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[name|Friend], lots of you wrote again this week saying that I left you hanging on a cliffhanger. “Sure! That is my group! What will we do!?”

Love placing a chord like this Should you did not learn the e-mail, it is fairly good 5 soloists in a trench coat.

The e-mail was a few frequent group dysfunction the place everybody works like a soloist and each level of collaboration appears like pulling enamel. It ended on a cliffhanger as a result of it is the intro portion of an entire e book part for a brand new e book I am writing.

Thanks for confirming it is gonna work 🙂

The total answer will take a e book to elucidate. This is the tl;dr trick you’ll be able to attempt proper now:

They may grumble. Even complain. When my supervisor first made us do that 4 years in the past I keep in mind saying that it appears like there’s little gerbils working round my psychological mannequin of the code consistently shifting issues round and the way am I presupposed to get something carried out if I am unable to preserve monitor of what is going on on?

And you recognize what [name|]? I bought used to it. Began liking it even. It is okay if folks transfer your code. You will discover it. Do you want to have every thing memorized or are you able to simply get higher at navigating the code as it’s proper now?

I imagine in you.

Why 1 story at a time works

The largest motive I fell in love with this model of labor is that it solves the dysfunctions of soloists in a trench coat.

  • pull requests change into simple since you perceive what persons are engaged on
  • no extra PR begging as a result of folks want your code to work on theirs
  • standups change into helpful since you ~~want~~ wish to coordinate
  • architectural dialogue occurs when work begins, not in PRs, as a result of you must coordinate
  • issues transfer sooner since you’re pulling collectively

Higher but, this method follows straight out of the idea of constraints and results in one of the best burndown charts I’ve ever seen. That is how we went from “eh do not even fear about ending dash, that by no means occurs” to sprints ending on time as a norm.

We even end early quite a lot of the time! Then we are able to go run round doing sidequests. It is nice.


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