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[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:01:13] Podcast Sponsors

[00:05:07] Who’s Darshan Shah

[00:07:03] Why Dr. Shah opened up his new facility in Maui

[00:14:13] What is the protocol at Subsequent Well being and why do they begin with ozone therapies?

[00:19:51] Stem cell therapies that Ben had on the ability

[00:23:07] The hyperlink between exosomes and mRNA

[00:29:06] Sleep and jetlag points

[00:33:55] What are a few of the cooler biohacking applied sciences coming down the pipeline

[00:38:36] What are a few of the non-negotiable issues you are able to do to show again organic growing old?

[00:44:13] How arduous is it to seek out stem cell therapies?

[00:46:18] The gold commonplace protocol for a long life retreat at Subsequent Well being Maui

[00:48:10] Closing the Podcast

[00:49:15] Finish of Podcast

[00:49:52] Disclaimer

Ben:  My identify is Ben Greenfield. And, on this episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast.

Darshan:  There’s alternative ways of getting stem cells as . You are able to do both autologous stem cells or allogenic typically. So, the autologous ones, you will get mesenchymals out of your fats, hematopoietic ones out of your bone marrow. What we discover is that most individuals do not need to undergo that little liposuction process or bone marrow process. So–

Ben:  I do not need to get an entire drilled in my hip in Hawaii.

Darshan:  Precisely, precisely. And, not solely that however after we take your individual stem cells from you, you are younger and also you’re tremendous wholesome however lots of people are getting these therapies, a bit bit older, these are older stem cells, they already expertise some stage of stem cell exhaustion. So, they are not as efficient. And so, we just like the umbilical cells as a result of they’re from model new umbilical twine blood that is been donated. So, they’re new stem cells.

Ben:  Religion, household, health, well being, efficiency, diet, longevity, ancestral residing, biohacking, and an entire lot extra. Welcome to the present.

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Effectively, of us you have got most likely should you’ve been a podcast listener for, gosh since what, 2018, Darshan?

Darshan:  ’18.

Ben:  Once I first connected with you guys at Next Health, I stumble throughout this facility, I feel it might need been my pal Khalil from SunLife who’s telling me about this whitewashed tremendous slick biohacking age reversal sort of compound in Beverly Hills. And, he is like, “Dude, you bought to go take a look at this place. It is slick. It is clear. It feels such as you walked into some medical clinic on the Star Trek spaceship or no matter.” I am not– 

Darshan:  That is what you referred to as it, you referred to as it the Star Trek.

Ben:  The enterprise. And so, since then, I have been to that Subsequent Well being, I have been to the brand new one up in West Hollywood. And, each time cryotherapy and HBOT and IVs and it is sort of like biohackers well being fanatic paradise. So in any case, Dr. Darshan Shah, should you’re listening in who’s sitting with me right here at this time has lately picked up Subsequent Well being, began to broaden internationally, and put up this slick place in Maui the place we’re at proper now. And, it is fairly superb. I simply received carried out with the ozone IV. It began to hit my system. Now, I am popping out of that NuCalm session. I am feeling good.

In any case, only a actual fast factor earlier than we dive in. In case you’re listening in, you possibly can go to That is, good luck spelling the phrase Maui. You possibly can Google or GPT that, it’s going to allow you to. I consider it is M-A-U-I, however–

Darshan:  That is right.

Ben:  However, these Hawaiian spellings all the time threw me off. And, at NextHealthMaui is the place we’ll hold the shownotes. I will hyperlink to, what have we carried out, two different episodes earlier than, I feel?

Darshan:  Two different episodes, so our third one.

Ben:  Yeah, we have carried out two different episodes. You are not nonetheless operating a podcast, are you?

Darshan:  We’re, yeah. We will restart it right here fairly quickly. We took a bit break for COVID, however we’ll get again on.

Ben:  Your pod light.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan:  We pod light, sadly.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, cool.

So, I imply, I received to ask. Why Maui? Why’d you begin right here?

Darshan:  Yeah. Mixture of various components. So, Subsequent Well being, we have been rising. Nationally, we’re in New York. We’re in Los Angeles. After which, now we’ve some internationally licensed deal, however what I actually needed to do was sort of mix the fundamentals of well being and wellness, eating regimen, train, mindfulness, all of the stuff that you simply get right here.

Ben:  Mai Tais.

Darshan:  Virgin Mai Tais, low sugar with the superior longevity expertise that we carry to the desk as effectively. And so, this place was actually on the map and I feel 4 seasons was seeking to do one thing totally different to sort of complement the response. So, they approached us at Subsequent Well being and we’re like, “Let’s do it.” And, they gave us this lovely area right here. And, I believed it might be an effective way to mix sort of the delicate stuff with the longevity expertise multi functional journey. And so, that is why we’re right here.

Ben:  Effectively, I walked in and the primary signal within the foyer stated Sleep IV. It is like Sleep IV, I feel it is jet lag IV too.

Darshan:  Jet lag IV, yeah.

Ben:  Which I consider my spouse’s getting tomorrow. And so, it is excellent since you get a bunch of individuals touring in right here and you may simply mainline vitamins into them after which we’ll get into extra superior stuff, which truly I need to decide your mind about as a result of a few of the ozone exosome stem cell stuff may be sort of complicated.

However, I feel you hopped on a great level. I typically inform folks once they go to get stem cells, look, you are touring, your circadian rhythms off, you are disconnected from the planet Earth usually, flying 40,000 ft above Earth in a metallic tube, it will get the place you are going, you are usually staying in some room you are unfamiliar with, you might want to do issues to truly prime your physique to get essentially the most worth out of your stem cell protocol.

Darshan:  Proper.

Ben:  And, after I inform them that, inform them get daylight, do earthing and grounding, get into some water, go stroll and get recent air, get some sleep. In case you have entry to crimson mild and hyperbaric and stuff, try this. However, even one thing so simple as nature time is necessary. Had been you occupied with that so far as the seaside out right here, the water, simply the weather as a result of Hawaii is it is like Backyard of Eden-esque in method. Yeah, there’s lots of vacationers operating round however nonetheless, it is received this uncooked earthy vibe to it.

Darshan:  Oh, yeah, it is improbable. I imply, you talked about two necessary issues there. One, journey I feel is likely one of the most poisonous damaging issues you are able to do to your physique. You are up there, EMFs, radiations, circadian rhythm is off, such as you talked about. And so, whenever you get to a spot like this, it’s sort of the proper surroundings to reset all that. However, the journey getting right here is admittedly damaging, so how can we mitigate for that? After which, I come right here for per week on finish typically and simply all of the belongings you stated, I simply get my biology in a very good state by doing issues like grounding, moving into the water, all these items, and it is the proper combo. You come right here and you may then prime your physique for stem cells, exosomes, et cetera, when you’re right here. And, the great factor is I feel lots of people are vacationing now to not exit and social gathering however simply to get a break from their loopy life.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan:  And so, I feel lots of this wellness retreats is a large idea now and lots of people come right here to the 4 Seasons to make that occur. It seems like an ideal one-two.

Ben:  It is sort of a factor within the U.S. now, individuals are beginning to keep away from alcohol in droves, which I sort of like. I imply, it is clearly extra, I feel, in terms of liver danger, most cancers danger, dementia, et cetera, although I nonetheless drink a pair occasions per week and I had a improbable Mai Tai served out of a pineapple final evening. I even assume after we take a look at lots of these avenue medication like heroin and cocaine otherwise you take a look at some common leisure medication, say hashish or psilocybin or no matter, arguably a few of the common entheogens are safer than alcohol on par with heroin and cocaine for a few of the injury that it does. And so, I am beginning to see fewer and fewer folks drink, and an increasing number of folks can be like, “Oh, I will have some biohacked cocktail or I will have ketones or I will get an IV or I am going to determine different methods to spin the dial within the night.” And so, I feel that it is sort of cool that you could sort of do one thing like this and never simply go to Hawaii, all joking apart, to drink, which lots of people do.

Darshan:  Completely, yeah. And, I feel too you are seeing lots of alcohol alternate options popping out now the place you continue to get that enjoyable social feeling of selecting up a cool-looking drink and bringing it to your mouth and ingesting it however there is not any alcohol in it.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan:  And so, I feel the 4 Seasons truly does a very good job at their different drinks, the virgin cocktails however simply making–

Ben:  My children had one final evening. Have you ever tried the ketone, one is the keto all–

Darshan:  No. Have a keto cocktail?

Ben:  Truly, I had an interview come out final week on the time we’re recording this the place the man who runs KetoneAid.

Darshan:  Oh, okay.

Ben:  They have Moscow Mule, pina colada, champagne. They simply launched a beer that is surprisingly near beer. They have gin tonic and it is all 1,3-butanediol, which is the ketone that once they had been doing analysis on the performance-enhancing results of ketone esters, that they had beta-hydroxybutyrate sure to 1,3-butanediol, which is what you hear about all of the Tour de France cyclists, DARPA and stuff utilizing for quelling urge for food, going for lengthy durations of time, rising endurance, et cetera. However once they cleaved the ester bond and simply had 1,3-butanediol left over, the rodent fashions that they examined it on had been sort of stumbling across the laboratory virtually like they had been inebriated.

Darshan:  Wow.

Ben:  So, this one firm KetoneAid, they’re like, “Effectively, there is not any poisonous acetaldehyde unintended effects of alcohol, it is only a ketone and arguably it is even wholesome for you.” So, they began making these drinks. They despatched me their first batch virtually a 12 months in the past and I attempted a number of sort of type of favored it. And, the extra analysis I did, the extra I began strive them, experiment them, combine them in cool mugs with electrolytes and ice and a squeeze of lime a bit garnish. And now, like I stated, I’ve a glass of wine possibly two nights per week now and virtually each evening I am ingesting ketones and it is superb since you get that very same–you’re feeling a bit buzz, you get a bit socially lubricated, you’re feeling as if it sort of relaxes you on the finish of the day. It has that GABAergic inhibitory neurotransmitter impact.

And, the opposite cool factor is alcohol for many individuals makes them hungry, ketones make you not hungry. What I do is I assign my sons a e book report each couple of weeks. So, within the night after we collect for dinner, we discuss their e book chapter and what they realized that day. And, whereas they inform me all about their e book chapter, I will make myself a bit ketone cocktail. It is a nightly factor for me. It is superb.

Darshan:  That is superb. What a terrific routine.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan:  No alcohol.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah.

Darshan:  I am serving to this firm referred to as Kin.

Ben:  Oh, I’ve heard of Kin.

Darshan:  Yeah, nice. However, they really put adaptogens within the drink and get a bit little bit of a buzz and also you get socially lubricated, you’re feeling nice however zero alcohol. It is one other nice different.

Ben:  Yeah. Effectively, you bought to surprise how many individuals are literally mixing with vodka or tequila. I’ve to confess I’ve some Kin bottles at residence and I used to be like, “What occurs should you put a bit tequila on this?” Yeah, better of each worlds. After which, lastly, I did do hyperbaric this morning.

Darshan:  Oh, you probably did? Alright, nice.

Ben:  I did. I swam 30 ft down beneath the water with the fishies for 20 minutes up and down. So, I used to be tremendous primed for the ozone thought.

Darshan:  I find it irresistible.

Ben:  That is one I needed to ask you. I simply received carried out with an hour of what you name 10-Go ozone.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  If you guys carry folks in right here, you even have a menu of ozone stem cells, exosomes, NAD, et cetera. I need to begin with the ozone. What is the protocol and why do you begin with the ozone?

Darshan:  Yeah. So, we do a 10-Go ozone right here. For these of you do not know what ozone is, is the place we take away 250 CCs of your blood, we expose it to ozone, which is O3, after which we put that very same 250 CCs again into you. So, it is not like we’re taking lots of blood out after which placing it again in later. So, it is a tremendous snug remedy. You did not really feel unhealthy whenever you had it carried out in any respect, proper?

Ben:  No, I really feel protected. I did the NuCalm. You guys have the NuCalm right here so I simply did a 40-minute NuCalm, yeah.

Darshan:  Excellent combo, NuCalm and ozone. And, the ozone being uncovered to your blood does lots of various things. It reduces irritation, it primes your immune system, it could actually truly kill micro organism, fungi, viruses in your blood, et cetera. So, it is an especially rejuvenating remedy nevertheless it’s additionally been used loads within the longevity circles as effectively now, so we’re seeing lots of people utilizing it for longevity therapies. And, it really works proper. And so, we begin with that as a result of it is sort of a detoxifying stress-free remedy that you are able to do. And, you are able to do it as much as thrice within the week since most individuals come right here for per week or do it each different day. After which, it sort of simply primes your system for shifting on to stem cells and exosomes. It reduces irritation primarily.

So, there’s alternative ways of doing ozone and stem cells. A method is we are able to do a remedy of ozone, which primes your system for the stem cells after which folks can do one, two, or three stem cell periods after that. Or, one other option to do it, some folks truly need to do ozone after which stem cells, ozone-stem cells, ozone-stem cells. So, there’s alternative ways of doing it. And, among the best issues about coming right here is we’ve a medical group right here that may consider you. They will see what your targets are, sort of what your present state of being is and work out the very best remedy protocol for you.

Ben:  Do you guys truly do–as a result of I feel it’s up in LA, do you do testing like gene testing or blood testing or something like that?

Darshan:  Completely, yeah. So, one of many large issues that we do is diagnostic testing as a result of we need to know what is going on on along with your state of biology and everybody’s so totally different. So, we do blood testing, genetic testing and we take sort of a purposeful drugs view in direction of it. So, we’re doing lots of superior testing as effectively, issues like your intestine microbiome, we’re testing your micronutrient ranges, we’re testing for heavy metals. All these items that have an effect on your present state of well being.

Ben:  Did folks try this earlier than they arrive down so what their values are once they’re coming in?

Darshan:  Yeah. Generally I do. Generally we do all of it in LA or New York.

Ben:  Okay.

Darshan:  However then, there are people who uncover us right here in Maui and we are able to truly draw the blood panels right here as effectively.

Ben:  Oh, that is handy. Yeah. I’ve messed across the ozone oil suppositories. What I really feel after the IV is you get this clear surge in vitality. Generally folks inform you to not do too near bedtime since you get such a giant surge in vitality and I find it irresistible and it sticks with you. You sleep higher. You are feeling you sort of jumped off the bed a bit bit higher. I do not know all of the mechanisms of motion which can be occurring. I think about there’s some quantity of simply tissue oxygenation which may happen. After which, lots of people that take care of mildew, yeast, fungus, a few of these stealth co-infections like Epstein-Barr and Lyme. And, I do not know the way many individuals are coming in right here with that sort of stuff or how many individuals have it and do not know it and get the ozone after which really feel higher.

With the suppositories, I’ve used these earlier than particularly when touring when I haven’t got entry to IVs, et cetera, and I really feel possibly a 30, 40%-ish comparability, a slight uptick in vitality and you set them up the Wazoo within the morning, do a handstand for a minute or no matter and let it soak in and–

Darshan:  However, nonetheless one thing [00:18:02] _____.

Ben:  Yeah. So, there’s one thing to it and so they’re usually encapsulated in an olive oil medium.

Darshan:  Effectively, the opposite factor about ozone is that it is the final hormetic remedy as effectively. So, you are inflicting some stress to your cells, your cells are resetting and so they’re getting more healthy at a mobile stage simply utilizing the method of hormesis. And so, ozone is admittedly good at offering that as effectively.

Ben:  And, why do you do 10-Go?

Darshan:  So, we do 10-Passes simply so we are able to get essentially the most quantity of remedy over the course of an hour when you’re right here. So, 10-Passes normally takes about an hour.

Ben:  So, clarify the distinction between a 3-Go and a 10-Go. 

Darshan:  Yeah, a 3-Go, we’re solely exposing 750 CCs of your blood to the ozone. With a 10-Go, we’re doing 2,500 CCs of your blood.

Ben:  So, it is 250 CCs every move.

Darshan:  Sure.

Ben:  And so, each time the nurse makes that adjustment on my arm, it is a new move of the ozone.

Darshan:  It is a new move. So, it is going that little canister for exposing it after which we’re placing it again in and we’re beginning once more.

Ben:  Why some folks get hypoglycemic? Since you guys had a sheet that got here out to me yesterday, it stated, “Make sure to eat a strong breakfast.” So, I had coconut syrup, gluten-free macadamia nut pancakes with roasted bananas on prime.

Darshan:  Stable.

Ben:  Coconut flakes, cacao nibs, celery juice, and a bit facet of candy potato with scrambled eggs.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  So, I’ve a pleasant quantity of carbs for breakfast. I felt fairly good as a result of normally I used to be telling you, I am normally sort of keto for breakfast. And so, I’ve this big surge of vitality, however what is going on on with the hypoglycemic?

Darshan:  So, there’s actually nothing in regards to the ozone remedy itself that makes you hypoglycemic, it is simply that some folks faint. They get a bit little bit of faint once they get an IV put in.

Ben:  Okay.

Darshan:  And, hypoglycemic can typically contribute to that. There’s nothing in regards to the remedy itself that makes you hypoglycemic, we simply need to get folks at a great state so after we put the IV in, they will not really feel that fainting response.

Ben:  Okay, received it.

So ideally, you are available in right here, you get charged up with 10-Go ozone, after which tomorrow you have received me shifting into stem cell remedy.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  What sort of stem cells are we utilizing for this tomorrow?

Darshan:  So tomorrow, we’re utilizing umbilical twine drive stem cells and so we’ll do them IV on you.

Ben:  Okay. The place are you getting the stem cells?

Darshan:  So, we’re getting the stem cells from a really trusted producer that we use in Kansas Metropolis Missouri and so they’re glorious. We consider all of the stem cell suppliers on the market and we go truly go to their labs, we take a look at their certifications, et cetera. So, these are umbilical cord-derived stem cells.

Ben:  And, why do you go along with umbilical twine?

Darshan:  So, there’s alternative ways of getting stem cells as . You are able to do both autologous stem cells or allogeneic typically. So, the autologous ones, you will get mesenchymals out of your fats, hematopoietic ones out of your bone marrow. What we discover is that most individuals do not need to undergo a bit liposuction process or bone marrow process. So–

Ben:  I do not need to get an entire drilled in my hip in Hawaii.

Darshan:  Precisely, precisely. And, not solely that however after we take your individual stem cells from you–you are younger and also you’re tremendous wholesome, however lots of people are getting these therapies. They’re a bit bit older. These are older stem cells. They already expertise some stage of stem cell exhaustion so they are not as efficient. And so, we just like the umbilical cells as a result of they’re from model new umbilical corded blood that is been donated, so that they’re new stem cells.

Ben:  I feel some individuals are confused about this. They image stem cells as an injection right into a joint, however you are actually simply going systemically full-body IV.

Darshan:  Proper, precisely. And, there’s alternative ways of doing it. You are able to do them IV. You are able to do them into joints. For longevity and full physique therapeutic, we wish to go IV.

Ben:  For individuals who have not carried out this earlier than, how lengthy does a systemic full-body stem cell IV take?

Darshan:  It is actually fast. It is 15-20 minutes.

Ben:  Oh, wow.

Darshan:  Yeah, it is tremendous fast.

Ben:  Okay. So, whenever you get them shipped down right here from Missouri, do you guys received to maintain them tremendous chilly like is there a danger of them going unhealthy?

Darshan:  Sure, they go in a cryo-freezing chamber. Proper, precisely. They’re shipped on dry ice and so they go right into a freezer chamber.

Ben:  Okay. Now, stem cells, sort of such as you stacked the NuCalm include the ozone for me at this time. What are you stacking the stem cells with?

Darshan:  So, with the stem cells, we’re stacking NAD and exosomes each. And so, the NAD as , it is a precursor to ATP. So, you are going to get that proper after the stem cells. And, that is an entire different remedy, however we wish to stack exosomes with it as a result of exosomes are the communication, the packets which can be inside your stem cells. So now, you will get the stem cells however you are additionally going to get the additional communication packages that go throughout the stem cells with it.

Ben:  The place do you get exosomes?

Darshan:  Identical place.

Ben:  Okay. So, do you must display these as effectively as a result of there is a danger of getting the unsuitable sort of exosomes?

Darshan:  Very, very low danger. The principle downside that might happen is with the producer that both ships you one thing that does not actually have any exosome within the product or stem cells on the product or it is not refrigerated correctly. And, similar to any IV or any product that you simply put within you, if it is not refrigerated correctly and it has a possible rising micro organism within the vial, you will get micro organism within the vial. So, you need to be sure none of that is taking place. It is absolutely sterile. It is saved correctly and you’re getting the precise product that you simply’re paying for.

Ben:  I hear lots of people discuss exosomes and so they use the time period mRNA once they check with exosomes. What is the hyperlink between exosomes and mRNA?

Darshan:  So, exosomes are packets inside your stem cells, and your whole cells truly, that accommodates signaling molecules. These signaling molecules may be mRNA, that are quick items of RNA or they are often simply little items of protein, they are often cytokines. These packages have all types of signaling molecules in them which can be mainly meant to sign surrounding cells into particular organic features.

Ben:  And, the place do they arrive from? How do you get exosomes?

Darshan:  Exosomes are from inside cells, so that they’re truly extracted from inside a stem cell.

Ben:  Okay.

Darshan:  They’re taken out of the stem cells after which they’re multiplied and put right into a product.

Ben:  Okay. So, slightly than me getting an umbilical stem cell IV with the stem cells that I am getting already having the exosomes which can be naturally in them, it is virtually like they’re eradicating them first and increasing the depend of the exosomes.

Darshan:  Sure.

Ben:  After which, the exosomes are administered individually from the umbilical stem cells, however the umbilical stem cells have already got some exosomes in them.

Darshan:  Precisely, precisely. So, the umbilical stem cell, the complete cell has thousands and thousands of packages of exosomes inside them. However, these had been taking the exosomes out and we’re duplicating them so you have got much more exosomes.

Ben:   Okay. With the NAD, is that earlier than or after the stem cells with the exosomes?

Darshan:  It may possibly truly be both method.

Ben:  Okay.

Darshan:  NAD is sort of performing on a unique mobile mechanism. It is serving to your mitochondria produce vitality.

Ben:  Okay.

Darshan:  So, it is most likely higher to do it earlier than or after, I might say possibly earlier than, as a result of then even the stem cells have extra vitality to work with.

Ben:  How come you employ NAD as a result of there’s three different choices I’ve heard of on the market, nicotinamide proper beside the NR, the NMN–was that nicotinamide mononucleotide? Yeah. After which, this new one, Tony Robbins initially informed me about it after I interviewed him and Peter Diamandis. They wrote that e book “Life Force” and so they talked about NAD3.

Darshan:  Proper.

Ben:  Have you ever heard of that one earlier than?

Darshan:  There’s all types of individuals manufacturing NAD and NMN now. And so, they’re sort of branching off into particular NAD and NMN merchandise. However, the factor about NMN and NR is these are taken orally. NAD is the IV type.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan: So, these are oral supplementation. The NAD is straight mainlined into you.

Ben:  Has anyone ever gotten NMN or NR IVs to–

Darshan:  Not that I’ve heard of, no. Yeah.

Ben:  Yeah. I suppose it will get transformed through, I consider, the processing within the liver into NAD after which it makes into the cells however you are shortcutting that and going straight into the bloodstream with NAD, which might arguably be one of the best ways to extend. It is much less handy clearly than simply take capsule. However, that is one of the best ways to get full-body supply.

Darshan:  Precisely. Identical to whenever you eat meals and also you get the micronutrients by way of your intestine or take a complement for instance, it nonetheless has to undergo your intestine after which course of your liver, et cetera. NAD IV is simply going proper to all of your cells.

And, there’s additionally lots of discuss your microbiome affecting the NR and likewise the NMN that you simply take as effectively after which changing that in your microbiome in order that the cells have a better time absorbing it too. So, there’s lots of analysis being carried out, lots of controversy as effectively, however for me, I simply really feel NAD IV will not be one thing you are going to do every single day, however you possibly can take a complement every single day. So, I do some little bit of each. I take a complement every single day NMN and I simply take NAD each time I’ve entry to it.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. I began utilizing that NAD3 stuff taking it orally, however then I most likely get an IV as soon as each couple months of NAD. And, I began utilizing the patches for a long-haul airplane flight or a sleep-deprived day. I discovered NAD and the opposite molecule I’ve seen analysis for combating the results of sleep deprivation is creatine. And, if I take creatine and NAD on a sleep-deprived day, I feel it is as a result of clearly lots of cell restore mechanisms happen throughout sleep and also you’re virtually simulating that. I am not endorsing folks quick sleep and simply pop NAD, however should you’re in a scenario the place you are sleep-deprived, I discovered NAD stacked with creatine helps a ton.

Darshan:  Yeah. I feel that is a terrific combo of these two collectively. There’s a lot analysis on creatine.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan:  If anybody has any doubts that creatine is inflicting all types not simply muscle achieve but in addition mind operate enchancment, however mainly mobile enchancment in virtually each cell that they need to look into the analysis. It is extraordinarily useful.

Ben:  Poor methylators too.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  In case you’re homozygous for a few of these methylation genes and you are not methylating correctly, creatine seems to assist loads with that.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  And dropping the homocysteine ranges, the inflammatory homocysteine ranges that you simply see in individuals who have [00:27:58] _____–

Darshan:  In case you have a excessive homocysteine, positively creatine is a good complement simply 5 grams a day, it actually helps cut back it.

Ben:  Yeah. What about intranasal NAD? Have you ever messed round that a lot?

Darshan:  I’ve used intranasal NAD. I am certain it is working. That is an effective way to soak up. It is by way of your nasal mucosa. I simply have a tough time discovering it so I haven’t got it round me on a regular basis. And, I am fortunate going to Subsequent Well being, I stay proper a bit bit away from it, I simply go and–

Ben:  Yeah, a man. What is the present legality of all these items? Is it just about completely above the board no danger for umbilical stem cells, NAD, exosomes, there’s any stuff getting crack down on?

Darshan:  Yeah, there’s lots of crackdown by the FDA proper now. We’re continually evaluating, continually working with our producers to ensure they’re all utilizing good manufacturing practices, et cetera. We’re actually ensuring that we’ve all our Ts cross and Is dotted, nevertheless it’s a continuing battle proper now. Extra in the USA than another nation. The FDA has lots of laws round stem cells and exosomes as effectively.

Ben:  I needed to ask you about one other IV, a few of the sleep and jet lag stuff. I feel I am not a particular snowflake in that. I battle with sleep after I journey.

Darshan:  Yeah, for certain.

Ben:  I’ve largely solved that by way of high-dose melatonin CBD, after which to not toot my very own horn however I helped formulated sleep product for Kion. So, I do Kion Sleep CBD melatonin suppository. I am normally fairly good. However, what is the factor with the IVs, a sleep IV or a jet leg IV?

Darshan:  Proper. I imply, identical factor such as you’re so nutritionally depleted whenever you get to wherever you are going, and particularly should you’re sleep disadvantaged is mainly offering with all of the vitamins, once more, that your physique is missing to assist get your cells again right into a state of well being.

Ben:  Do you might want to do it proper earlier than mattress or are you able to do it anytime?

Darshan:  No, you are able to do it anytime. Yup, anytime. The impact will final till the top of the night.

Ben:  Is there magnesium within the Sleep IV?

Darshan:  Sure, there certain is. Yup.

Ben:  Anything particular in there?

Darshan:  Simply the remainder of the micronutrients, yeah. There’s nothing else tremendous particular about it, however magnesium is a giant a part of it. Have you ever tried the Timeshifter app, by the best way?

Ben:  Is that the one which anticipates the place you are going and tells you your sleeping cycles and light-weight publicity cycles earlier than you go?

Darshan:  Sure, sure.

Ben:  Okay. So, I’ve heard of it. I feel I might need it obtain to my telephone. I journey so freaking a lot and have this sturdy household life at residence like set household dinners and my work life schedule. I’ve a tough time getting ready for journey until it is a large worldwide journey and if I am keynoting at a convention abroad and it is like, okay, I actually, actually received to be up to the mark as a result of I will be sleep-deprived, discuss within the morning, I will begin to do a few of that mild hacking stuff. However, it is arduous whenever you’re operating the household at residence and you’ve got sure dinner occasions to swiftly regulate your schedule three, 4, 5 days upfront.

Darshan:  Yeah. I have never even tried it but however I really helpful it to a couple folks which can be internationally flying and so they swear by it. They’re like, “It is a sport changer.” It actually does work.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan:  And, as , your circadian rhythm is lots of issues. It is not simply whenever you sleep, it is also your publicity to mild is whenever you’re consuming, et cetera. And so, such as you stated, this app simply strikes the whole lot over and offers you notifications of when you might want to do these issues and it appears to work fairly effectively.

Ben:  I get it. I’ve sort of this intuitive method to long-haul journey. I am like, look, if I simply sleep as a lot as doable whereas I am touring, it doesn’t matter what, I will be fairly good after I get to the place I am going. Even when I am not on their schedule and I am sleeping all evening within the airplane and I get there at 8:00 p.m. and I received to fall asleep once more, I will try this. I simply log as a lot sleep as doable. So, I normally play NuCalm on the airplane.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  I will normally use a kind of melatonin suppositories or high-dose melatonin on the airplane. I will use an adaptogen like reishi, usually a bit little bit of CBD and I’ll sleep as a lot as doable on the airplane. I not often activate the leisure display. Often, I will watch a fast present, a 40-minute cooking present, or one thing that is not a full-on film. I sleep as a lot as doable. I do not even fear about if I get there and once more, I received to go to mattress once more barely something in any respect. I slam these ketone esters.

Darshan:  The ketone esters, yup.

Ben:  The ketone esters, 20 grams of amino acids, after which I am simply out sleep masks, noise-blocking headphones. And so, it sort of type of breaks the principles that you simply hear on the market about, oh hold your self awake on the airplane if it may be nighttime whenever you get to the place you are going and attempt to eat a meal on the airplane that aligns with the meal presently being eaten within the occasions and the place you are going however I am doing it, I simply sleep as a lot as doable.

Darshan:  Yeah, yeah. That is good. I imply that labored for you. That is superb, yeah.

The opposite factor I needed to say in regards to the sleep concepts, we even have taurine in there. Are you doing any taurine?

Ben:  No.

Darshan:  Yeah, that is one other micronutrient to think about.

Ben:  Is that one which creatine is one thing that will get decreased in response to sleep deprivation or jet lag or one thing like that?

Darshan:  Sure, precisely. Precisely, yeah.

Ben:  Do you combine it with Crimson Bull and vodka?

Darshan:  Filled with nice concepts. 

Ben:  Mai Tai in jet lag. You recognize what’s humorous is the Crimson Bull-vodka factor, I feel they received outlawed in some nightclubs in Europe like folks have strokes and coronary heart assaults, the combination of the caffeine. I do not assume the taurine have something into this nevertheless it was the high-dose caffeine, alcohol, lots of occasions the brilliant mild, sleep-deprived state of affairs. What’s humorous is that has been shoved underneath the bus however then folks can similar to it is nonetheless kosher and sort of cool to get an espresso martini.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  Which is mainly the identical factor, proper?

Darshan:  The identical, precisely.

Ben:  Boatloads of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol.

Darshan:  It is so loopy. Over right here I used to be on the bar, everybody 4 ladies had this espresso martini, three different guys. And, I am like [00:33:51] _____.

Ben:  It is the worst particularly when you have got these ketone alternate options.

Are you guys planning right here within the 4 Seasons Maui location so as to add a few of the sort of stuff you have got up in LA like hyperbaric or cryo?

Darshan:  Completely. So, the following section of what we’re doing right here is to truly construct a bit biohacking heart and it is what I name the Longevity Triad. So, we’ll put the chilly remedy, so both cryotherapy or a chilly plunge, some sort of warmth remedy like a sauna, after which the hyperbaric oxygen.

Ben:  Yeah, warmth remedy exterior, man. I used to be simply within the health club this morning.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  You do not want a sauna. Go along with the crop. What do you assume are a few of the cooler biohacking applied sciences you have seen approaching the pipeline? I used to be exhibiting you a sick hyperbaric chamber this morning, by the best way, it is a four-person. Bunch of individuals may be in there virtually partying in a hyperbaric chamber.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  What are some issues– 

Darshan:  Yeah, I actually like hyperbaric. So, I am getting a hyperbaric for my home. We have now hyperbaric chambers at Subsequent Well being. I feel hyperbaric is one thing that’s usually ignored in longevity circles, however I feel there’s been some research out now with one thing about hyperbaric, DHEA, and I feel progress hormone like coming again organic growing old. However, I feel hyperbaric by itself, we are literally going to start out a research the place we’ll be measuring organic growing old, methylation checks like a Horvath clock and see how a lot hyperbaric oxygen truly impacts that.

Ben:  That’ll be attention-grabbing.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  As a result of the hyperbaric research I’ve seen thus far are all price of telomere shortening, which is sort of sketchy. Even a few of the extra correct labs like SpectraCell, proper now what you had been referring to the methylation clocks, the TruAge Diagnostics, the Horvath clock that offer you a standing of how a lot you have aged, not your price of growing old is however what your precise organic age is.

Darshan:  Proper.

Ben:  I would be extra to see what hyperbaric does to that.

Darshan:  Proper.

Ben:  I feel the DHEA progress hormone research was separate from the hyperbaric. And, that was one of the vital profound research I’ve seen up to now 5 years so far as the age reversal or longevity-enhancing impact. I do not take DHEA or progress hormone however I exploit colostrum, which is sort of a fairly highly effective progress hormone precursor. After which, for the DHEA element, I do not do a lot so far as that is involved however I feel the colostrum helps out a bit bit, after which a few occasions a 12 months, I exploit these peptide bioregulators now.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  Have you ever regarded into these a lot?

Darshan:  I’ve, I’ve, yeah. Which of them you are utilizing?

Ben:  Effectively, there’s 20 of them with all these loopy Russian names like [00:36:22] _____ however you do not take them every single day as a result of it is 20, 30 capsules or an injection however you two–I feel that Dr. Khavinson, the first Russian longevity researcher who checked out lots of this peptide bioregulators that are very quick peptides that journey to every particular organ to permit rejuvenation of that specific organ, I feel his gold commonplace protocol was twice a 12 months for some one thing like 10 days.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  And so, it is lots of capsules or fiddle with the insulin syringe and the injectable peptides, however I feel should you take a look at a few of the Russian analysis, it is actually a long time of analysis behind these items and in people.

Darshan:  Yeah, they’ve carried out loads. Epithalon, I feel, was one of many primary ones that they began with. And, it is unbelievable, the methylation clock reversal that occurs with epithalon as effectively. So, I imply, there nonetheless must be much more analysis carried out on it and it is all the time I feel the pattern dimension like 5, six folks, they are not big research. So, positively want bigger randomized management research however actually encouraging data there.

Ben:  Yeah, it’s. And, you take a look at a few of these extra prolific biohackers and comply with a few of the routines whether or not it is, no matter, David Sinclair or there is a man named Bryan Johnson proper now has put collectively a improbable Blueprint web site. I will most likely interview him quickly. Dave Asprey, a few of these guys. They’re stacking loads. I imply, further virgin olive oil and darkish chocolate and crimson mild and hyperbaric and peptide bioregulators and the stem cells, the NAD, the ozone, et cetera. So, I feel it is attention-grabbing that there is not one factor that strikes the dial. It’s extremely related like Dale Bredesen’s book, “The End of Alzheimer’s.”

Darshan:  Precisely.

Ben:  It is all the time a multimodal method.

Darshan:   It is a a number of factor. Proper, precisely. And, we all know even at a mobile stage there are 9 totally different processes occurring which can be inflicting that cell to age. And so, even at a mobile stage, there’s totally different locations that you might want to work to show again organic growing old. And so, there’s going to be each time we get to that time the place we’re in a position to truly flip again organic growing old goes to be a large number of various issues not only one capsule.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah.

For you personally, what do you assume are the non-negotiables, like should you get up on a typical day understanding the whole lot and gaining access to seeing a few of the newest expertise that is popping out, you are speaking about getting hyperbaric, what can be the non-negotiables for you to your personal protocol?

Darshan:  I imply, completely what I all the time inform everybody whenever you come to Subsequent Well being and we sit down with you for a session, we do not even begin speaking in regards to the longevity expertise peptides, we do not begin speaking about any of these things, even hormone remedy till you have got the fundamentals lined. So, that is what I really like about coming right here is it is a lot simpler to get the fundamentals lined as a result of you are going to sleep effectively all evening, you are going to go exterior within the morning, expose your self to the daylight, take a seaside stroll. You are going to eat–

Ben:  At 4:00 am should you’re from the mainland.

Darshan:  Yeah, precisely. Proper.

Ben:  I get extra carried out in Hawaii by midday than again residence simply because, yeah, you are awake at 4:00 a.m.

Darshan:  Yeah, precisely. No, that’s true till you get your self regulated. However, yeah. After which, you are consuming significantly better right here, hopefully the meals right here is tremendous wholesome on level and also you discuss loads in your books as ensuring your meat is effectively sourced, your fish comes from a great place, et cetera. After which, train, workouts I feel constructed into the DNA of this place.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan:  They’ve an unbelievable health club right here. They’ve a number of courses, yoga, et cetera, and meditation like calming your thoughts. So, when you get all that proper, then we begin speaking about a few of this longevity stuff.

After which, my stage two then is to do a few of these issues like warmth sauna remedy, cryotherapy, et cetera. And, when you begin getting a few of that labored into your routine as a result of I actually really feel it needs to be a part of your routine. You possibly can’t simply do one thing one time after which count on a 12 months from now to your organic age to be reversed. That is unrealistic. It is received to be a part of your routine. So, make warmth sauna, cryotherapy, and whether or not you have got a cryotherapy chamber or a chilly plunge otherwise you’re simply leaping within the ocean every single day. I feel that is tremendous necessary.

After which, after that, the non-negotiables for me are going to be the hyperbaric chamber. I strive to do this at the very least as soon as per week. If I do not do lots of IVs but when I am having per week the place my diet hasn’t been on level or I have been touring, I have been simply working actually arduous and simply operating and I really feel burdened, then I will do an IV. So, I feel IVs for me are a mainstay in my well being routine. After which, NAD, as soon as a month, I will do NAD, typically I will do it extra if I have to or if I can do it extra. After which, I am beginning to mess around with a few of the extra not so well-researched stuff simply attempting it on myself that I feel it may be useful for me. So, I’m doing stem cells and I am beginning to do one thing referred to as whole plasma alternate or therapeutic plasma alternate.

Ben:  Oh, you’re? Attention-grabbing.

Darshan:  Yeah, therapeutic plasma alternate. Simply work that into my routine and going to try to do this as soon as 1 / 4 if I can.

Ben:  Clarify that to folks with the therapeutic plasma exchanges.

Darshan:  Yeah. So, therapeutic plasma alternate is mainly, it is considerably ozone on steroids. Okay. So, what we’re doing is we’re eradicating your blood once more. We’re separating your blood on this machine that’s mainly a large centrifuge, okay? And, it is separating your blood into plasma into the blood cells and the platelets. So, whenever you take a vial of blood and also you spin it down for PRP, the plasma is on prime, a bit layer of platelets after which you have got the blood within the backside. So, that is mainly what we’re doing. So, when this machine separates your blood, we are able to take the plasma out utterly and put your blood cells again in. So, you get all of your crimson blood cells, your white blood cells put again in, however that plasma that is eliminated, that is the place all of the inflammatory cytokines stay, the malformed proteins stay, the toxins stay, et cetera. So, we’re completely eradicating your outdated plasma or your plasma that is mainly shuttling these items round in your bloodstream all day whereas your liver and your kidneys try to meet up with eliminating it. We’re eradicating it utterly and we’re changing with model new recent albumin.

And, the rationale we put albumin in is as a result of primary, it maintains an oncotic stress in your blood so you do not drop your blood stress. You want protein in your blood to keep up your blood stress. However then, the opposite factor that we’re seeing with placing recent albumin in is albumin binds lots of these toxins and lots of these proteins. So, with having recent albumin in, you have got model new binding websites that may then go to your mind, go to your organs, and bind a few of these toxins and these malformed proteins as effectively.

Ben:  Okay. Assuming I am unable to simply see an egg white omelet, the place’s the albumin coming from?

Darshan:  The albumin is donated. It comes from, yeah, plasmapheresis carried out on people which have donated their albumin.

Ben:  Does it should be younger people which have been [00:43:24] _____ albumin on the whole–

Darshan:  No, it does not.

Yeah, I am so glad you requested that as a result of lots of the discuss round this comes with the younger blood experiments like we heard about Peter Thiel–

Ben:  That is what folks assume. They’re like, “Oh, you bought some wholesome younger baby that you simply’re stealing blood from,” however this is not the case.

Darshan:  Proper. No, this isn’t the case in any respect. So, there’s been lots of analysis carried out on this truly. And, what’s truly exhibiting to be extra helpful will not be the truth that you are truly taking blood or no matter plasma from somebody younger and placing it in your self, that is not what’s actually working. What’s actually working is taking out the outdated stuff and eliminating it. 

Ben:  Okay.

Darshan:  And changing it with model new recent albumin. And, the albumin is mainly it is not younger plasma, we’re not taking younger blood and mixing it in with you, it is simply protein, that is all it’s after which we’re placing in that again in your bloodstream.

Ben:  How arduous is that? Is it tremendous costly arduous to seek out [00:44:16] _____–

Darshan:  So, it is rather arduous to seek out proper now as a result of not lots of people doing it. It is model new within the longevity area. There have been some actually good research in Alzheimer’s, slowing down the development of Alzheimer’s by 60%, which is unbelievable.

Ben:  I flew the 2 researchers who did that as much as my home. We did a podcast on three years in the past.

Darshan:  Yeah, it is unbelievable. I imply, it may be mind-blowing when this begins to turn into extra mainstream and we actually see Alzheimer’s being slowed. However, there’s research in longevity now too truly turning round lots of the organic markers of growing old as effectively. So, it’s troublesome to seek out proper now. We do it in our Los Angeles clinics.

Ben:  You guys do it at Subsequent Well being?

Darshan:  Yeah, we’re doing it.

Ben:  I did not know that.

Darshan:  Yeah, everytime you need to come again, we’ll do it. 

Ben:  Completely threw your softball. I would love to do this.

Darshan:  Yeah, yeah, it’s best to come and test it out. It is fairly superb. And, I simply did it a number of days in the past, truly. I did a number of days in the past. And–

Ben:  How do you’re feeling after you do it?

Darshan:  You are feeling effective similar to you do with ozone. You get that burst of vitality. You are feeling such as you sleep unbelievable that evening. And, similar to with ozone, it reduces the quantity of inflammatory components in your bloodstream so I did stem cells proper after that.

Ben:  Oh, wow.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  So, that one can be like when you may precurse earlier than stem cells with.

Darshan:  Precisely.

Ben:  Wow. That is loopy. Is it tremendous costly to do plasma alternate?

Darshan:  Proper now, it’s as a result of we even have a doctor that comes and does it for us that is a specialist in plasma alternate and dialysis. So, he is there, we’ve an entire group of individuals there. So, it’s a little little bit of a manufacturing so the fee is someplace round $8,000 or so. However, as these items will get an increasing number of mainstream–

Ben:  Once I interviewed these researchers over my home, there’s presently 40,000, so price is coming down.

Darshan:  No, no, a lot decrease. Yeah.

Ben:  Okay.

Darshan:  It is about 8,000. However I imply, as we get higher and higher and this expertise is extra obtainable, it’s going to hold coming down in value.

Ben:  Do you assume you guys would finally have that right here on the 4 Seasons?

Darshan:  That is the purpose. That is the purpose is having all of our places–

Ben:  That’d be loopy. [00:46:10] _____ you get full physique oil change.

Darshan:  Precisely. It is like an oil change to your physique. It is fairly superb stuff.

Ben: Yeah, that is what I’ve heard described it as.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  Attention-grabbing.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  So, so far as the way forward for what this clinic appears to be like like, you possibly can introduce extra biohacks. Proper now, the gold commonplace protocol is you come down, you do ozone, you chase that with stem cells, NAD, and exosomes mixed with grounding and earthing and doing the seaside walks and getting out within the water and possibly getting a sleep IV at evening to assist with the sleep and that will be sort of the gold commonplace product.

Darshan:  That is the gold commonplace right here proper now. Yup.

Ben:  Yeah.

Darshan:  And, I feel we are able to try this relying on how lengthy your journey is. Most individuals come right here for 5 to seven days, so we strive to slot in at the very least three of those therapies in when you’re right here. And, it is a actually nice package deal. They simply get away and you might want to tie that in with all of the rejuvenating stuff that we talked about along with your eating regimen and the sleep and what seaside walks and hikes and the train and all that stuff. And, I feel it really works extraordinarily effectively.

Ben:  Superior, superior. Effectively, I am trying ahead to how I really feel. I might need to let folks know after this podcast how I really feel with doing the one-two combo, the ozone at this time.

Darshan:  Yeah.

Ben:  What do I’ve tomorrow? Stem cells, NAD, exosomes?

Darshan:  Yup, stem cells, NAD, exosomes, the entire thing–

Ben:   Some sort of therapeutic massage tonight with my spouse.

Darshan:  Yeah, there you go. We forgot about therapeutic massage.

Ben:  For these of you listening, they put collectively a fairly cool packages right here however I am getting a therapeutic massage with my spouse which I am sort of nervous about, Darshan, as a result of she likes to speak to her therapeutic massage therapist the entire time. My spouse is a really sort particular person. She’s incapable of sitting subsequent to somebody on an airplane or like final evening subsequent to the drunk woman on the bar with out simply speaking to them the entire time. 

So, after I get a therapeutic massage, I wish to hold my mouth shut and inform the therapeutic massage therapist, “Hey, I will be up inside my head or sleeping, do your factor and I will let if something hurts or no matter.” And, my spouse’s simply chatty Cathy the entire time. So, I’d carry earplugs to my therapeutic massage.

Darshan:  Or carry a NuCalm with you.

Ben:  Or carry the NuCalm.

Darshan:  Convey the NuCalm, proper.

Ben:  Yeah, precisely. Effectively, this can be a cool spot. I am glad that you simply guys open up right here. I am glad I have been in a position to uncover it. And, for individuals who would hear this podcast who need to come down and do it, I assume I can simply put some hyperlinks and speak to data within the shownotes or folks might simply google Subsequent Well being Maui or no matter.

Darshan:  Yeah. After which, we’ll arrange the entire expertise for you from the second you arrive to the second you go residence. We will arrange the complete longevity retreat for you. Is that what we wish to name it? And yeah, anybody in our group can try this. So, simply name us at Subsequent Well being and we are able to get all arrange.

Ben:  Superb. Okay. So, I will put the shownotes at, M-A-U-I. And, should you go to the shownotes, I will additionally hyperlink to the opposite two podcasts that you simply and I did, Darshan, simply because there’s much more details about all of the stuff that we received into and another biohacking expertise. So, stack this one, talking of stacking with the opposite podcasts and your life can be higher and hopefully your telomeres and all that crap can be shorter.

Darshan:  Longer, longer than it’s.

Ben:  Or longer, longer. You are unsure, however hopefully. After you have that pineapple Mai Tai.

Darshan:  Precisely.

Ben:  Thanks, man. Superb, I really like you.

Darshan:  Thanks a lot. That was enjoyable.

Ben: Greater than ever as of late, folks such as you and me want a recent entertaining, well-informed, and infrequently outside-the-box method to discovering the well being, and happiness, and hope that all of us crave. So, I hope I have been in a position to do this for you on this episode at this time. And, should you favored it or should you love what I am as much as, then please go away me a evaluate in your most popular podcast listening channel wherever that could be, and simply discover the Ben Greenfield Life episode. Say one thing good. Thanks a lot. It means loads.

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He is additionally a three-peat visitor who first appeared on the podcast in 2019 when he and I mentioned the opening of his first Subsequent Well being clinic, and once more later when the 2 of us co-hosted a panel throughout my Boundless e book tour in 2020, the place we delved into matters starting from sleep biohacks to non secular disciplines and parenting methods.

Having carried out over 10,000 surgical procedures, his dexterity and experience are unquestionable, but what actually units Darshan aside is his unwavering dedication to optimizing well being and increasing lifespan, a mission that finds its manifestation in Subsequent Well being.

Established with the goal to revolutionize the standard method to healthcare, Subsequent Well being focuses on preventive, personalised care and longevity.

Every clinic provides a complete array of cutting-edge well being providers, from genetic testing to biohacking applied sciences, all tailor-made to satisfy particular person well being wants. By harnessing the facility of recent medical developments, Subsequent Well being’s clinics are designed to not simply deal with illness however to foster optimum wellness and lengthen the wholesome human lifespan. Since its inception, Subsequent Well being has steadfastly remained on the forefront of the healthcare revolution, guiding people on their journey to superior well being and well-being.

Dr. Shah is a wellness specialist and an advocate for well being optimization. He weaves these passions collectively to encourage a broader viewers as a printed writer and thru the revolutionary well being options supplied by Subsequent Well being. Interact with Dr. Shah and me on this episode to delve deeper into his fascinating journey and transformative method to healthcare. This episode is chock stuffed with superior data comparable to tips on how to shield your self from the dangerous results of journey, optimizing mitochondrial operate for longevity by stacking stem cells and NAD, Subsequent Well being’s new Maui Four Seasons location and the way it got here to be, and far more. Take pleasure in!

Throughout our dialogue, you may uncover:

-Dr. Darshan Shah…05:07

  • Subsequent Well being  (use code BENGREENFIELD to avoid wasting 20% off on any one of many following: The Longevity Protocol, Stem Cells, or Exosomes).
  • Dr. Shah’s new well being facility in Maui
  • Subsequent Well being was launched to Ben by Khalil Rafati

-Why Dr. Shah opened up his new facility in Maui…07:02 

  • Subsequent Well being has amenities in New York, Los Angeles, and a few worldwide license offers
  • What sort of providers can be found at Subsequent Well being Maui?
  • “Journey is likely one of the most poisonous and damaging issues you are able to do to your physique” – Dr. Shah
  • Tips on how to mitigate worrying journey:
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Podcast with Frank Llosa:
  • KetoneAid (code BEN auto-applied free of charge delivery as much as $20)
  • Kin Euphorics

-What’s the protocol at Subsequent Well being, and why do they begin with ozone therapies?…13:37 

  • What occurs throughout ozone therapies:
    • Take 250 cc of your blood
    • Expose it to ozone
    • Put that very same 250 cc again
  • NuCalm Remedy
  • Advantages of ozone remedy
    • Reduces irritation
    • Primes the immune system
    • Kills micro organism, fungi, and viruses within the blood
    • Rejuvenates the physique
  • Ozone remedy is usually used these days for longevity; remedy may be 2-3 occasions per week
  • Ben makes use of ozone suppositories when touring
  • Podcast with Ian Mitchell:
  • Stems cell and exosome therapies
  • A medical group evaluates your present state and recommends the very best remedy protocol for sufferers
  • Subsequent Well being Services additionally does
    • Diagnostic testing
    • Blood testing
    • Genetic testing
    • Intestine microbiome testing, micronutrient ranges
    • Heavy metals testing
  • Ozone therapies is not going to make you hypoglycemic

-Stem cell therapies that Ben had on the facility…19:50

  • Umbilical cord-derived stem cells
  • Why they selected umbilical twine stem cells
  • Alternative ways of getting stem cells
    • Autologous – from the identical particular person, like mesenchymal out of your fats or hematopoietic bone marrow
    • Allogeneic  – from one other particular person
  • By way of IV or injected into your joints
  • Systemic full-body stem cell IV is finished in 15 to twenty minutes
  • Transported in a cryo-freezing chamber
  • Stacking stem cells with NAD and exosomes
  • Exosomes are sourced from the identical place because the stem cells, from Missouri
  • Screening to forestall getting the unsuitable sort of exosomes

-The hyperlink between exosomes and mRNA…23:07

  • Exosomes are packets inside stem cells that include signaling molecules
  • Exosomes are extracted from inside a stem cell
  • The signaling molecules may be
    • mRNA, that are quick items of RNA
    • Could be little items of protein
    • Could be cytokines
  • Stacking NAD may be earlier than or after the stem cells with the exosomes however higher if earlier than
  • NAD is a unique mobile mechanism, serving to mitochondria produce vitality
  • Three choices for NAD: NR, NMN, and NAD3
  • LifeForce by Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis
  • Podcast with Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis
  • Intranasal NAD
  • What’s the present legality of this complement?
  • FDA Crackdown – lots of laws on exosomes and stem cells

-Sleep and jetlag points…29:05

-What are a few of the cooler biohacking applied sciences coming down the pipeline…33:51

-What are a few of the nonnegotiable issues you are able to do to show again organic growing old?…38:10 

  • Turning again organic growing old
  • Hyperbaric oxygen remedy is a non-negotiable for a typical day at Subsequent Well being (use code BENGREENFIELD to avoid wasting 20% off on any one of many following: The Longevity Protocol, Stem Cells, or Exosomes)
  • Therapeutic plasma alternate is whole plasma alternate
    • Eradicating the outdated plasma and changing it with model new recent albumin
  • Therapeutic plasma alternate is a brand-new area in longevity
  • Plasmapheresis – acquiring plasma from blood
  • The way it’s working is taking out the outdated stuff and eliminating it

-How arduous is it to seek out places that provide these therapies?…44:13 

  • Solely only a few individuals are doing it so it is arduous to seek out
  • Podcast with Dr. Mark Urdahl and Dr. Tom Ingoglia
  • Identical to with ozone, it reduces the quantity of inflammatory components within the bloodstream
  • Presently, plasma alternate remains to be costly at round $8000 however will go down because the remedy will get extra mainstream
  • The purpose is to have the remedy in any respect Subsequent Well being places

-And far more…

  • Subsequent Well being (use code BENGREENFIELD to avoid wasting 20% off on any one of many following: The Longevity Protocol, Stem Cells, or Exosomes)

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  • Subsequent Well being (use code BENGREENFIELD to avoid wasting 20% off on any one of many following: The Longevity Protocol, Stem Cells, or Exosomes)
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  • Ben Greenfield Interviews Dr. David Sinclair About Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To.
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  • 12 Simple & Sensible Methods To Improve Your Physique & Mind (Ben Greenfield’s Reside Speak From NextHealth In LA!)

– Books:

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