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Leonardo DiCaprio Superfan Almost DROWNS Trying To Swim Out To His Yacht! – Perez Hilton | Obtain US

This superfan was ready to risk it all for Leonardo DiCaprio!

You may have heard the news from that the Titanic actor was living it up over the weekend in Italy with his parents, bestie Tobey Maguire and his ex Jennifer Meyer and their children, and of course, a model. This time it was 28-year-old Neelam Gill (just DAYS after he was last spotted with rumored flame Gigi Hadid). Nothing too unusual for Leo. But what you might not have heard is the bananas story of how a fan almost drowned while trying to find her way to him!

According to Italian newspaper La Nazione, a woman caught wind of the 48-year-old actor being at the Pitti Immagine Uomo fashion fair while she was vacationing in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany. The unnamed woman apparently heard that Leo himself was actually on a yacht that belonged to a friend of hers, and — not wanting to miss what she saw as her one chance — she dove into the water and tried to SWIM to the actor!

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While trying to make her way to the boat, however, the Spanish tourist suffered an “illness” nearby some buoys and had to stop her epic quest for aquatic romance. Luckily, the lifeguards of a private establishment nearby saw her and were able to come to her rescue. The woman was pulled to shore, where she got very sick. According to the outlet, she suffered hypothermia and had to be rushed to the emergency room at Versilia Hospital in Lido di Camaiore.

Get this, you guys — she’s 50 YEARS OLD!

Yeah, a woman twice Leonardo’s cutoff age really pushed her limits to try and get to the yacht he was on! If only there was a broken wooden door she could’ve used as a raft…

We haven’t heard any updates as far as how the woman was doing after she went to the hospital, but depending on the severity of hypothermia she suffered it could be really serious. According to Mount Sinai’s website, mild hypothermia cases can recover in just a few weeks, but more severe cases can leave you lifelong, irreversible damage — or even cause death. And while we hope she makes a full recovery, we also hope no one ever attempts anything like this again. It’s such scary, stalker behavior! Imagine if she’d been in tip-top shape and just boarded this man’s boat, Jason Bourne-style! We imagine that would be terrifying for Tobey’s kids and Leo’s young one, in particular.

What do U think of this situation, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

[Image via 60 Minutes Australia/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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