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In June final yr, after attempting my hardest for a number of years to get entry to NHS psychological well being providers, I finished. I finished attempting to entry NHS psychological well being providers.

I reside with extreme & enduring psychological sickness for which I’ve been sectioned and haven’t any care plan or therapy, but I finished attempting to get NHS psychological well being care.

I finished, as a result of I ultimately realised that the 2 most definitely outcomes of me persevering with to attempt to entry NHS psychological well being providers are worse than receiving no care.

That that is my life now, that that is nearly as good because it will get, and that it’s higher for me to only settle for that and get on with it.

I finished as a result of I realised that, even when I do get entry to psychological well being care, therapy and help, it’s prone to go badly. And that, if I maintain attempting to entry care, it’s prone to go badly. So I ought to simply cease – and get on what life I’ve left. Give attention to maximising enjoyment and minimising discomfort. Simply reside for the current as if there isn’t a future.

I believed concerning the possible outcomes of me persevering with to attempt to entry NHS psychological well being care, and these had been the 2 possible outcomes:

End result 1: I do not acquire entry to psychological well being care, therapy & help

I proceed to make use of my time attempting to get entry however don’t succeed and, in addition to spending my time doing disagreeable issues like attempting to trawl by means of information or write letters or sit in conferences, I threat additional iatrogenic hurt – by for example additional defensiveness by psychological well being providers akin to additional pathologisation of me in search of & failing to achieve entry, risking adversely affecting how different non-mental well being providers reply to me (diagnostic overshadowing).

End result 2: I do acquire entry to psychological well being care, therapy & help

Even when the care at the moment is great, there isn’t a persevering with of care so, every time I see a brand new psychiatrist, they’ll need to begin from scratch as if their colleagues had been all untrustworthy twits then go off at a tangent, altering or including diagnoses (whether or not telling me or not), altering therapy.

And being placed on meds would lock me in to a seamless relationship with psychiatry (as a result of you may’t simply cease the meds) – depending on their largesse to proceed to prescribe, doubtlessly destabilised at any time by both an undesirable change of meds, or by a refusal to alter meds if the present ones cease working or higher therapies are developed.

This choice took a very long time to achieve, however I believe the ultimate straw was a letter written about me by NHS psychological well being providers in 2021 the place they said, amongst different issues, that I had at all times had entry to group psychological well being providers.

Okay then, present me the care plan. Inform me the dates of the appointments I had with group psychological well being employees. Inform me what medicine I’m prescribed for extreme and enduring psychological sickness. They will’t, as a result of there isn’t a plan, no care, no entry. It’s a lie.

The system protects itself.

It took me a very long time to proces this lie and what it meant for me, within the context of the whole lot that had gone earlier than and the way lengthy I’d been attempting to entry psychological well being care.

However ultimately it turned clear to me that, to native psychological well being providers, I’m not a poorly and susceptible affected person with extreme and enduring psychological sickness who wants care, therapy and help to assist handle my situation and reside an strange life however … a risk.

They view me as a risk to be neutralised by for example increase a document of distortions and, to be frank, lies. The system protects itself. Covers its personal arse.

Even when I had been in good well being, maybe I’d have the ability to struggle the system. However I’m not. I’m combating untreated extreme and enduring psychological sickness with none care, therapy or help.

And it’s now not I system I search to be a part of.


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