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Letters from Levi Yitzkhak Lederman, 2 December 1912 Acquire US

publish continues translation of letters and postcards in Yiddish (and,
typically, Hebrew and a bit little bit of Russian) despatched
to Morris Lederman, who immigrated to america in 1910. Most of
the correspondence, resembling this one, have been despatched by Morris’ father Levi
Yitzkhak. F
or additional background, see the primary publish on this sequence.

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Just like the final publish, this correspondence, as effectively, was a letter for which we wouldn’t have the unique
envelope. The letter was
written on 2 December 1912 (Julian/Russian calendar) which was equal to fifteen December 1912 on the Gregorian calendar, then (and now) in use in a lot of the world. So, this letter was written by Levi Yitzkhak 4 days after the one posted beforehand.



Letters from Levi Yitzkhak Lederman, 2 December 1912 Acquire US Obtain US


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Translation by Esther Chanie Dushinsky.

[Notes in blue as well as those at the end of the post are
mine. For ease of reading, I have
added paragraph breaks in the translation. The underlined words in this letter are as written by Levi Yitzkhak.]


[side 1]


Monday, Parshas Vayechi, 2/15 1912 Zhary forest [1] 


My beloved and expensive son who sweetens my soul, Mr. Moshe Shalom Mordekhai ought to reside.


I’m penning this letter within the forest. It’s Sunday night, Parshas Vayechi, December 2 English December 15. At the moment the folks traveled from the kantur [?] to Baranovka.[2] I collect that they are going to most definitely carry again a letter or card for me, from you.


However proper now, I’m solely writing a response to your earlier letter from 19 November English that you just wrote. It arrived to me final week Sunday already. It is a calculation of 8 December English. That means, that from while you wrote it, till now could be about 18-19 days.


You write within the letter that you just met with Baruch Zharlitzer’s [son].[3] You write about your happiness while you noticed him and that he actually did provide you with a really heat greeting. Mom, certainly, instructed me that the whole time earlier than he left, she requested him, instructed him that she ought to greet you and to present over. I, myself, didn’t see him earlier than he left, as I used to be not house. Backside line, my son, after we learn one thing in you letters about your happiness, we really feel a whole lot of pleasure. 


It has been a number of instances that you’ve written one thing that you’ll _____ _____ [travel to?]. However you do not  write why and when. What’s this? What’s this? You wrote to him and you continue to have not acquired a response from him. All of your phrases are obscure, you do not write particulars.


Are you able to imagine what number of instances I’ve requested you within the letters that you must write one thing of “significance/goal” – I say goal – however by the way in which, I’m of the opinion that an individual, a human being do not know what goal is. There’s The One Who Created and runs the world, He does issues with a goal and that is what lasts eternally. However my expensive son, even so, an individual cannot all the time hold his palms within the pocket. An individual should do and God will assist. So my expensive son, write one thing vital. What are you pondering? What are you saying concerning the future. I wish to know your opinion. 


From Zavel’n, the story is as follows: from the beginning, I perceive that issues have been arduous.[4] That is what I noticed in his letters each time he wrote to us. He continually complained that it was arduous for him.


[side 2]


And by the way in which, Gedalya Eisenberg was right here. From the beginning. The Gabbai is the son, Shmuel Eisenberg’s [i.e., Shmuel Eisenberg’s son].[5] He’s presently the primary supervisor [?]. That means, in Polin and ____ [forkshne or porkshne or similar] he’s the organizer – he instructed me at first that he is not too impressed with Zavel’n.[6] That means, it could, he stated, it could be superb if I might write to Zavel’n that he must be extra devoted within the store – you’ll be able to perceive that from what he stated, I used to be already not calm. That is after I despatched mom, ought to reside, to be there. I’ve written about this to you. This nonetheless occurred in the summertime.


However now I used to be at Chona Eisenberg, and Gedalya was additionally house.[7] However occurs to be he went all the way down to the road then. I spoke about this once more. From what Chona stated, I perceive they’re proud of him now. He received used to the store already. They stated that it is not stunning {that a} new particular person takes time to get used to the store. A couple of minutes later, Gedalya arrived house and he stated the identical factor as Chona stated.


However from Zavel himself, I didn’t have any letters about this subject. There have been no letters house both. I instructed G. with surprise – how is it that Zavel does not  come house this complete time? You suppose one would wish to journey from such a store? He instructed me – you must write the deal with. So I am writing right here. However I feel it is higher that you just write him at our deal with and we ship it to him. That is the deal with:


[in Russian:] 

Bumazhnovo Polyanskovo Frabrika [plant/factory]

To: Mr. Zeidel Liderman

station [railroad station] Krivin, Volinskava Gubernia [8]


Greetings to R’David _____ [Wallach?] in my identify. Greet Yisrael Pesis [?], everybody we all know, all my acquaintances must be despatched regards.[9] We ask that if it is doable to do a favor, you shouldn’t overlook about us. 


Greet Baruch Zharizher [?]’s boy in my identify.


Your father that worries about you and is awaiting to see you with a lot nakhas.


1. “2/15” was not February 15, however Levi Yitzkhak’s means of recognizing the identical day as designated on the 2 calendars: 2 December 1912 (Julian) and 15 December 1912 (Gregorian).

The Torah studying for Vayechi is Genesis 47:28 – 50:26. 

For data on the situation of the Zhary forest, see observe 1 on this earlier publish. Levi Yitzkhak had been working for a personal timber firm within the Zhary forest.

2. The precise that means of the transcribed phrase “kantur” is just not clear. I feel the phrase may very well have been “canton” – a small administrative division. This might make some sense because the Zhary forest was not near any giant communities. So, some folks from the native space (or, maybe, his firm) traveled to Baranovka (the place Levi Yitzkhak’s household was residing).

3. I’ve been unable to find anybody with that surname or one thing related. There are a number of points. 

  1. There isn’t a indication of Baruch’s son’s first identify. And we have no idea the place he may need been residing within the USA. Morris/Moshe was in Lynn, Massachusetts, at the moment.

  2. The final identify is transcribed with two completely different spellings on this letter (right here and a number of other paragraphs down): Zharlitzer and Zharizher. These renderings might be spelled a number of methods in Russian (together with staring with letters that sound like Zh, Ch, Shch, and Ts). I’ve checked JewishGen‘s FamilyFinder and have situated no researchers looking for related surnames. 

  3. It’s not clear from which neighborhood Zharlitzer lived in Ukraine. It might have been Annopol the place Morris lived along with his dad and mom earlier than he emigrated. Or, it might have been Baranovka the place Morris’ dad and mom moved. I attempted to situated the same identify with the primary identify Borukh in 1906 and 1907 Voters Lists for Ostrog District (for Annopol) and Novograd Volinskiy district (for Baranovka). I discovered no related listings. 

  4. I seek for related surnames within the Ellis Island manifest database utilizing the Gold Kind search field on Related searches of different immigration databases on (specifying Jewish collections) have been fruitless.

4. Zavel and Zeidel and names for a similar particular person, Moshe’s older brother.

5. A gabbai is the synagogue official who’s in command of funds – a treasurer or administrator.

6. To date, we’ve got not been capable of decide the that means of the phrase forkshne or porkshne.

7. I’ve regarded for Chona and Gedalya Eisenberg (Aizenberg) in Annopol, Baranovka and Polonne and haven’t discovered them in Voter’s lists from 1906 and 1907.

8. Krivin seems to have been a rural space (only a practice station) about midway between Ostrog and Slavuta.

Due to Oleksiy Khrystuch and Nina Vinakovsky who responded to my publish on the FaceBook web page Genealogical Translations and helped decipher the Cyrillic handwriting.

9. I’ve not situated folks with these surnames in Lynn, MA, within the 1910 and 1920 census or the 1912 and 1913 Lynn metropolis directories.


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