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Neutron (NTRN) Value Prediction 2023 2024 2025 – 2030 Acquire US

Neutron Overview

  • Our real-time NTRN to USD value replace reveals the present Neutron value as $0.34 USD.
  • In line with our Neutron value prediction, NTRN value is anticipated to have a -0.58% lower and drop as little as by November 12, 2023.
  • Our evaluation of the technical indicators means that the present market feeling is Impartial Bearish 46%, with a Concern & Greed Index rating of 70 (Greed).
  • Over the past 30 days, Neutron has had 27/30 (90%) inexperienced days and 24.27% value volatility.

Neutron (NTRN) Technical Overview

When discussing future buying and selling alternatives of digital property, it’s important to concentrate to market sentiments.

Neutron Revenue Calculator

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Neutron (NTRN) Value Prediction For As we speak, Tomorrow and Subsequent 30 Days

November 11, 2023$0.0003460%
November 12, 2023$0.000345-0.29%
November 13, 2023$0.000344-0.58%
November 14, 2023$0.000345-0.29%
November 15, 2023$0.000344-0.58%
November 16, 2023$0.000345-0.29%
November 17, 2023$0.000342-1.16%
November 18, 2023$0.000344-0.58%
November 19, 2023$0.0003470.29%
November 20, 2023$0.0003460%
November 21, 2023$0.000344-0.58%
November 22, 2023$0.000341-1.45%
November 23, 2023$0.000341-1.45%
November 24, 2023$0.000341-1.45%
November 25, 2023$0.000340-1.73%
November 26, 2023$0.000344-0.58%
November 27, 2023$0.0003480.58%
November 28, 2023$0.000340-1.73%
November 29, 2023$0.000342-1.16%
November 30, 2023$0.000341-1.45%
December 01, 2023$0.000340-1.73%
December 02, 2023$0.000343-0.87%
December 03, 2023$0.000342-1.16%
December 04, 2023$0.000342-1.16%
December 05, 2023$0.000344-0.58%
December 06, 2023$0.000343-0.87%
December 07, 2023$0.000342-1.16%
December 08, 2023$0.000343-0.87%
December 09, 2023$0.000342-1.16%
December 10, 2023$0.000341-1.45%

Neutron Prediction Desk











All Time$0.000329$0.000355$0.000381

Select a 12 months











Neutron Historic

In line with the most recent knowledge gathered, the present value of Neutron is $$0.34, and NTRN is presently ranked No. 352 in all the crypto ecosystem. The circulation provide of Neutron is $74,085,678.06, with a market cap of 218,803,536 NTRN.

Prior to now 24 hours, the crypto has elevated by $0.04 in its present worth.

For the final 7 days, NTRN has been in a superb upward development, thus growing by 17.16%. Neutron has proven very robust potential recently, and this could possibly be a superb alternative to dig proper in and make investments.

Over the past month, the worth of NTRN has elevated by 7%, including a colossal common quantity of $0.02 to its present worth. This sudden development implies that the coin can turn into a stable asset now if it continues to develop.

Neutron Value Prediction 2023

In line with the technical evaluation of Neutron costs anticipated in 2023, the minimal value of Neutron might be $$0.000319. The utmost degree that the NTRN value can attain is $$0.000343. The typical buying and selling value is anticipated round $$0.000367.

NTRN Value Forecast for November 2023

Based mostly on the worth fluctuations of Neutron in the beginning of 2023, crypto consultants count on the common NTRN fee of $$0.000344 in November 2023. Its minimal and most costs will be anticipated at $$0.000340 and at $$0.000348, respectively.

December 2023: Neutron Value Forecast

Cryptocurrency consultants are able to announce their forecast for the NTRN value in December 2023. The minimal buying and selling value is perhaps $$0.000319, whereas the utmost would possibly attain $$0.000367 throughout this month. On common, it’s anticipated that the worth of Neutron is perhaps round $$0.000343.

NTRN Value Forecast for January 2024

Crypto analysts have checked the worth fluctuations of Neutron in 2023 and in earlier years, so the common NTRN fee they predict is perhaps round $$0.000336 in January 2024. It may well drop to $$0.000319 at the least. The utmost worth is perhaps $$0.000352.

February 2024: Neutron Value Forecast

In the course of the 12 months 2023, the NTRN value might be traded at $$0.000369 on common. February 2024 may also witness a rise within the Neutron worth to $$0.000411. It’s assumed that the worth is not going to drop decrease than $$0.000326 in February 2024.

NTRN Value Forecast for March 2024

Crypto consultants have analyzed Neutron costs in 2023, so they’re prepared to offer their estimated buying and selling common for March 2024 — $$0.000383. The bottom and peak NTRN charges is perhaps $$0.000340 and $$0.000425.

Neutron Value Prediction 2024

After the evaluation of the costs of Neutron in earlier years, it’s assumed that in 2024, the minimal value of Neutron might be round $$0.000319. The utmost anticipated NTRN value could also be round $$0.000610. On common, the buying and selling value is perhaps $$0.000900 in 2024.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2024$0.000319$0.000411$0.000365
February 2024$0.000319$0.000456$0.000388
March 2024$0.000319$0.000500$0.000410
April 2024$0.000319$0.000545$0.000432
Could 2024$0.000319$0.000589$0.000454
June 2024$0.000319$0.000634$0.000477
July 2024$0.000319$0.000678$0.000499
August 2024$0.000319$0.000722$0.000521
September 2024$0.000319$0.000767$0.000543
October 2024$0.000319$0.000811$0.000566
November 2024$0.000319$0.000856$0.000588
December 2024$0.000319$0.000900$0.000610

Neutron Value Prediction 2025

Based mostly on the technical evaluation by cryptocurrency consultants relating to the costs of Neutron, in 2025, NTRN is anticipated to have the next minimal and most costs: about $$0.00072618 and $$0.00083824, respectively. The typical anticipated buying and selling value is $$0.00075029.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2025$0.000353$0.000888$0.000629
February 2025$0.000387$0.000875$0.000648
March 2025$0.000421$0.000863$0.000667
April 2025$0.000455$0.000850$0.000686
Could 2025$0.000489$0.000838$0.000705
June 2025$0.000523$0.000825$0.000724
July 2025$0.000557$0.000813$0.000743
August 2025$0.000590$0.000800$0.000762
September 2025$0.000624$0.000788$0.000781
October 2025$0.000658$0.000775$0.000800
November 2025$0.000692$0.000763$0.000819
December 2025$0.000726$0.000750$0.000838

Neutron Value Prediction 2026

The consultants within the area of cryptocurrency have analyzed the costs of Neutron and their fluctuations through the earlier years. It’s assumed that in 2026, the minimal NTRN value would possibly drop to $$0.001, whereas its most can attain $$0.001. On common, the buying and selling value might be round $$0.001.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2026$0.000749$0.000771$0.000852
February 2026$0.000772$0.000792$0.000865
March 2026$0.000795$0.000813$0.000879
April 2026$0.000817$0.000834$0.000892
Could 2026$0.000840$0.000854$0.000906
June 2026$0.000863$0.000875$0.000919
July 2026$0.000886$0.000896$0.000933
August 2026$0.000909$0.000917$0.000946
September 2026$0.000932$0.000938$0.000960
October 2026$0.000954$0.000958$0.000973
November 2026$0.000977$0.000979$0.000987
December 2026$0.00100$0.00100$0.001000

Neutron Value Prediction 2027

Based mostly on the evaluation of the prices of Neutron by crypto consultants, the next most and minimal NTRN costs are anticipated in 2027: $$0.002 and $$0.002. On common, it is going to be traded at $$0.002.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2027$0.00108$0.00108$0.00108
February 2027$0.00117$0.00117$0.00117
March 2027$0.00125$0.00125$0.00125
April 2027$0.00133$0.00133$0.00133
Could 2027$0.00142$0.00142$0.00142
June 2027$0.00150$0.00150$0.00150
July 2027$0.00158$0.00158$0.00158
August 2027$0.00167$0.00167$0.00167
September 2027$0.00175$0.00175$0.00175
October 2027$0.00183$0.00183$0.00183
November 2027$0.00192$0.00192$0.00192
December 2027$0.00200$0.00200$0.00200

Neutron Value Prediction 2028

Crypto consultants are continuously analyzing the fluctuations of Neutron. Based mostly on their predictions, the estimated common NTRN value might be round $$0.002. It’d drop to a minimal of $$0.002, however it nonetheless would possibly attain $$0.003 all through 2028.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00208
February 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00217
March 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00225
April 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00233
Could 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00242
June 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00250
July 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00258
August 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00267
September 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00275
October 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00283
November 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00292
December 2028$0.00200$0.00200$0.00300

Neutron Value Prediction 2029

Yearly, cryptocurrency consultants put together forecasts for the worth of Neutron. It’s estimated that NTRN might be traded between $$0.003 and $$0.004 in 2029. Its common value is anticipated at round $$0.003 through the 12 months.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2029$0.00208$0.00208$0.00308
February 2029$0.00217$0.00217$0.00317
March 2029$0.00225$0.00225$0.00325
April 2029$0.00233$0.00233$0.00333
Could 2029$0.00242$0.00242$0.00342
June 2029$0.00250$0.00250$0.00350
July 2029$0.00258$0.00258$0.00358
August 2029$0.00267$0.00267$0.00367
September 2029$0.00275$0.00275$0.00375
October 2029$0.00283$0.00283$0.00383
November 2029$0.00292$0.00292$0.00392
December 2029$0.00300$0.00300$0.00400

Neutron Value Prediction 2030

Cryptocurrency analysts are able to announce their estimations of the Neutron’s value. The 12 months 2030 might be decided by the utmost NTRN value of $$0.006. Nevertheless, its fee would possibly drop to round $$0.005. So, the anticipated common buying and selling value is $$0.005.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2030$0.00317$0.00317$0.00417
February 2030$0.00333$0.00333$0.00433
March 2030$0.00350$0.00350$0.00450
April 2030$0.00367$0.00367$0.00467
Could 2030$0.00383$0.00383$0.00483
June 2030$0.00400$0.00400$0.00500
July 2030$0.00417$0.00417$0.00517
August 2030$0.00433$0.00433$0.00533
September 2030$0.00450$0.00450$0.00550
October 2030$0.00467$0.00467$0.00567
November 2030$0.00483$0.00483$0.00583
December 2030$0.00500$0.00500$0.00600

Neutron Value Prediction 2031

After years of research of the Neutron value, crypto consultants are prepared to offer their NTRN value estimation for 2031. It is going to be traded for not less than $$0.008, with the doable most peaks at $$0.009. Subsequently, on common, you possibly can count on the NTRN value to be round $$0.008 in 2031.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2031$0.00525$0.00525$0.00625
February 2031$0.00550$0.00550$0.00650
March 2031$0.00575$0.00575$0.00675
April 2031$0.00600$0.00600$0.00700
Could 2031$0.00625$0.00625$0.00725
June 2031$0.00650$0.00650$0.00750
July 2031$0.00675$0.00675$0.00775
August 2031$0.00700$0.00700$0.00800
September 2031$0.00725$0.00725$0.00825
October 2031$0.00750$0.00750$0.00850
November 2031$0.00775$0.00775$0.00875
December 2031$0.00800$0.00800$0.00900

Neutron Value Prediction 2032

Cryptocurrency analysts are able to announce their estimations of the Neutron’s value. The 12 months 2032 might be decided by the utmost NTRN value of $$0.013. Nevertheless, its fee would possibly drop to round $$0.011. So, the anticipated common buying and selling value is $$0.011.

MonthMinimal ValueCommon ValueMost Value
January 2032$0.00825$0.00825$0.00933
February 2032$0.00850$0.00850$0.00967
March 2032$0.00875$0.00875$0.01000
April 2032$0.00900$0.00900$0.0103
Could 2032$0.00925$0.00925$0.0107
June 2032$0.00950$0.00950$0.0110
July 2032$0.00975$0.00975$0.0113
August 2032$0.0100$0.0100$0.0117
September 2032$0.0103$0.0103$0.0120
October 2032$0.0105$0.0105$0.0123
November 2032$0.0108$0.0108$0.0127
December 2032$0.0110$0.0110$0.0130

What Is Neutron Crypto?

Neutron is a revolutionary platform designed because the premier venue for Interchain Sensible-Contract deployment. Developed utilizing the Cosmos SDK and powered by Tendermint, Neutron offers a safe, permissionless setting for the deployment of smart-contract functions. With its foundations deeply rooted within the Cosmos ecosystem, Neutron facilitates builders in launching functions that may scale throughout the Interchain, an unlimited community comprising 50+ blockchains linked through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

How Does Neutron Work?

At its core, Neutron capabilities as a platform bridging numerous blockchains and facilitating the seamless operation of good contracts. Constructed on the Cosmos SDK and powered by Tendermint, Neutron presents unparalleled safety for Interchain DeFi. Builders can deploy smart-contract-based functions that may scale throughout a number of interconnected blockchains by way of the IBC protocol.

Neutron operates on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, the place validators play a vital position in securing the community. Validators are liable for validating and proposing new blocks, making certain the integrity and effectivity of the blockchain. Node operators assist the community by operating nodes and collaborating within the consensus course of.

Moreover, its Replicated Safety system ensures that validators from a major blockchain can produce blocks for Neutron. This mechanism offers strong safety whereas rewarding validators and penalizing any failures. Mixed with its different options, Neutron stands as a cutting-edge platform for good contract deployment, fostering innovation and scalability within the Interchain ecosystem.

Parts & Distinctive Options of Neutron

Native CosmWasm Integration

Neutron seamlessly integrates with CosmWasm, a flexible digital machine. This integration permits for the graceful execution of good contracts written in numerous programming languages like Rust and AssemblyScript on Cosmos blockchains. Notably, CosmWasm good contracts provide advantages like a complete library of testing instruments, ease of deployment and upgrading, and an improved audit course of.

Safety by way of Replicated Safety (RS)

Neutron has set a precedent as the primary Cosmos chain to embrace Replicated Safety following the profitable passage of proposal 792. This method makes use of the Tendermint consensus algorithm and permits a number of nodes to independently validate transactions, enhancing Neutron’s reliability. This strong safety mannequin bolsters person confidence, safeguards property, and positions Neutron as a trailblazer within the Cosmos ecosystem, signaling a brand new period of safety requirements for different chains to observe.

Superior Interchain Capabilities

Neutron’s profound relationship with the IBC protocol is obvious in its assist of Interchain Queries (ICQ) and Interchain Accounts (ICA). These capabilities permit good contracts on Neutron to speak throughout the IBC, making intricate operations like cross-chain collateralization and interchain liquid staking possible. Moreover, because of ICQ, good contracts can supply info securely from exterior blockchains, eliminating the necessity for third-party oracles. This empowers builders to craft cross-chain functions in a cheap and environment friendly method.

Market Entry & Interoperability

In contrast to many platforms that bind builders to a set set of options, Neutron stands out with its seamless interoperability, granting entry to varied chains and their distinctive choices. This implies builders aren’t confined to a single market; they’ll enterprise into a number of markets concurrently when deploying on Neutron.

Person Expertise & Instruments

Past its technical capabilities, Neutron prides itself on its person expertise. Its interface is user-friendly, which distinctly units it aside from rivals like Juno and Evmos. The platform additionally incorporates subtle buying and selling instruments, amplifying its worth to customers.

Embracing Permissionless Innovation

Neutron’s design is inherently permissionless. This implies good contracts will be launched on the platform with out the hurdle of a governance vote whitelisting. Such a design fosters speedy deployment, which is pivotal within the dynamic Web3 sector. It additionally ensures environment friendly governance and cultivates a aggressive and impartial setting the place innovation thrives unbridled.

What Is Neutron Used for?

Neutron is a revolutionary blockchain platform that allows seamless communication and integration between totally different blockchain networks. Its major use case is the deployment of interchain good contracts, permitting builders to create decentralized functions (dApps) that may work together with a number of blockchains.

On the core of Neutron’s ecosystem is its native cryptocurrency, the NTRN coin. This digital asset powers the Neutron blockchain and will be purchased, offered, and traded on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders can take part within the Neutron community by buying NTRN cash, which play an important position in securing the platform and facilitating cross-chain transactions.

With Neutron, builders can deploy good contracts that span throughout totally different blockchains, leveraging its superior Replicated Safety characteristic. This ensures that deployed good contracts stay synchronized throughout all interconnected blockchains, sustaining a excessive diploma of safety and integrity.

As well as, Neutron helps the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, a key know-how that allows cross-chain interoperability. This protocol permits for the seamless switch of property and knowledge between totally different blockchains inside the Neutron community, selling a sturdy and interconnected ecosystem.

Is Neutron a Good Funding?

Neutron is making waves within the cryptocurrency realm, not on account of movie star endorsements or divisive enterprise decisions, however due to its progressive options to urgent business challenges. As a cross-chain good contract platform, Neutron goals for seamless communication between totally different blockchains. Its affiliation with Cosmos empowers it to sort out problems with interoperability and scalability that different platforms grapple with.

By harnessing Cosmos’ know-how, Neutron presents a swift, safe, and economical platform for crafting cross-chain decentralized functions. It addresses the real-world want for environment friendly cross-chain good contracts and inter-chain dialogue, doubtlessly revolutionizing quite a few sectors.

Traders eyeing Neutron ought to be aware its rating and constant market efficiency as indicators of its potential. But, like all cryptocurrencies, it comes with its set of dangers, given the unstable nature of the market. Diligent analysis and professional counsel are at all times advisable earlier than diving in.

In essence, Neutron stands out for its robust fundamentals. Its progressive options and give attention to real business hurdles make it a noteworthy challenge within the evolving crypto panorama.

How Many Neutron Tokens Are There?

Neutron has a complete provide of 100 million NTRN tokens. These tokens are distributed amongst numerous stakeholders, together with the group, traders, and the neighborhood. The token distribution is designed to incentivize participation and assist the expansion of the Neutron ecosystem.

As for the circulating provide, it refers back to the variety of NTRN tokens which are actively accessible for buying and selling out there. The circulating provide might range over time as tokens are purchased, offered, or staked. The precise determine of the circulating provide of Neutron will be obtained from the desk on the high of the web page.

Will Neutron Attain $1?

Based mostly on the offered background info, Neutron has the potential to succeed in $1 sooner or later. Neutron is constructed on high of the Cosmos Hub, benefiting from the safe and secure infrastructure offered by the Cosmos community. 

Nevertheless, the worth predictions for Neutron range amongst totally different sources. In line with Bitnation, a distinguished cryptocurrency forecasting platform, Neutron’s value will attain $1 within the coming years. DigitalCoinPrice, one other well-known value prediction web site, additionally forecasts a optimistic outlook for Neutron, indicating potential development sooner or later.

You will need to be aware that precise market situations might affect the conclusion of those value predictions. 

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