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Sarah Jessica Parker Breaks Silence On Kim Cattrall’s AJLT Return! – Perez Hilton | Obtain US

With the momentous news that Kim Cattrall would, against all odds, be coming back to the Sex and the City franchise after all — for a scene anyway — there’s been a whole new interest in her feud.

Everyone is dying to know what the stars of And Just Like That… think about their former co-star coming back — since, you know, she supposedly hates them all! Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis have each been uncharacteristically vocal about the whole thing. They aren’t out here spilling tea, but just the fact they’re addressing the feud at all is a surprise.

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But of course the real beef was always between Kim and Sarah Jessica Parker. So what does Carrie herself think about her former TV bestie coming back? Albeit, not in the same room as any of the ladies or show runner Michael Patrick King, per her own reported stipulations? SJP was asked by about the much-anticipated guest appearance, and she kept it very diplomatic, saying:

“We’ve been really thoughtful about the ways in which we’ve, you know, approached characters that hadn’t been around, the ways we have invited actors back and it’s been, you know, really fun and exciting and certainly nostalgic, but I think more than that, it’s been a lot of joy.”

See how it was all positive AND she kept Kim’s name out her mouth? That answer had some prep time. That sentence cooked a bit!

Kristin Davis was a bit more open about the shame of never really getting the whole band back together. She celebrated the dynamic of the foursome, including sassy, shameless Samantha, telling the outlet:

“I think that sometimes you really do have friends in life who are very different from you. And I think that’s great. Right? And I think that’s what was was great about the four of us, because obviously, Charlotte had a really different perspective than Samantha, and Carrie and Miranda at times… All of us represented different points of view at different times, and sometimes argued, you know, and sometimes didn’t, just like friends do.”

Infighting is how AJLT explained Samantha’s absence. In a mirror of their real-life feud, SJP and Kim’s characters were revealed to have had a big fight — after which Samantha moved overseas.

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Will bringing her back give fans closure? Don’t count on that! Kristin told fans to temper their expectations:

“I don’t know that there’s a closure or resolution necessarily, those are like, kind of big things that I don’t know that we were going for… We just thought that, you know, it would be fun for the fans to have a little bit of Samantha because we know that they miss her and she’s a great character.”

She explained:

“I don’t know that we’re even trying for closure at this point, or resolution. I think we just thought you know, here is, you know, our character who’s been gone. And we know people miss her and Carrie misses her. And wouldn’t this be great to have a little bit of her, you know, that’s what we wanted.”

Kristin thinks things got a little out of hand as fans were a little too optimistic — which is funny coming from Charlotte York!

“And then I think maybe hopes have been lifted, possibly higher than that. And that was not our intention. So I hope people aren’t disappointed.”

We hope so, too!

Did YOU get your hopes up about Samantha’s return??

[Image via HBO Max.]

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