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Internet hosting on evee vs Turo Get hold of US

evee, the all-electric car-sharing platform, was based in Australia in 2016. Turo, an alternate car-sharing market that accepts electrical and petrol-powered automobiles, was based within the US in 2009 earlier than increasing to Australia in 2022.

Do you personal an electrical automobile? Are you eager about renting it out? We’ve summarised the important thing variations between evee and Turo’s pricing construction so you may make probably the most out of your internet hosting.

A side-by-side comparability of charges and inclusions

evee’s pricing mannequin is easy; you set a every day charge to your automobile and obtain 65% as a number payout. There aren’t any extra charges for renters.

Turo permits hosts to pick their payout share (from a 65%, 75%, or 90% plan) with various ranges of safety. These charges are BEFORE rental charges.

Turo provides additional charges throughout checkout, so renters pay greater than the every day charge set by hosts. Because of this on the identical* $587 rental, you’d get $312 on Turo and $381 on evee.


On evee, in case you cost $480 for a 3-day rental, you get $312 as a payout (65%). The renter additionally pays $480, which incorporates rental insurance coverage.


On Turo, in case you cost $480 for a similar 3-day rental, you get $312 as a payout on their 65% plan (which we’ll use to maintain it akin to evee). The distinction is that the renter pays extra than $480.

The primary additional price is a $49 journey payment.

Turo doesn’t embrace rental insurance coverage or safety in its marketed pricing, so renters must pay a minimal of $16/day in the event that they don’t wish to be answerable for the complete worth of the car, which is an additional $48.

Gross sales tax isn’t included within the marketed worth both. That’s an additional $10, bringing the renter’s complete to $587 (whereas your payout stays at $312).

A $587 rental on evee would provide you with a $381 payout.

What does that imply for me?

Whereas Turo’s plans give you extra flexibility as a number, their rental charges lower the payout share. In the event you alter your every day charge accordingly on evee, you’ll get a bigger payout for the same providing.

We pleasure ourselves on our “what you see is what you get” pricing mannequin, however if in case you have any suggestions, we’d be more than pleased to speak at good [email protected]

*We in contrast the identical 3-day rental on Turo’s 65% payout plan versus evee’s traditional 65% payout and added minimal rental safety on Turo, since it’s most akin to evee’s already-included rental insurance coverage (which protects renters as much as the injury legal responsibility of the car).

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