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The tune of Sparrows is a captivating parable of an unbreakable human spirit. It’s certainly one of Majid Majidi’s basic paintings that additional introduced him to additional worldwide consideration after ‘The children of Heaven’, ‘Baran’ and ‘The color of Paradise’. The film follows the lifetime of a person named Karim (Reza Naji) and his household. After he loses his job as an ostrich keeper as certainly one of his grasp’s ostrich runs away, what follows is his battle to fulfill his livelihood by every day discovering a brand new meager job within the metropolis close by. What makes this a heartwarming journey of human spirit and respect for every day struggles is his capability to search out pleasure and happiness in moments of sorrow.

Capitalist Greed vs. Primitive Modesty

Majidi makes use of Karim’s character transformation from a humble ostrich rancher to a grasping businessman as a commentary on the misplaced morality in city life. Majidi’s resentment of city capitalism is just like that of Abbas Kiarostami however not like Kiarostami’s visible philosophical remedy he expresses his knowledge by giving his characters a life-changing lesson after which they see life by a wider perspective and so does the viewers. In ‘The Music of Sparrows’ Karim is launched as a modest ostrich rancher who’s attempting to rearrange a listening to support for his daughter. In the meantime, an ostrich escapes the ranch in his absence main him to lose his job. He travels to a close-by metropolis searching for work the place he will get an abundance of labor by unplanned happenstance. Culturally shocked by the shrewdness of metropolis individuals Karim slowly learns to imbibe these traits to earn extra or climb the capitalistic ladder. Initially, he would discover a helpful factor from a dumpster to restore his home from a TV antenna to a window body however step by step his greed overshadows his generosity as he thinks of capitalizing on every part as a substitute of serving to his neighbors in want. He storms off his home to carry again his blue door which his spouse gave to the neighbors who wanted it way more than he did. 

The son’s parallel quest for ‘extra’

At first, Karim’s son and his buddies plan to wash the native reservoir for the fish to reside in clear water. This act of generosity quickly turns into an ambition to breed lots of of fish and promote them to the native metropolis. They quickly dream of changing into ‘multimillionaires’ as Karim watches his quest for ‘extra’ of their harmless journey. Majid teaches each his characters a lesson to carry again their modesty. As Karim begins discovering a helpful dumpster in his home to promote, he falls and breaks his leg. Thus, placing all of the monetary strain on his household. His son and his buddies lose all their fish because the water-filled drums rupture on the way in which. Karim smiles at his foolishness whereas watching the teary-eyed children as they slowly see their goals fading away in entrance of them. 

The Allegory in The Music of Sparrows: Ostrich and the Sparrows

Ostriches have been an emblem of significance within the center east since historic instances. They’re seen as holy figures of reincarnation. The escape and arrival of the ostrich on the ranch create a turning level in Karim’s life and his character as he’s reincarnated into a special individual over time. Majidi represents Ostrich as a messenger of God to show Karim some knowledge in life. 


Sparrows reside in clusters with their fellow sort and household. They symbolize a group. The sparrows reside within the fish reservoir in addition to in Karim’s home concurrently representing a household busy of their day-to-day life, singing their very own tune of sorrow and battle. 

Light Humor

Majidi has been casting untrained actors for many of his movies which reveals his fascination for realism in cinema. Thus, the pure performing makes the characters extra grounded and relatable people than a caricature. Karim’s gullibility, stubbornness, curiosity, and greed make him a personality who typically results in unfortunate conditions. Majidi has a ravishing approach of portraying the religious therapeutic of human beings and respect for his or her little failings and triumphs. There are a number of amusing conditions within the movie when Karim goes on the barren fields disguising himself as an ostrich to search out the escaped one. When he begins observing his shoppers within the metropolis who’re pretending of who they don’t seem to be he learns to govern his fact to get extra jobs within the metropolis however typically ended up in issues. Thus, resulting in some natural humor. 

‘Sentimentalism’ for issues

In ‘The kids of Heaven’ the sneakers had been a prized possession for the youngsters who by accident lose one pair and couldn’t afford a brand new one. The sneakers had been the image of affection and care between the siblings. In ‘The tune of Sparrows’ Karim might discover many helpful issues from town for his home. Equally, his spouse gave a blue door to their neighbors which had no use to them. Thus, what could possibly be a waste for one individual turned out to be helpful for others.

The cinematography by Turaj Mansuri creates a distinction between the serenity and great thing about village life to the tough and hurried lifetime of town. The aesthetics of every body is complemented by the background soundtrack by Hossein Alizadeh. The music additional provides soul and poetic depth to the movie.

Majid Majidi – The Music of Sparrows

As soon as defined by Majid Majidi, the film goals to painting how ‘modernization ought to be at service of humanity, but individuals discover themselves conquered by it. The result’s with every day we have gotten extra distant from our human values. All our morality, friendship and sweetness have gotten much less vital day-to-day’. Briefly how capitalization is making people slave to the hustling financial system. With the shared similarities with Kiarostami for capitalist resentment, he differs in balancing between mainstream attraction and cinematic realism. He has the identical capability because the French director Jeane Pierre Jeunet(Amelie) to draw generic audiences from all around the globe of all age teams with out compromising on his arthouse attraction.

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