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ZF develops compact, aggressive magnet-free electrical motor: In-Rotor Inductive-Excited Synchronous Motor Acquire US

ZF has developed an electrical motor which doesn’t require magnets. In distinction to the magnet-free ideas of individually excited synchronous motors (SESM) already accessible immediately, ZF’s I2SM (In-Rotor Inductive-Excited Synchronous Motor) transmits the power for the magnetic area by way of an inductive exciter contained in the rotor shaft. This makes the motor uniquely compact with most energy and torque density.

This superior variant of a individually excited synchronous motor is thus a substitute for permanent-magnet synchronous machines (PSM). The latter are presently the motors most often utilized in electrical autos, however they’re based mostly on magnets which require uncommon earth supplies for his or her manufacturing. With the I2SM, ZF is setting a brand new normal for making e-motors each extraordinarily sustainable in manufacturing and extremely highly effective and environment friendly in operation.

In comparison with frequent SESM programs, the inductive exciter can scale back losses for the power transmission into the rotor by 15%, in response to ZF. As well as, the CO2 footprint in manufacturing, which arises with PSM e-motors specifically attributable to magnets together with uncommon earth supplies, could be lowered by as much as 50%, the corporate says.

Along with the advantages of eliminating uncommon earth supplies in a compact and highly effective package deal, the I2SM eliminates the drag losses created in conventional PSM e-motors. This allows higher effectivity at sure working factors corresponding to lengthy freeway journeys at excessive pace.

To make sure that the magnetic area within the rotor is constructed up by present as an alternative of magnets, the standard SESM ideas presently nonetheless require sliding or brush parts most often, which power compromises: A dry set up house, i.e. not accessible for oil cooling and with extra seals, is critical. Consequently, typical SESMs take up round 90 mm more room axially. Consequently, producers usually can’t flexibly range between PSM and SESM variants of their mannequin planning with out extra effort.

So as to provide the benefits of individually excited synchronous machines competitively, ZF has succeeded in compensating for the design-related disadvantages of frequent individually excited synchronous machines. Particularly, the torque density has been considerably elevated in comparison with the state-of-the-art because of an revolutionary rotor design. The space-neutral integration of the exciter into the rotor signifies that there are not any axial house disadvantages. As well as, a rise in energy density within the rotor results in an enchancment in efficiency.

The technological prerequisite for the ZF innovation is that power is transferred inductively, i.e. with out mechanical contact, into the rotor, producing a magnetic area by the use of coils. Thus, the I2SM doesn’t require any brush parts or slip rings. Moreover, there isn’t any longer any have to hold this space dry by the use of seals. As with completely magnetized synchronous motor, the rotor is effectively cooled by circulating oil.

In comparison with frequent individually excited synchronous motor, the ZF innovation requires as much as 90 millimeters much less axial set up house. By way of energy and torque density, nevertheless, the ZF innovation operates on the stage of a PSM.

ZF plans to develop the I2SM know-how to manufacturing maturity and provide it as an choice inside its personal e-drive platform. Clients from the passenger automobile and business car segments can then select between a variant with 400-volt structure or with 800-volt structure for his or her respective purposes. The latter depends on silicon carbide chips within the energy electronics.

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