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What’s Rescue Treatment and when ought to it’s used? Get hold of US

Rescue Treatment is a model identify for a mixture of 5 flower treatments: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem and Clematis. Flower treatments are pure treatments constructed from the energetic imprints of flowers. They’re ready by infusing the flowers in pure water after which diluting the ensuing resolution in brandy. The ultimate product is a extremely dilute resolution that comprises the energetic signature of the flower.

Flower treatments are believed to work on an lively stage to advertise therapeutic and stability within the physique, thoughts and spirit. They’re usually used to deal with emotional and psychological imbalances, reminiscent of anxiousness, despair, stress, and trauma. Every flower treatment is believed to have a particular therapeutic property or “message,” which could be useful for various emotional states.

Flower essences are sometimes taken orally, both straight below the tongue or added to water or different drinks. They’re protected and delicate and can be utilized by folks of all ages, together with kids and pets. 

The Historical past of Rescue Treatment & Bach Flower Treatments

Dr. Edward Bach was a British doctor and homeopath who based the Bach flower treatments within the Nineteen Thirties. He believed that bodily sickness was usually the results of emotional and psychological imbalances and that treating these underlying imbalances may assist restore well being and wellbeing. He took an interest within the therapeutic properties of flowers and crops and commenced to develop a system of flower treatments.

Dr. Bach believed that completely different flowers had completely different energetic properties and that these properties may very well be harnessed to advertise emotional and psychological therapeutic. He spent a few years researching and experimenting with completely different flowers and developed a system of 38 flower treatments, every with its distinctive therapeutic properties.

Dr. Bach’s most well-known treatment is Rescue Treatment, which he developed as a mixture of 5 flower essences: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, and Clematis. He meant this treatment for use in emergency conditions when a personalised mixture of flower treatments was not obtainable i.e. the total set of 38 treatments was not at hand.

Many individuals world wide use Rescue Treatment to assist scale back stress, anxiousness and panic, and promote a way of calm and leisure. It may be utilized in a wide range of conditions, reminiscent of earlier than a job interview, a public talking engagement, or a medical process. It’s obtainable in varied types, together with drops, sprays, and pastilles.

Let’s get to know the elements of Rescue Treatment just a little higher

There are 5 completely different flower treatments that make up Rescue Treatment or the “disaster method” because it’s also called. Right here we offer a short description of every of those 5 flower treatments.

Rock Rose

Rock Rose is used to deal with excessive concern, panic, and terror. This treatment could be useful in conditions the place somebody feels overwhelmed by a perceived menace. The power of Rock Rose helps to advertise braveness, power and a way of calm, permitting somebody to really feel extra grounded and fewer helpless within the face of concern.


Impatiens is used to deal with impatience, irritability, and stress. This treatment could be useful for individuals who really feel impatient with themselves or others, or who expertise stress and irritability attributable to an incapability to decelerate. The power of Impatiens helps to advertise endurance, leisure and a way of ease, permitting somebody to maneuver by life with larger grace and tranquillity.

Cherry Plum

Cherry Plum is used to deal with the concern of dropping management or doing one thing horrible. This treatment could be useful for individuals who really feel overwhelmed by their feelings or impulses, or who concern that they could act uncontrolled. The power of Cherry Plum helps to advertise a way of interior power, self-control and the flexibility to remain calm and centred even in tough conditions.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem is used to deal with shock, trauma, and grief. This treatment could be useful for individuals who have skilled a traumatic occasion, loss, or different type of emotional upheaval. The power of Star of Bethlehem helps to advertise consolation, therapeutic and a way of peace, permitting somebody to maneuver by their grief or trauma with larger resilience and emotional power.


Clematis is used to deal with daydreaming, absent-mindedness and a scarcity of focus. This treatment could be useful for individuals who wrestle to remain current within the second or who really feel disconnected from their bodily environment. The power of Clematis helps to advertise readability, alertness, and a grounded presence on this planet, permitting somebody to have interaction extra totally with their atmosphere and the folks round them.

Whereas Rescue Treatment is probably the most well-known mixture of flower treatments, particular person treatments will also be used to deal with particular emotional states.

When to make use of Rescue Treatment versus Particular person Bach Flower Treatments

As the one mixture of flower treatments that Dr Bach created, folks discover Rescue Treatment a straightforward and fast approach to assist calm their feelings. Nonetheless, Dr Bach designed this formulation for use in acute conditions or for short-term use. It’s nice possibility for moments of disaster, reminiscent of a panic assault or an sudden occasion that causes emotional misery. Nonetheless, it is vital to notice that Rescue Treatment is just not meant for use as a long-term resolution for continual emotional imbalances or anxiousness. For those who want rescuing on daily basis, there’s a drawback!

What's Rescue Treatment and when ought to it's used? Get hold of US Obtain US

In such instances, a personalised mixture of particular person flower treatments utilizing the total set of 38 flower treatments is commonly extra appropriate for therapeutic long-term points. Every flower treatment addresses a particular emotional state, and by choosing the fitting mixture, an individual can obtain focused help for his or her distinctive emotional wants. For instance, somebody scuffling with continual anxiousness might profit from a mixture of Mimulus for particular fears, Aspen for anxiousness with none cause and White Chestnut for racing ideas.

Whereas Rescue Treatment is probably the most well-known mixture of flower treatments, you will need to keep in mind that particular person treatments will also be used to deal with particular emotional states. By working with a educated practitioner or by educating your self on the properties of every treatment, you’ll be able to tailor a flower treatment mixture that fits your distinctive emotional wants and help long-term therapeutic.

In regards to the writer

Lucy Edwards is a Bach Flower Practitioner who’s registered with the Bach Centre. She is the founding father of Conscious Treatments, an internet site that permits people to create their very own personalised mix of flower treatments. The web site provides all 38 of the Bach Flower treatments, and prospects can select as much as seven of them to be mixed in a single bottle.

Along with the web site, Lucy additionally provides on-line consultations by way of Zoom. Throughout these consultations, she works with shoppers to establish their emotional wants and selects the suitable flower treatments to deal with these wants. As soon as the personalised treatment is set, it’s shipped to the shopper for use as directed.

Together with her intensive data and expertise with Bach Flower treatments, Lucy is devoted to serving to folks obtain emotional stability and wellbeing by personalised flower treatment blends.

For those who’re concerned about making a personalised treatment or e book a session, you are able to do so by way of the hyperlinks under:

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