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Photographs: Annual Perseid meteor bathe lights up skies world wide Get hold of US

Darkish skies attributable to a virtually invisible moon made this yr’s Perseid meteor bathe an particularly star-studded occasion, astronomers stated.

At its peak, as much as 100 taking pictures stars per hour streaked throughout the sky world wide – a couple of a minute.

Viewing was simpler this yr as a result of the moon’s glow has not interfered with meteor-watching because it was approaching its darkest or “new” section.

The Perseids – one of many greatest meteor showers we will see – happen yearly within the late summer season.

Meteor showers occur when the Earth strikes via fields of particles floating round in area.

The Perseids come from comet Swift-Tuttle, a giant ball of ice and rock that sheds items of dusty particles because it orbits across the solar.

When the Earth passes by, these bits get caught in our ambiance and dissipate, creating streaking lights.

The Perseids get their identify from the constellation Perseus as a result of the meteors’ paths seem to start out out from this level within the sky.

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