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How Prince Andrew Is Sabotaging King Charles’ Coronation – Perez Hilton | Obtain US

Seems like Prince Andrew isn’t going anywhere unless he’s dragged!

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son King Charles stepped up and decided to make a lot of changes! As you know, one of those changes was big cost cuts — one of those the royals’ running costs. Annually, The Duke of York gets £249,000 as a grant, and the king has decided that was a bit too much for his liking, causing his brother to be on the brink of an eviction.

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It’s reported by multiple sources Andrew has a 60 year lease on a 30 room mansion in Windsor, and he only pays around £250 per week in rent! Compare that to a New York studio apartment — which would cost about £675 per week. He’s got a good deal going on and he doesn’t want to lose it, but these grant cuts are apparently going to make it hard for him to afford that £250 price tag.

The disgraced royal reportedly doesn’t live within his means, according to royal finances expert MP Norman Baker. He Told

“It’s time Andrew started living within his means rather than expecting other people to subsidize his luxurious lifestyle. If he can’t pay a commercial rent for the property with his own money, he should be evicted and relocate to somewhere much smaller. The taxpayer is subsidizing him.”

Biographer and investigative journalist Tom Bower told the outlet this stubbornness from The Duke of York could have damning effects on his brother’s coronation which is set to take place in early May:

“Andrew’s selfish behavior threatens King Charles’ reputation and even the Coronation. He thinks that he can brazen out the bad predicament he himself created. By issuing threats, he is playing with fire.”

He went on to say he thinks King Charles’ best plan of action would be kicking Andrew out — again:

“The King’s best solution is to force Andrew out of the vast house, accept much more modest accommodation and persuade him that his bid for rehabilitation is pointless – and in the end will be self-destructive. Not only for himself but also his two daughters.”

The 63-year-old lives in the Royal Lodge with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, and they’re both reportedly distraught by being given such short notice to leave the property. Uh, yeah, they’re getting evicted! Evictions are usually short notice…

But just because they’re leaving the huge mansion behind doesn’t mean they’ll be roughing it by any means. The duke and his ex are looking into snapping up a £5 million home which was bough by Fergie in 2022. An insider told the outlet:

“They are looking to keep it empty to use themselves. It’s a far cry from a mansion on the Windsor estate, but this is their only London property.”

A far cry from the Windsor mansion — but at least it’s Fergalicious! LOLz!

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams doesn’t forsee Andrew changing his lifestyle, even if his funds are cut:

“What the Royal Family do with a problem like Andrew is unclear. He has, as far can can be seen, absolutely no intention of undertaking charitable duties, as the Queen reportedly suggested, in search of future redemption, since he sees no reason for penance. In the court of public opinion he is already guilty. Yet it would appear he has, or will have, access to very considerable funds. King Charles may reduce his grant. It seems, however, extremely unlikely that he will change his lifestyle, however reprehensible it may appear to the public.”

Another insider spoke to The Mirror and dished that Andrew isn’t leaving — no way, no how:

“He [said] he’s not leaving, there is no chance that will happen and even if the King wanted him how would that work? If he [the King] wants to spend millions reimbursing him for the money he’s already spent on the property, that’s another matter.”


Sounds like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum over not wanting to leave grandma’s house…

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