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What Not To Say To Autistic Individuals — Authentically Emily Get hold of US

  1. “You don’t look autistic”

    What precisely is an autistic particular person meant to seem like? Do enlighten me. As a result of you may by no means inform if somebody is autistic simply by them.

  2. “Everybody’s a bit autistic”

    No they don’t seem to be. You both have an autistic mind or you do not. Autistic traits are human traits too, however the depth and variety of traits differs from non-autistic folks.

  3. “I’d by no means have guessed”

    That’s as a result of we do not stroll round with an indication on our brow saying that we’re autistic. You may’t inform if somebody is autistic by them.

  4. You should be excessive functioning”
    Functioning labels aren’t useful. Excessive functioning ignores want and low functioning ignores autonomy. Plus it doesn’t describe somebody’s precise wants. For instance, non-speaking, studying disabled, sensory in search of and so on.

  5. “Oh I’m sorry to listen to that”
    Autism isn’t a illness or an sickness. Please do not say you’re sorry. Maybe say: thanks for telling me. Or, is there something you desire to me to know?

  6. “My good friend’s son has autism and also you’re not like him”
    No-one is similar, together with autistic folks. Additionally, that is normally mentioned to adults and naturally adults aren’t like kids. Individuals develop up and help wants change!

  7. “Are you positive?”
    It might probably take quite a lot of braveness for an autistic particular person to reveal that they’re autistic. Please imagine them. It isn’t your duty to evaluate them.

  8. “Are you good at maths then?”
    Autistic folks have a variety of skills, identical to non-autistic folks. These embody artwork, drama, music, in addition to science and maths. We’re all totally different!

  9. “Have been you vaccinated?”
    Autism isn’t attributable to vaccines, and asking this query is offensive. It is a fantasy and really unhelpful for autistic folks to listen to.

  10. It’s best to say you’ve autism, since you are greater than your autism”
    Nearly all of autistic folks want identity-first language (aka ‘autistic particular person’) somewhat than person-first language (aka ‘particular person with autism). Autism is a part of us. It isn’t simply one thing we are able to choose up and put down. Please don’t appropriate autistic folks’s language preferences.

I wrote the same submit right here, discussing issues that quite a lot of autistic individuals are fed up of listening to!

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