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Working with Timezones utilizing date-fns and date-fns-tz Acquire US

Aug 2, 2023

Date-fns has a sibling library date-fns-tz that helps you’re employed with timezones in JavaScript, together with formatting dates in a selected timezone.

For instance, the next is how one can format a given date in Tahiti time with date-fns-tz:

const date = new Date('2023-08-02T12:00:00.000Z');

const  formatInTimeZone  = require('date-fns-tz');

formatInTimeZone(date, 'Pacific/Tahiti', 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mma');

Changing to Totally different Timezones

Date-fns-tz additionally has a utcToZonedTime() helper that converts a date that might render as the proper time when printed in JavaScript.

const date = new Date('2023-08-02T12:00:00.000Z');

const  utcToZonedTime  = require('date-fns-tz');

utcToZonedTime(date, 'Pacific/Tahiti').toString();

Nevertheless, we strongly advise in opposition to utilizing utcToZonedTime().
Discover that utcToZonedTime() does not change the date’s timezone, within the above instance JavaScript nonetheless prints out “Japanese Daylight Time”, which is the timezone my laptop was in once I ran the above instance.
So when you’ll get the proper getHours(), take a look at what occurs if you use toISOString():

utcToZonedTime(date, 'Pacific/Tahiti').toISOString();

The precise underlying time is completely different.
So when you use utcToZonedTime(), you could be extraordinarily cautious to not cross the transformed date through JSON, since you’ll find yourself serializing the flawed time.

JSON.stringify( date: utcToZonedTime(date, 'Pacific/Tahiti') )

As an alternative of utilizing utcToZonedTime(), retailer the time and the timezone you need to show, and use formatInTimeZone().

Vanilla JS Alternate options

Whereas we frequently use date-fns for comfort, you do not want date-fns to do primary duties like formatting dates in frequent timezones.
In fashionable JavaScript runtimes, dates have a toLocaleString() perform that has good help for timezones.
Whereas there isn’t any formal specification for which timezones every runtime helps, we have not run right into a case the place a JavaScript runtime does not help a timezone that we need to use.

For instance, the next shows a given date in Ulaanbataar time.

const date = new Date('2023-08-02T08:00:00.000Z');

date.toLocaleString('en-US',  timeZone: 'Asia/Ulaanbaatar' );

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