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Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Her Go-To ‘Non-Stop’ 9 Minute Workout For Staying In Shape: Watch | Obtain US

Cue up your blink-182 workout playlist! Kourtney Kardashian showed fans one of her favorite, quick workout routines in a video starring trainer Lindsey Harrod released through Poosh on December 6. The Kardashians star, 43, shared the short video of the trainer showing off the nine-minute routine that’s perfect for a quick workout wherever you are.

Released to coincide with the holiday season, the quick exercise routine is perfect for a quick workout fix no matter where you go. “I’m going to take you guys through a body weight nine-minute, nonstop core workout that you can do absolutely any time, anywhere, that’s guaranteed to light your core up,” Lindsey says in the YouTube video.

Kourtney’s workout routine is perfect for fitness on the go. (Christopher Peterson /

The Poosh site explained that it was a perfect workout for hectic holiday schedules. “We tapped pro-athlete and trainer Lindsey Harrod o share a super effective quickie workout you can do from anywhere, so you can easily keep the blood flowin’ and the abs poppin’ even from your parents’ house,” it said.

The workout is designed for each move to be done for 60 seconds each, and they’re all moves that can be done without the help of any weights. They involved various crunching motions, like touching elbows to the opposite knee or raising knees and reaching hands behind each leg. Other moves include doing climbing motions from a planking position and stretching with a child’s pose. Besides the Poosh video, Lindsey often shows off her excellent workout routines and fitness tips on her Instagram.

Kourtney has definitely been getting this quick workout routine in, because she’s been super busy this holiday season! Whether she’s holiday shopping, decorating, or celebrating her first Christmas as a married couple with her husband Travis Barker, she’s looked stunning through it all!

Earlier in the month, Kourt has also revealed that she was finally getting her strength back after spending ten months undergoing IVF treatment. “Finally started getting my energy back 10 months after stopping IVF,” she wrote on an Instagram Story. “For anyone else going through it, it gets better!”

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