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Artwork is nice, when craft triggers emotion and our sense for aesthetics is stimulated to attach with the drive of life. You don’t wish to learn me go on about artwork, in all probability (although for those who do, listed here are some old articles that may change your thoughts), so let’s discuss HTML, and CSS, and each getting used for artwork.

What may go incorrect? It is a chapter from my newest e-book, Improve Your HTML IV.

  <div class="one" model="left: 0; prime: 0; background: linear-gradient(90deg, #2b2a27, #453f04);"></div>
  <div class="one" model="left: 50vw; prime: 0; background: linear-gradient(90deg, #2b2a27, #453f04);"></div>
  <div class="one" model="left: 0vw; prime: 50vh; background: linear-gradient(90deg, #453f04, #2b2a27);"></div>
  <div class="one" model="left: 50vw; prime: 50vh; background: linear-gradient(90deg, #453f04, #2b2a27);"></div>
<div class="two_cont">
  <div class="two" model="left: 10vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 20vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 30vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 40vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 50vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 60vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 70vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 80vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 90vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 10vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 20vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 30vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 40vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 50vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 60vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 70vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 80vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 90vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 10vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 20vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 30vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 40vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 50vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 60vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 70vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 80vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 90vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 10vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 20vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 30vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 40vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 50vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 60vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 70vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 80vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="two" model="left: 90vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
<div class="three_cont">
  <div class="three" model="left: 10vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 20vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 30vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 40vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 50vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 60vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 70vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 80vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 90vw; prime: 10vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 10vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 20vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 30vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 40vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 50vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 60vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 70vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 80vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 90vw; prime: 37vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 10vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 20vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 30vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 40vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 50vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 60vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 70vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 80vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 90vw; prime: 64vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 10vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 20vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 30vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 40vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 50vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 60vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 70vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 80vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>
  <div class="three" model="left: 90vw; prime: 90vh;"></div>

Did you catch it? Line 4 makes use of a unit regardless that the worth for left is 0. In all different instances, the creator had eliminated the unit. (Fascinating article, on this notice, which appeared proper across the time of writing of this chapter: Not All Zeros Are Equal.)

What’s going on right here, and what can we do about code like this?

The instance is… artwork. CSS artwork. CSS artwork, you may say (I do say), comes with a paradox:

Essentially the most subtle CSS being utilized to essentially the most meaningless, bloated, and unmaintainable HTML; i.e., the most effective CSS on prime of the worst HTML: That’s the paradox of CSS artwork.

This paradox appears to imagine the artist has a free move for the standard of their code. Or does it?

I imagine there are three doable solutions to this:

  1. Sure, if it’s CSS artwork, then code high quality is secondary and possibly doesn’t matter.
  2. CSS artwork, as code, ought to nonetheless be held to a regular, reviewed, and optimized.
  3. No, inventive freedom needs to be restricted to at least one dimension or language, i.e., to CSS; the HTML code needs to be of top of the range, ideally consisting of just one ingredient.

(What do you suppose? Do you see extra choices? Let me know or tag me for those who write about it someplace!)

Personally, I can respect and work with all three responses. I want, nevertheless, if individuals problem themselves, in the event that they’re bold, in the event that they don’t simply go the simple route. As such, I like single-element artwork that works with minimal, neatly ordered CSS essentially the most.

How would we optimize the code in line with the three responses?

With 1., we will cease proper right here, and never even hassle about that odd 0vw. Creative freedom.

With 2., we’d clear up. I wouldn’t problem the necessity for all parts right here—possibly they’re not all wanted, however let’s assume so—, however I might problem the necessity for the category names in addition to the model attributes. For each, use context, and work via the checklist with, for instance, adjacent sibling selectors or child-indexed pseudo-classes. I’d garnish the mother or father ingredient with an ID (this e-book sequence is a secure area for IDs). And sure, this has been a nasty case of divitis, so right here, let’s solely checklist as much as 5 div little one parts:

<div id=art-challenge>
    <!-- … -->
    <!-- … -->

For 3., that’s straightforward:

<div id=art-challenge></div>

—however it might additionally make it inconceivable to attain the specified impact.

Artists themselves can do our subject a favor and set expectations: Do they take all freedom and don’t care about high quality? Do they purpose for moderately optimized code? Or do they set the best bar doable for themselves, and depart a minimal HTML footprint?

The paradox of CSS artwork doesn’t have to be mysterious: Problem your self, even when it’s artwork.

I’m Jens, and I’m an engineering lead and author. I’ve labored as a technical lead for corporations like Google, I’m near W3C and WHATWG, and I write and evaluate books for O’Reilly and Frontend Dogma. I really like making an attempt issues, not solely in internet growth, but additionally in different areas like philosophy. Right here on I share a few of my views and experiences.

If in case you have a query or suggestion about what I write, please depart a remark (if accessible) or a message. Thank you!

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