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There are movies that grow to be participating from the second they’re introduced – many instances from their promotional photograph alone. For Laura McGann‘s The Deepest Breath, nothing could possibly be more true. The picture of a diver, plunging to the depths of the ocean, with nothing greater than a rope to teether her to the world above is breathtaking. Virtually passing the mouth of the oceanic ridges, there’s nothing however darkness under, the blues as tranquil as they’re threatening. There may be little given away in regard to the character or angle of the documentary, simply a picture that leaves you intrigued to seek out out extra.

Risking It All

The Deepest Breath begins precisely because it’s named – with the deepest breath. Viewers watch the meditative magnificence of a free diver working their technique to a marker under. As a large lens captures her descent, the darkness under grows. There isn’t any rating, simply the sound of water shifting round her. Because the diver reaches the platform under, she removes a tag and begins her ascent. There isn’t any gear apart from a rope to help her, and viewers are utterly conscious that her oxygen is dwindling with every passing second. As she makes her means again to the floor, the sunshine grows, welcoming her again, security divers accompanying her in direction of the end. With the top in sight, hassle rises rapidly because the diver seems to expire of air and blackout. As the protection divers seize her throat and push her to the floor, audiences will discover themselves holding their breath in anticipation, not sure of what precisely is occurring and if survival is feasible. It’s an efficient opening, instantly locking you in as an invested and emotionally pushed viewer.

supply: Netflix

As The Deepest Breath returns to the ocean under, it embraces a gap montage, the ability of the water, and the movie’s rating merging with the imagery on the display screen to create a fascinating, serene, and ominous introduction. Because the waves above conflict in dramatic vogue, the ocean under appears peaceable, divers effortlessly shifting by means of its magnificence. With simply the opening alone, The Deepest Breath manages to fantastically seize the essence of a sport in one of the crucial harmful arenas on the earth.

McMann extends her elegant contact as she brings to life the lives of Alessia Zucchini and Stephen  Keenan. By way of an amalgamation of speaking heads, archived footage, dwelling movies, and recreations, McGann captures the person journeys of her topics, one on the trail to breaking data as a free diver, the opposite a touring spirit looking for himself and his path in life. McMann balances properly the alternation between the 2 tales, giving every the time to be fleshed out and flourish earlier than viewers, all whereas constantly shifting the documentary ahead.

THE DEEPEST BREATH: Elegant But Deadly
supply: Netflix

The Deepest Breath finds the flexibility to go deep beneath the pores and skin, refusing to let go because the credit start to play. There may be an emotional funding that sneaks up on you, making the movie’s runtime really feel like a breeze. Wildly participating, audiences will discover themselves holding their breath greater than as soon as, the chance of the game and the heavy weight of the movie’s revelation pushing you ahead for extra. As you watch Alessia push the bounds of her physique and thoughts, the game’s danger will increase just like the stress she has dived head-first into.


There may be such an magnificence inside the filming of The Deepest Breath and the game itself that director and author Laura McGann is ready to seize. For a lot of, it is going to be a cathartic journey of danger and reward, whereas for others the sacrifice of affection and success. A quiet, poignant, and shifting documentary, The Deepest Breath is unforgettable.

The Deepest Breath is now streaming on Netflix!

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