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Even when confronted with the uncomfortable actuality of Dracula being on their boat, the crew of the Demeter try and deal with the issue as they’d if any wild animal had gotten on board. What they fail to understand, after all, is that Dracula is neither man nor beast, a being who is not simply following his nature but additionally his want. He’s, in no unsure phrases, Evil with a capital “E.”

The boys of the Demeter be taught this lesson the arduous approach, particularly when the sailor Olgaren (Stefan Kapičić) is attacked by Drac in the course of the vamp’s nightly hunt, however would not die instantly. Clemens discovers that transfusing Olgaren will not work, and the person reawakens the next night time, instantly attacking Toby. When the remainder of the crew rush to Toby’s support, subduing Olgaren, they fail to understand that Dracula has discovered his solution to the boy as an alternative, feeding on the youth whereas the lads watch helplessly.

The crew is additional traumatized when Olgaren, tied to the ship’s mast, is incinerated by the rising of the solar and burned to a crisp. Clemens, lastly starting to return round to believing Anna’s story, insists that Toby can’t be saved, arranging for a burial at sea. A distraught Eliot refuses to let his males toss Toby overboard, and the boy, now a vampire, assaults the captain in broad daylight, making his demise a scarring occasion in additional methods than one. By this level, it is obvious that director Andre Øvredal is just not going to drag any punches with this story, definitely not for issues of style or morality.

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