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How I turned 15 years of writing right into a chatbot | Swizec Teller Receive US

What do you do with 15 years of your writing historical past when LLMs hit the scene? A chatbot!

Meet SwizBot, a pleasant chatbot that is aware of each article I’ve printed on since 2007 and is able to reply your questions. You’ll be able to strive it out at, if you happen to promise to be good to my OpenAI credit.

SwizBot starts by introducing itself

SwizBot begins each dialog by introducing itself and giving a bit recap of matters it could actually discuss. I figured this was the naturalest method to keep away from the Empty Enter Of Doom downside.

Hate it when folks say “Lemme know the way i may help” and I do not know what’s even inside their wheelhouse. Do I ask for assist shifting my sofa, or 1,000,000 greenback funding in my subsequent thought? What do you assist with!?

Why would you flip 15 years of writing right into a chatbot? As a result of that is what nerds do on the weekend.

However I feel there’s one thing there. I’ve 2 use-cases in thoughts:

  1. Readers can ask questions that I haven’t got time to reply
  2. I can go “What did I say about X?” as a result of my mind can solely keep in mind a lot

There’s certain to be a product hiding in 1..

Works fairly effectively!

It makes little errors right here and there like calling Slovenia my hometown regardless that it is a nation, or getting confused between standalone opensource initiatives and features exported from bigger libraries. And SwizBot retains saying that it is aware of the contents of my books, however it doesn’t.

I ought to feed SwizBot my books

General the solutions are directionally right, appear helpful, and it will get the conversational tone proper more often than not.

My associate requested if I used to be a great individual:

Is Swizec a good person?

Is Swizec a great individual?

I attempted to see how SwizBot does with technical content material:

And a pal requested what is going on to be my skilled downfall, clearly. The reply is simply too lengthy to stick right here, however it boils right down to “Cease investing in your self”.

Does okay with synthesizing my opinions and experiences

Why did you move to SF?

Why did you progress to SF?

However SwizBot is reluctant to offer recommendation as a result of OpenAI’s protections constructed into GPT-4. It is by no means gonna inform you “do that” as a result of that might be irresponsible or no matter.

SwizBot is sort of embarrassingly easy in what it does.

  1. The UI relies on chatbot-ui, an open-source ChatGPT UI clone
  2. The data retrieval relies on semantic search with LLM embeddings
  3. GPT-4 does the remainder

The toughest half was shoe-horning data retrieval into chatbot-ui and getting all my markdown parsed. So many silly stuff you do over 15 years break a strict parser

You’ll be able to see the full code on GitHub. The fascinating half is api/documentContext.ts

Knowledge retrieval at a high level

LLMs haven’t got reminiscence. You must present all related context as a part of your immediate.

However LLMs even have restricted context home windows. There’s solely a lot they will “take into accout” at a time.

You resolve this by discovering related context. Like asking an intern to learn 3 books after which allow you to out. These 3 books are the context your intern’s going to make use of to synthesize a solution to your query.

Bear in mind: ChatGPT and associates are like an especially proficient intern who’s nice at analysis and in addition on medication.

While you ask a query, SwizBot:

  1. Computes an embedding of your query
  2. Seems at a “database” of embeddings
  3. Finds 10 nearest weblog fragments
  4. Feeds these fragments as context into the system immediate
  5. Passes your query and the massive system immediate to GPT-4
  6. Streams again the response

Finding relevant blog fragments

SwizBot has a “database” of pre-computed embeddings for each h2 part of my weblog (title + content material). Round 84,000 rows in an enormous CSV file.

Yep, a CSV file. Ok

It makes use of this brief operate to kind the entire database by similarity and return the highest 10 outcomes. Sure that is sluggish and I ought to improve to a vector database.

export async operate findRelevantSections(query: string)

const questionEmbedding = await getEmbedding(query);

const haystack = await readEmbeddingsFromCSV();

for (const merchandise of haystack)

merchandise.similarity = cosineSimilarity(questionEmbedding, merchandise.embedding);

haystack.kind((a, b) => b.similarity - a.similarity);

return haystack.slice(0, 10);

The system prompt

The system immediate goes forward of your query and tells GPT-4 methods to behave. Mine additionally feeds it related context, which permits the LLM to reply based mostly on what I’ve written.

That occurs in api/chat.ts. Like this:

async operate expandPromptWithContext(

immediate: string,

messages: Message[],

req: NextRequest

): Promise<string>

const context: Doc[] = await fetch(


technique: "POST",


"Content material-Kind": "software/json",


physique: JSON.stringify(messages),

).then((res) => res.json());

let additions: string[] = [

"The following are some relevant documents to use in your answer",


for (const title, content material of context)

additions.push(`Title: $title; Content material: $content material`);

return immediate + "n" + a part of("n");

Finds the primary consumer message in a dialog, grabs related weblog fragments, and shoves ’em in there with a “Use this context in your reply”.

The bottom system immediate is alchemy, I imply trial and error. Wants extra work I feel.

let promptToSend =

"You might be SwizBot, a chatbot based mostly on Swizec Teller's writings. Reply the consumer's questions rigorously. If you're undecided, ask followup inquiries to make clear the consumer's state of affairs. Reply as if you're Swizec Teller, utilizing his type of writing. Reply utilizing markdown.";

promptToSend = await expandPromptWithContext(promptToSend, messages, req);

GPT-4 does the remainder. Actually.

Making the bot say hello

This was silly as a result of SwizBot now incurs an OpenAI price any time somebody opens the web page. However I just like the UX.

The bot says hiya as a result of I ship this technique message on first render:

useEffect(() =>

if (selectedConversation?.messages.size === 0)


function: "system",

content material:

"introduce your self and point out what sort of questions you'll be able to reply",




, [selectedConversation, handleSend]);

And I hacked chatbot-ui to cover system messages

I feel a part of why SwizBot works so effectively is that GPT-4 natively is aware of about me. You’ll be able to ask plain ChatGPT to put in writing within the type of Swizec Teller and that works. It could possibly reply primary questions on me.

Tell me about Swizec Teller

Inform me about Swizec Teller

Because of this even when SwizBot hallucinates, it is prone to hallucinate related info. At the least it could actually pull in issues it is aware of however had been lacking from my data retriaval context.

Jonathan Stark has despatched me all his dailies in a giant markdown file. Gonna strive botifying him subsequent. What Would Jonathan Stark Do?

Numerous experimentation to do within the data retrieval space. There’s alternative for a 2-tier search that higher understands what fragments had been a part of the identical weblog. And I would love for SwizBot to quote sources and hyperlink to related articles. To not point out updating context if you ask followup questions.

Ought to be enjoyable 🙂

Tried SwizBot? Hit reply, I wanna know the way it went.


Did you take pleasure in this text?

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