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Fixing Consistency Points « Louis Kessler’s Behold Weblog Get hold of US

In an earlier put up, I reviewed the Household Statistics that MyHeritage gives. It identified that I had some knowledge that wasn’t right. So on the finish of that put up, I ran MyHeritage’s Consistency Checker and it discovered that my tree of 9,050 folks has 492 points and MyHeritage’s desktop software program Household Tree Builder got here up with 561 points.

So what are these points? What number of of them are points that I want to repair, and what number of are incorrect diagnoses? What are the variations between the 492 and the 561 problems with the net and desktop software program? 

Why So Many Points?

Like most genealogists, I delight myself in recording correct data from supply information. Particularly, I’m very cautious with the knowledge I report for all my ancestors and their kids and kids’s households, perhaps 500 folks. For them I attempt to guarantee each truth has a supply. Only a few, if any of the above points, are for these most necessary folks in my genealogical analysis.

However then there’s the remainder of the household. That is made up of my cousins and their spouses and their households. It additionally contains my place to put examine of all individuals who travelled from Mezhirich within the Russian Empire (now Ukraine) to Winnipeg and all of their descendants. For these 8,500 folks I’m not so rigorous.

The objective for the remainder of the household is to construct up these folks as greatest as I can with out an excessive amount of analysis. Many of the data comes from MyHeritage Good Hints and Good Matches that embrace different folks’s household bushes. Typically there may be conflicting data right here and I do the most effective I can. Data from information will take precedence, however generally there aren’t information and there’s solely household bushes to make use of. Many of those persons are residing, and details about residing folks is more durable to seek out, particularly of individuals in Canada.

The remainder of the household is the place all these points are showing. So it’s very worthwhile for me to run MyHeritage’s Consistency checker to a minimum of assist right a few of the incorrect data I’ve for them.

MyHeritage’s On-line Tree Consistency Checker

When working the Consistency Checker on-line, it reveals you its progress and tells you the way lengthy till it’s completed. You possibly can interrupt it by urgent on the X however if you happen to accomplish that, it can go away you with only a partial record. For me the report takes about 3 minutes to finish,

That is what the the beginning of my report of points seems like:


The printer icon on the high proper permits you to print the record of points.

The little gear icon on the high proper brings up Consistency Checker Settings and allows you to choose which points to test and permits you to change the default limits for every situation, e.g. what number of years is just too outdated or too younger.


Kinds of points are grouped into Errors, Warnings and Notices. By default, all points are chosen for inclusion within the report besides for 2: “Kids with completely different final names” and “Inconsistent final identify spelling”. There are 3 varieties of points which can be Errors, 148 which can be Warnings, and 42 which can be notices.

The 492 points that got here up for me and the variety of every kind had been:

Error: Start after demise (2) 
Error: Baby older than dad or mum (8)
Error: Baby born after demise of dad or mum (2)
Warning: Died too outdated (1)  
Warning: Alive however too outdated (10)
Warning: Mum or dad too younger when having a baby (24)  
Warning: Mum or dad too outdated when having a baby (4)
Warning: Reality occurring after demise (156)
Warning: Reality occurring earlier than start (41)
Warning: Siblings with shut age (19)   
Warning: Giant partner age distinction (4)
Warning: Married too younger (8)  
Warning: Died too younger to be a partner (2)
Warning: A number of marriages of similar couple (10)  
Warning: Married identify entered as maiden identify (16) 
Discover: Prefix in first identify (1)  
Discover: Suffix in final identify (1)
Discover: A number of start details of similar individual (15)  
Discover: A number of demise details of similar individual (29)   
Discover: Tagged in photograph after demise (1)   
Discover: Incorrect use of uppercase/lowercase (2)  
Discover: Disconnected from tree (10)   
Discover: Demise place resembles reason for demise (3)  
Discover: Siblings with similar first identify (3)
Discover: Double areas in identify (7)  
Discover: Inconsistent place identify spelling (113)

These complete 12 errors, 292 warnings and 186 notices. 

MyHeritage does an excellent job of constructing it simpler so that you can right every situation. There are hyperlinks from every situation that can open the individual and/or details concerned in a brand new browser tab.

So I went by every situation one after the other to see what I might repair. 

The 12 errors are positively points that have to be corrected a method or one other. Every has a couse, for instance, In a few circumstances I noticed I had the century fallacious, with a dad or mum born in 18yy however written down as born in 19yy by mistake.   

The warnings are all attainable errors. The “died too outdated” is for individuals who had been (by default) 110 years or older. I’ve one warning for that, and it’s a individual in my tree who is definitely documented at passing away at 111 years outdated.


Over to the best, you may’t actually see it on this picture, is a gray X which you’ll be able to click on on and choose “Ignore this situation”. On this case I did.

However she was the one one. The ten folks residing over 110 years outdated are seemingly not residing, however I simply haven’t discovered their demise report or obituary or in any other case know that they’ve died. It was worthwhile looking once more for every of those to see if I might discover a demise report. Even when I couldn’t, it was in all probability protected to mark them as deceased and MyHeritage makes this simple to do by urgent the inexperienced “Mark as deceased” button.


The dad or mum too younger to have a baby typically turned out to be a start yr being fallacious. A couple of occasions, it was a baby linked to incorrect mother and father, and in two circumstances, I did have paperwork that point out the kid was certainly 15 years outdated, so I clicked the X in these two circumstances for the warning for these two to be ignored.  

The dad or mum too outdated to have a baby in a single case was a state of affairs the place I do imagine the daddy might have been 67 years outdated. I’ve some paperwork that appear to point that. The opposite circumstances I’ve no proof, however a number of start years appeared suspicious, so I blanked them out.

There are tons (156) of details after demise. Most of those are residence details from MyHeritage’s U.S. Public Information assortment. In lots of circumstances, they’re inside a yr or two of when the individual died, so the actual company hadn’t but recorded that that they had died. I made a decision to delete most of those after-death details.

A number of the details after demise are marriage details which are literally for the remarriage of their partner after they died. For some cause, when MyHeritage helps you switch marriage data from a report, it generally assigns it to the fallacious marriage. It’s necessary to recollect when there’s a number of spouses to all the time test that marriage data from information is added into the right marriage.

And there have been a number of details that had been “Added to Geni” which isn’t a proven fact that must be added to an individual’s life. These should have been introduced in from different household bushes by MyHeritage’s good matching. I deleted all of the Geni occasions.The right approach to doc is just to incorporate the Geni profile as a supply.


Now this subsequent one is an odd one. It offers me a warning for Burial date being after the demise date. I do know I’ve a variety of circumstances like this, however that is the one one the place a warning is given. I don’t know what’s completely different about this demise truth and burial truth from the others, so I simply clicked the  X to disregard this warning for this individual.


Information earlier than start: Many of those are once more residences, a number of are immigration, and one is a census. These all wanted deletion or correction.

19 pairs of siblings had been stated to be born too shut collectively. These ranged from 4 months aside which must be fallacious as much as 9 months and 23 days aside, which biologically is feasible. Right here is an actual case of siblings 6 1/2 months apart. This warning solely entails siblings who each have actual start dates. If solely certainly one of them had a doc, then I’d set the opposite’s start date to simply an approximate (circa) yr which is able to eradicate the warning.

Giant partner age distinction: One instance was a start yr was 1991 and may have been 1919.

The Married too younger and Died too younger to be a partner warnings had been helpful and helped me right a number of errors.

A number of marriages of similar couple allowed to me eradicate an additional marriage occasion. Married identify entered as maiden identify, Prefix (e.g. Dr.) in first identify and Suffix (e.g. III) in final identify allowed me to repair these.

The a number of start and demise occasions for one individual notices are good to have. I had a few folks with 5 demise occasions. These appear to have come from copying FamilySearch Household Tree data which regularly have a number of start or demise occasions.


After which I discovered I had 10 individuals who weren’t linked to anybody else (disconnected from tree). I used to be shocked to see these. They should have occurred whereas I used to be deleting or shifting a department. After checking that they didn’t have to be added again someplace within the tree, it was simple to delete them.


I had 3 “Demise place resembles trigger” notices. “Holocaust” was within the place of demise so I moved them to the Reason behind Demise subject.which MyHeritage makes simple to do.


Siblings with the identical identify did assist me discover some individuals who had been entered twice.

Double house in identify helped to rapidly mounted that drawback.

Then there have been 109 circumstances of Inconsistent Place Identify Spelling. This can be a very good test that provides you a fast and simple to repair most of the typos in your home names.


It took a couple of week, working an hour or two every day, to test every of the above consistency points and repair what’s clearly fallacious, discover information to assist right what isn’t apparent, or mark points to disregard if the information is right. There have been only some (perhaps 6) that I marked to disregard.


Rechecking With Household Tree Builder

What I did subsequent was sync my on-line tree right down to my tree in Household Tree Builder (FTB). Then I ran the Tree Consistency Checker in FTB. And I obtained this:


I’m really shocked. Once I had consistency points, MyHeritage on-line gave me 492 points however FTB gave me 561 points, so I used to be anticipating there nonetheless to be a number of points left over in Household Tree Builder as soon as I synced. I’m undecided what’s happening right here. Perhaps the checks between the 2 are precisely the identical however they’re reported considerably otherwise.

Household Tree Builder additionally has a Verify for Deceased Folks that’s not obtainable on-line at MyHeritage. Even after fixing all of the Consistency Checks, this test leads to 39 extra people who find themselves seemingly deceased:


These seemingly deceased folks shouldn’t have start dates, however their descendants do which makes it seemingly that they’re too outdated to be alive. I felt protected letting FTB mark all of those folks as deceased.

FTB additionally has a pleasant Verify for Duplicates which in my case gave me 32 pairs.


Of these 32 attainable duplicates, 3 of them really had been duplicates that I wanted to merge. It seems like they had been added as soon as by one individual’s household, and a second time by that individual’s partner’s household

Is My Information Higher Now?

The rationale why I used to be prompted to do that Consistency Checking and repair the issues was from MyHeritage’s Household Statistics that had been indicating I had some points to deal with.

So now if I rerun MyHeritage’s Household Statistics on-line and return to the ages tab, I can see it seems just a little bit higher. Now my oldest residing individual is 106 years outdated which can be attainable, however I’ll nonetheless test it. A quite simple approach is simply to place the individual’s identify into Google and see if his obituary pops up. I discovered about 5 in a short time that approach. My “oldest when married” contains 10 individuals who had been over 75. And I nonetheless have 5 individuals who had been married at ages 10 to fifteen. I’ve a husband 30 years older than a spouse, and a spouse 17 years older than a husband. These could all be right however will have to be checked. I don’t know why the Consistency Checker didn’t report a few of these, particularly the individual married at age 10.

My knowledge is now higher. However I’m positive there’s nonetheless a variety of errors in it. The right approach to error test is to scrupulously undergo your tree one individual at a time and truth test every individual towards supply information. Even supply information might be fallacious, however not practically as typically as knowledge from household bushes are fallacious. It’s simply that  one after the other checking isn’t enjoyable and may take a variety of time..

Which is why the brand new Good Matching and automatic report matching providers that MyHeritage and different corporations now do for you is one thing each genealogist ought to partake in. There is no such thing as a approach I might have the ability to discover one one-hundredth of what these automated searches discover for me.

The problem then is to disseminate the nice outcomes from the not so good. Luckily, the knowledge discovered routinely is usually right, and even when not, it’s normally useful ultimately.

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