo: 

  • Week 1—Carry out tricep pushdowns with 1 second on the way in which down and 1 second on the way in which up 
  • Week 3—Carry out tricep pushdowns 2 seconds on the way in which down and a couple of seconds on the way in which up 
  • Week 5—Carry out tricep pushdowns 3 second on the way in which down and three second on the way in which up 

The Backside Line:

If you wish to attain your health objectives safely and successfully, steadily enhance the depth and quantity of your coaching via progressive overload. It will provide help to keep on the right track and make progress. Additionally, it’s useful to create a journal or use a health monitoring app to watch your progress. For added motivation and help, think about working with a licensed private coach who can offer you the main target, inspiration and encouragement. When you’re feeling a bit caught in a rut along with your present routine, give Progressive Overload a do this week!

Megan Brandt,



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