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What if we didn’t begin the brand new 12 months aggressively striving to create the “new you”? As an alternative, what if we went inward to know the Self extra deeply? This month I invite you to abide in methods of being smooth, sluggish, and silent.


One in every of my lecturers, Indu Arora, inspired me to examine silence as a observe for therapeutic of consciousness and emotional well being. I’ve loved these insights and observe a lot, that I needed to share this information with you. What follows is a abstract of The Music of Silence: Subtleties in Sadhana by Swami Veda Bharati. Please take a while on this new 12 months to learn, ponder, and observe this knowledge.



Silence is contemplation, meditation, the core of our species.

We wish to attain a degree the place phrases and manifestations could be completely misplaced. The place we relaxation within the womb of silence the place baseline ideas and feelings have but to come up. That is the silence of the deep layers of the thoughts sheath.


Understanding Silence

Silence just isn’t merely absence of speech. In truth, absence of speech could be emotionally and spiritually damaging. We could be “silent” when indignant or fearful, however the thoughts is extremely lively nonetheless. Silence just isn’t the act of “shutting up.” There’s a distinction between being negatively silent and meditatively silent. Meditative silence is one thing that fills, energizes, awakens, clarifies.

There’s a relationship between vocal silence and the thoughts’s quietness. On the speech stage, the thoughts is on the lowest frequency. On the pure-thought stage it’s at a bit greater frequency. On the mantra stage, it’s but a better frequency. And from there, you’ll be able to transfer to even deeper silent layers.

However within the deep dive, there will probably be obstacles in the best way reminiscent of samskaras (previous imprints), one’s personal voice, restlessness, suppressed emotion, want, maybe even boredom. We take pleasure in pointless quantities of emotional disturbance. However stick with it and see what occurs whenever you go deeper into the waves of silence. As an alternative of chasing flavors of wishes, fill your thoughts with greater frequency power reminiscent of meditation, contemplation, witnessing, self-observation.


The observe of silence is useful for non secular and bodily causes. Silence could be calming and have a suggestions impact. It reduces the depth of feelings, and the absence of depth of emotion reduces the inclination to talk. A observe of silence additionally improves endurance. The observe of silence trains a baseline emotion of a unagitated thoughts for the practitioner. In silence, different senses come below management like starvation and sexual or chemical indulgences. Silence conserves power and is restful. A lot of tiredness on the finish of the day can come from talking. The additional power could be put in the direction of meditation or inventive pursuits.

Silence is a disposition, a state, which might additionally impression others. By sustaining calmness, this psychological state is mirrored into others’ minds. You may “sprinkle silence over others” by means of your eyes, senses, coronary heart.

The Apply

Start with a vow of half-hour to 1 hour of silence. Take an hour’s silent stroll. Then sit down and see what your emotions are. Discover what is going on. The perfect is attending to silence of thoughts.

Over time, and with observe, one can obtain a depth of observe in 3 minutes’ time that originally took half-hour to realize.

And when speech is important, grasp regulated speech by following the three ideas of speech that’s silence: hitam, mitam, priyam – useful, measured, nice. Is what I’m saying useful? Is it measured in tone, stage of voice, variety of phrases, to be best? And is it being mentioned in essentially the most nice method that’s efficacious for the aim?

For steering on a day-long observe of silence, learn pages 27-30 here.>>

• Swami Veda Bharati (2004). The Music of Silence: Subtleties in Sadhana. Minnesota: The Meditation Heart

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