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Welcome again to the scariest, and at instances goriest, column right here at Movie Inquiry: Horrific Inquiry. Twice a month, I shall be tackling all issues horror, bringing two movies again into the highlight to terrify and frighten as soon as extra. And infrequently taking a look at people who might have pushed the envelope additional. Be a part of us as we dive deep into the guts of horror, however warning, there shall be spoilers.

“Sarah… don’t depart me like this.” – The Descent (2005)

Neil Marshall‘s The Descent is shortly changing into considered one of my cinematic summertime staples. And whereas it doesn’t allude itself to being a seasonal enterprise, it feels completely nestled within the adventurous nature summer season permits as the heat welcomes one outdoors and the warmth sends us trying to find the cool launch of the indoors. And for The Descent, its cavernous underbelly could carry reduction, it delivers terror as nicely.

Written and directed by Marshall, The Descent is a movie you actually really feel. Its tight areas and caverns basked in darkness ship a visceral layer of terror that leaves viewers uneasy and leaping out of their seats. A type of bodily catharsis, The First rate is in a league all its personal. Impressed by the thought of a double function, Horrific Inquiry dives deep into the guts of the earth’s underbelly this month, discovering terror in each The Descent and The Descent 2.

Taking Away the Gentle

Heights, falling and claustrophobia have all the time gotten to me. To be trustworthy, there is part of me that feels pushed to partake within the actions horror movies prey on – that’s till I watch them. The Descent falls into an extended line of horrors preying on the visceral fears of audiences, cleverly bringing these terrors to the floor in a movie that’s at instances exhausting to observe and expertise.

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The tempo of the movie is brilliantly executed, shifting when it must, but holding on a second when mandatory. The Descent doesn’t instantly dive into the terrifying side of claustrophobia, starting with its central trio of river rafting, the house surrounding them extensive and open. The digital camera even strikes away from the ladies as they strategy their closing fast, bringing Sarah’s (Shauna Macdonald) household into the combo and increasing the world past their expeditions. The movie begins to zero in on its underlying layers of remorse, guilt and grief as the ladies dock, Sarah passing by her husband Paul (Oliver Milburn) to greet her daughter Jessica (Molly Kayll), Juno (Natalie Mendoza) and Paul exchanging glances that talk to the unstated fact between them, their change going virtually unnoticed.

The accident that follows is sudden and brutal, graphic from a distance, but permitting your thoughts to fill within the blanks. The Descent transitions to the hospital, the colours of the cave taking on, the greens of the sunshine sticks, and the oranges of the fireplace play to foreshadow the darkness Sarah has been thrown into in opposition to her will each right here and afterward. As Sarah awakens within the hospital, the claustrophobia of her grief and denial units in, the lights within the hallway going out one after the other and basking her in darkness. Her daughter was her gentle and now that gentle has gone out. It’s a brutally devastating opening, one that offers a really inflexible framework of the buddies closest to her and of Sarah herself, giving authenticity to every second they spend within the caves.

Creating Claustrophobia

As The Descent strikes one yr ahead, audiences can see Sarah continues to be damaged and caught in her grief, as a lot as she tries to placed on a courageous face and push ahead. Sarah feels modified, but she masks her ache, her nightmares, and her grief as she hangs with Beth (Alex Reid), Juno, and the remainder of the gang the evening earlier than they’re to enter the cave. The claustrophobia was initiated because the lights within the hospital went out round Sarah, the digital camera shifting in direction of a extra excessive close-up. The Descent continues this formatting, rising as Sarah suffers from her nightmares. But, that is solely the groundwork, The Descent rigorously pacing its impending terror.

Because the group makes their solution to the caves, the movie begins extensive, overhead photographs taking within the expanse of the forest they’re driving by means of. Whereas the forest offers the sense of the extensive open world outdoors the cave, it reveals the compounding isolation the ladies are coming into, each above floor and under. As they stroll by means of the forest, the house across the women encloses additional, tall bushes surrounding them and additional slicing them off from civilization – from assist.

Horrific Inquiry: THE DESCENT (2005)
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Groundwork is additional laid for the movie’s rising claustrophobia,  its rising presence foreshadowed as Juno leaves the map of the cave behind and one of many ladies speaks to the significance of submitting a flight plan and sticking to it. “Don’t go wandering off” she warns. As we later study, Juno has damaged all the foundations compounding their impending doom. And whereas the one drawn-out second within the movie, The Descent makes use of exposition throughout their hike to the mouth of the cave to additional foreshow its narrative course as one of many ladies lists the dangers related to exploring caves and the darkness they are going to be bathed in – dehydration, disorientation, panic assaults, hallucinations, claustrophobia, and paranoia. Every of those will come to move.

As the ladies work their approach into the cave and its tunnels, The Descent welcomes tight and intimate filming, excessive close-ups catching every muscle, every second of surprise and terror within the eyes, additional making a deepening sense of claustrophobia in its viewers. That is very true as they every work their approach by means of the tight tunnels all through the cave. As they enter the mouth of the cave, we start to see their particular person personalities that may drive their character’s reactions to the following cave-in and realization they aren’t the place they assume they’re. Holly, even when advised to not, races down the rope to the within of the cave, whereas Sarah reveals how really on edge she is as a flock of bats flies in direction of her.

Up till this level, The Descent has labored to set its stage. Because the group works one after the other by means of the second tunnel, Sarah will get caught, an impending cave-in heightening the depth of the claustrophobia and escalating the reveal of the true hazard they’re in. From this second,  The Descent by no means permits your adrenaline-fueled catharsis to return to a baseline. Following the cave-in, Juno reveals that she has introduced them to a brand new uncharted cave system, diverting from the flight plan she filed. She had wished them to find it collectively, in addition to reconnect with Sarah within the face of her deceit and sorrow. Juno is pushed each by ego and remorse and it doesn’t take lengthy for the accidents to start piling up within the wake of her selections.

Horrific Inquiry: THE DESCENT (2005)
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As one of many cavern partitions reveals cave drawings of two entrances, the ladies start to combat the claustrophobic results of their isolation, whereas a brand new terror rises from the darkness.

The Monsters

The Descent excels in its multilayered show of horror. If the visceral claustrophobia of the caves wasn’t sufficient, the earth’s underbelly is additional inhabited by monsters developed by the darkness. From the second they’re within the caves, these creatures are all the time on the peripheral. First, they’re a questionable look seen solely by Sarah, a shadow within the distance that has extra kind than a shadow ought to. Because the movie progresses, so does their look, from silhouettes to a full blow, and unimaginable, leap scare within the video digital camera, their inclusion is as cleverly paced because the claustrophobia itself.

However the monsters grow to be greater than the graphically violent and brutal ones on the display screen. They start to tackle a extra metaphorical illustration in a bodily kind. At numerous instances all through the movie, audiences will discover themselves questioning whether or not Sarah is the monster or Juno. Is it the darkness that’s the lurking demon or is it only a bodily being? Or is it the emotional monster, the overwhelming and encompassing brutality of grief and regret? And eventually, is the monster every considered one of us – can we all have the power to evolve within the darkness?

Horrific Inquiry: THE DESCENT (2005)
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Because the creatures lastly emerge in full kind, the preventing turns into an unimaginable showmanship of enhancing and choreography, the cinematography of orange and inexperienced lighting consistently constructing the depth because it glints off the partitions and off the people, flickering between the sunshine and the darkness. Equally putting are the screams of Juno and the creatures, their shrillness mirroring pitch and talking additional to the power all of us must grow to be the monsters and evolve within the darkness. The movie isn’t coy with this concept although, Juno taking the metaphorical and driving it into the literal as she unintentionally plunges an axe choose into Beth’s neck, subsequently slinking off into the darkness to flee what she has finished – in essence changing into the creatures she has been preventing.

From this level ahead you perceive there have been monsters actually hiding all over the place, and the movie works with this realization to point out how simply they’ve achieved the unseen. The depth of the preventing and the creatures offers solution to the claustrophobia, enhancing it additional as there is no such thing as a escape and nowhere to run. The movie waits till this level as nicely to welcome the gore. A graphic depiction of the creatures devouring Holly, invitations the identical therapy of intimacy awarded to the cavers initially of the expedition, excessive close-ups capturing the grotesque evolution and additional connecting the cavers with the monsters themselves. Are we any completely different when survival is on the road? Whereas this might embody any one of many cavers, this particularly falls to Sarah and Juno as they too evolve because the movie progresses. A lot of their evolution works to authenticate the sequel and ship the impression of the movie’s conclusion.

Sarah’s Sanity

There has lengthy been a idea that Sarah was the precise monster of the movie. The speculation posits that Sarah truly killed all her mates, an alternate model of the movie displaying that she by no means left the cave. The Descent seems to lean into the questionability of Sarah’s sanity early on, giving the movie a fair deeper layer of grief and tragedy because it strikes alongside. There’s a fixed internal argument of feelings in direction of Sarah, the movie consistently shifting our emotions and Sarah by means of numerous transformations.

Horrific Inquiry: THE DESCENT (2005)
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All of it begins with the evening earlier than they enter the cave. Sarah has brutal nightmares displaying how contemporary and uncooked her grief nonetheless is. She might be able to masks it whereas awake and round others, however she is defenseless in the dead of night. As Juno is waking everybody up and making ready to depart, Sarah is proven taking prescription medicine. Audiences can simply deduce that this medicine is in response to the lasting trauma she has endured from the final yr following the accident and the demise of her daughter. The movie up so far has additionally been coy in Sarah’s bodily and emotional interplay along with her husband. Distant, it’s virtually as if Sarah all the time knew her husband was dishonest on her – simply not with whom.

The drugs are a delicate factor within the dialogue of Sarah’s sanity. Not in the truth that she is taking them, however of their absence down within the cave. The movie by no means reveals how lengthy the ladies are trapped, missed doses quietly an unstated factor that might play into Sarah’s probably degrading psychosis. Combined with nerves which are already on edge the second they enter the cave following a swarm of bats and bloody finger scratches on the cave partitions, Sarah appears primed for a breakdown.

With this delicate element in play, you will need to observe that originally, Sarah is the one one which sees the creatures at first, one of many sightings even paired with a toddler’s laughter, the grief as soon as once more closing in on her, presumably within the type of one thing externally threatening. If it wasn’t for the digital camera capturing the monsters themselves, there can be no proof for the viewers and the rescuers within the sequel to validate that perhaps it actually wasn’t Sarah. But it surely nonetheless leaves in query, have been the methods of the thoughts within the flickering of shadows sufficient to set off Sarah? Or did her sanity keep intact longer than she is given credit score for, solely the belief it was Juno that betrayed her and Beth’s demise the catalyst to her emotional turmoil.

Horrific Inquiry: THE DESCENT (2005)
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The Descent reveals the viewers too that Sarah is truly able to homicide. Her mercy killing of Beth, the killing of the creatures and leaving Juno to die after placing the axe choose in her leg every work to validate Sarah’s means to take a life. Following Beth’s mercy killing, Sarah’s subsequent battle with the creatures snaps one thing inside her, bringing her sanity additional into query. It’s at this second within the movie, as she rises from the pool of blood, Sarah takes on an impressed Brian De Palma really feel as she is strongly harking back to Carrie, the blood stains smearing and dripping off her face and hair. She seems to be feral, but in management. It’s virtually as if on this second, Sarah is reborn.


The Descent ends on a closing leap scare, proving it’s removed from finished. Each this ending vs the choice depart lots in query. Did Sarah actually get out? Was all of it a dream? Has her grief remodeled and been reborn? There may be a lot left to query, and the adrenaline excessive The Descent leaves us on solely retains these questions churning, in addition to craving for extra. And with a sequel simply across the nook, the horrific mysteries of the earth’s underbelly are removed from over.

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