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That led to 303 A.D. when, already extraordinarily non secular and illiberal, Diocletian was satisfied by his co-emperor Galerius to formally persecute Christians once more. Initially, Diocletian wished to easily purge Christians out of the army and authorities, however Galerius appealed to an oracle of Apollo at Didyma (modern-day Turkey), and the oracle’s imaginative and prescient was interpreted to imply “kill all of them.” Though, in opposition to Galerius’ needs, Diocletian initially didn’t order that every one Christians be killed (that got here later), he simply allowed his subordinates to do precisely that whereas finishing up the persecution.

The First Edict of persecution, delivered on Feb. 23, 303, ordered Christian church properties and treasures seized, church buildings burned, and additional meeting of Christian worship outlawed. All members of clergy have been arrested, Christian troopers and senators have been disadvantaged of their ranks and pensions (whereas all troopers have been requested to show their devotion by sacrificing animals to the Roman pantheon of gods), Christians slaves who had been freed have been re-enslaved, and all Christians have been disadvantaged the power to petition the court docket. Greek historian Eusebius of Caesarea (modern-day Israel) tells us the prisons of Palestine have been so overfilled with monks that different prisoners have been launched to make room. Burning Christians on the stake turned common within the japanese provinces of the empire.

This historic context is the place the story of St. Lucy comes into focus in 304. Based on legend, Lucia’s mom betrothed her to a wealthy younger suitor whose household saved the pagan gods of Jupiter and the empire. Nonetheless, her mom by no means requested Lucia about her plans on the matter, as a result of the daughter had apparently in secret vowed a lifetime of celibacy in honor of God. Nonetheless, mom and daughter made a pilgrimage collectively to Catania the place they visited the positioning of St. Agatha’s martyrdom. Agatha had been murdered half a century earlier over the past nice persecution of Christians by the Roman state. St. Agatha allegedly got here now in a imaginative and prescient to Lucia, informing her that she would deliver glory to Syracuse as Agatha needed to Catania, which is an awfully mild solution to say you’re going to die younger and horifically.

Whereas in Catania, Lucia satisfied her mom to donate her daughter’s dowry, in addition to a lot of the household fortune and jewels, to the poor and destitute, versus saving it for both Lucia’s marriage or both of their consolation. When information of this nice act of charity reached her betrothed, the pagan younger man was outraged on the lack of anticipated earnings from the wedding. So he denounced Lucia as a Christian to Paschasius, the Governor of Syracuse.

The Roman authorities subsequently demanded Lucia burn a sacrifice to honor Emperor Diocletian’s picture and implicit divinity. They have been asking her to apostatize her religion. Lucia refused. Catholic dogma claims Paschasius then ordered Lucia to be condemned to a brothel the place she would reside her days as a concubine. Nonetheless, when the Roman guards tried to pressure Lucia from her residence, legend has it that her toes wouldn’t budge, even when she was tied to oxen.

So the Roman governor tried to eventually burn her alive as an alternative. And but, the fireplace likewise wouldn’t hurt her regardless of the flames licking at her toes from bundles of wooden (presumably for this reason Sister Irene is immune to fireside in The Nun II). Lastly, a soldier stabbed Lucia within the throat, taking her life and martyring her within the eyes of angels, gospels, and church texts.

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