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Romanian director Cristian Mungiu’s first movie in six years, R.M.N. is a multi-faceted, oft-bleak, and sometimes surreal portrait of racism and poisonous masculinity in Romanian society. In its depiction of part of Europe struggling to maintain up with neoliberalism, R.M.N. exposes the darkish mirror of liberal, globalised western European metropolitanism.

Mungiu’s newest movie is one deeply rooted in and about up to date Romanian society, depicting fractious ethnic tensions between its indigenous residents, its sizeable Hungarian minority, and gypsy inhabitants. However, the society that R.M.N. portrays – one in every of post-industrial financial instability, fractured communities and suspicion in direction of outsiders – has profound resonance in smaller, meaner post-Brexit Britain.

There’s a greyness that pervades all the pieces within the village the place Matthias (Marin Grigore) lives together with his spouse Ana (Macrina Bârlădeanu) and younger son, from the perpetually overcast sky, right down to the naked timber and even the faces of the villagers, drawn hole by many years of stagnation and hopelessness. The village’s main financial driver is a bread manufacturing facility, the place Csilla (Judith State) works, with whom Matthias is having an affair, and who has just lately returned from working at a slaughterhouse in Germany.

After Csilla hires three Sri Lankan employees to fill vacancies on the manufacturing facility – and which can herald EU funding for the city – native prejudices are uncovered and acquainted racist discourses about immigrants stealing jobs and even spreading illness start infecting conversations. In the meantime, Matthias’ son has develop into unable to talk after seeing one thing horrible within the woods, although we have no idea what, and his father should go for an MRI scan – or an RMN in Romanian – after collapsing abruptly.

Whereas the stress rises within the village and Csilla does her greatest to withstand the rising darkness, Matthias is set to seek out no matter has struck his son silent. His conviction that Ana is coddling him stems from a poisonous masculinity that additionally feeds the racism that’s presently suppurating all through the village. However it additionally exposes an undefined, virtually primal worry. Posters across the village warn of untamed animals, whereas Matthias instructs his son to not method bears or different beasts unarmed.

At a late stage within the movie, a dreamlike encounter with animals is enigmatic and surreal, however nonetheless gives a wierd emotional catharsis for Matthias’ rage and his naïveté. R.M.N.’s standout sequence is the city corridor assembly following a petition to eject the Sri Lankan employees. A single, static shot, centring a despairing Csilla as her fellow villagers’ most noxious bile erupts round her is chillingly charming, however Mungiu’s actual achievement right here is that he by no means passes judgement on those that have been left behind by western European progress. Their ignorance and hatred is vile and harmful, however financial and social precarity breed misdirected anger whereas the the lucky wag fingers from positions of consolation.

Christopher Machell

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